The Start of a Project

I’ve tried regular writing — you know, pen and paper, to get the kind of practice I want in writing. My right hand and arm, however, get in the way of what I’m doing, which makes it hard for me to concentrate on what I’m trying to portray in words. I actually have a legible handwriting with my left hand. Of course, I would. I’m a born lefty. Still, trying to steady the paper with my right is a disaster because I have lost all usable ability in my right hand and arm. Damn disability!

I tried typing ‘document type’ text on my PC. That was better than trying to write longhand — quite a bit better, in fact. I guess I could have continued to keep up at this writing thing that way, but a white screen with black print on it just isn’t very motivational. What is more appealing is after I have written some, enough to say that I haven’t been goofing off, I’d like to review my work, proofread it for the umpteenth time, and edit it once again with a little designing flair.

Yes, I am, for sure, a visual type of wench.

That brings me to the creation of this blog, A Scripted Maze (previously known as Speculations Impressed). This blog is, hopefully, going to get me off my butt with what I’ve wanted to do for so long. And what I mean by long is decades. I am so close to being considered old that there are times when I can almost taste it in the back of my mouth. It isn’t a bad ‘almost taste’ though, just different. Nevertheless, I don’t want to end my life without having tried to write something meaningful that I can, at least, consider the possibility of publishing.

It isn’t overdone with visual styling. In fact, it’s rather simple. Still, I was able to choose a header, and if I decide I don’t like the background of the page being white (not including where the posts are on the page, I can change that too). I wish I could change the color of the links, but I’m not going to fuss about it. The crimson red isn’t disgusting. I’m just not too sure that it’s a good accent color to be with the muted dusty purple that is the major color other than white.

Later on today, I will be writing a post that, I hope, will show some talent.

(Coming back to this post a year and a half later, more had changed than I anticipated. In addition to changing the visual aspects of my blog, I got off on a tangent, writing about my experiences as a writer. Now I’m provoked by my own thoughts to get back to the details of writing about things in life again, whether it be my own or one of a fictitious nature.)

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