Hot Cat

Hot Cat

The element went out in our stove. Hubby didn’t want to blame me but it was my fault. I had put chicken in to keep it away from the cats (we have three) while it was thawing. I forgot about it and, later, turned on the stove to preheat. The chicken was still in its plastic container from the store. Yes, the plastic started melting. A little bit of it dropped in between the rack polls falling on the element. The stove worked that day so we thought everything was fine.

Three days later while Hubby was trying to bake his Mexican Mess dish, the element gave up the ghost. Thank God for microwaves. The crust of his concoction wasn’t as good as it could have been but overall, it was still a nice spicy meal.

Hubby went to Lowe’s to see if they had elements in stock. Well, kind of. They have them at a warehouse somewhere. Hubby had to call them. Luckily, they did have our model in stock and they would send us the element right away. It only took two days, which made use happy campers. Well, in this day and age, unless it’s digital, whatever is ordered seems to take forever.

When Hubby pulled out the stove to get behind it, lo and behold, all the little things Marble had gathered to play with were there. Marble has regular cat toys, but does he place with them, no, of course not. He prefers the plastic rings off the milk containers, the ties for the loaves of bread and fresh produce, grape vines he has dug out of the trash, and rubber bands.

Marble couldn’t understand why Hubby got them out. They were fine where they were. After all, they were HIS “toys”. When I picked them up off the floor and put them in the trash, Marble got a bewildered look on his face and then started scouting around for more rings, ties, grape vines, and rubber bands.

I’m sure, now that it’s been over a week since his stuff was tossed in the trash, that he has his stash of “toys” almost up the par again.


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