Where Do They Find the Time?

Where Do They Find the Time?
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I’ve dabbled in writing since the third grade when I learned how write in cursive. From my short experience in life at the time, I assumed that all adults wrote everything in cursive unless it was a list or a short note to someone. Having this new skill assured me that I was on my way to being one of those adults. Still, any serious writing I did was for school. I’d pen the occasional poem but with knowledge that I was just fooling around.

Earlier this year, a desire struck me; and as hard as I’d try, it wouldn’t leave me along. The hunger to pursue writing seriously would not succumb. So I’ve started writing a fictional story – finally. The going is slow but in many ways I’m enjoying the process.

It would probably go faster if I’d cut out some of the other activities I have while sitting at this desk. I’m still going through my emails twice each day. If I didn’t, I would be feeling overwhelmed with all that seems to find my inbox, and would have to just delete all emails, not caring if they’re important or not. Seeing that I have problems being social anyway, this wouldn’t be a good thing to start doing, in my opinion. Or is this an excuse?

This morning I came across a notice for a post while going through my correspondence that got me wondering where people find the time to do all they say they’re doing? The entry came from a writer who I’ve been following for about eight months now. She stated she was preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo. What is this? It’s a site writers can go to when they want to challenge themselves by writing a novel in one month. I’m not sure how it all works seeing that I’m not in that league of writers yet, but from where I sit, it seems wretchedly stressful to me.

Where do these writers pull out the time from their schedules to do a stunt like this? Being a writer is hard work, even if you’re one of those few momentous successes. If you have books published, it means you are busy at book signings and doing promotions, as well as working on another book project so you aren’t forgotten by your readers. Furthermore, if you’re a writer just starting out, chances are you have a full-time job doing something else to keep you afloat financially until your books take hold at the bookstores. Time is something precious to those of us who write.

Is there such a thing as a time to perform a task that will stress you out to the max like writing can and will do?

I don’t have anything published as far as my current strife is concerned. That isn’t to say I’m unpublished though. It’s just that it was decades ago so I feel like a born-again novice in the craft. I know that being a writer is an ongoing process of learning. My status as a “novice” means that, at the present time, 100% of my time is being spent learning. True, as I mentioned before, I am writing a novel, but I’m studying and, hopefully, absorbing all I need to know to make this endeavor a success, if only a modest one.

Writing a story, even one that is not a novel, within a month’s time sounds absolutely nuts to me.


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