Frustration, Doubt… and LibreOffice

Happy Halloween! Is there anyone out here in cyberspace who hasn’t seen the movie, The Shining? There’s probably a few. Out of the ones who have seen it though, I bet most think of Jack Nicholson as being the villain. But, as a writer, I would label him as a victim and can identify with … Continue reading Frustration, Doubt… and LibreOffice

Why Do You Write?

If you visited my blog soon after my last post, you had noticed I changed the design theme again. I get a little erratic with web design some times. Before I got into blogging—about nine years ago—I was making web graphics and constructing web page CSS layouts. I wasn’t making any money off of the … Continue reading Why Do You Write?

Expectations and Boredom

Thinking back on this past May when the northern hemisphere was enthusiastic with life, color, fresh warm air, and everything else spring had to offer, I remember how jubilant I felt about my writing. Yet, at first, during those days, I was wrestling with how to go about the process of writing. Being on a … Continue reading Expectations and Boredom

What Have I Been Doing?

This last month was chalked full of appointments. Some were of a medical nature while others were dental. What’s the difference? Actually, as far as I can tell, there isn’t any difference between the two. Both types of doctors provide services that keep us healthy or, hopefully, restore health to us. It’s just done in … Continue reading What Have I Been Doing?

Photo-invoked Memory & Quantum Notes

  I thought I’d try my hand at telling you something about my past for a change. I don’t consider it really a memoir-type feature though. But, then again, maybe that’s what it is. You tell me. § Photo-invoked Memory As the caption below the photo says, this is not my snapshot. When I saw … Continue reading Photo-invoked Memory & Quantum Notes