One of Those Days

One of Those Days
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Have you ever had one of those days when so much is happening that you felt that you just might explode? That’s what my day was yesterday.

The run of the mill stuff was easy enough to handle. It was washday. Gather up all the dirty clothes no matter where they might be found. Separate them out so that Hubby’s white underwear doesn’t come out looking carnation pink and my clothes aren’t washed with the ones Hubby was wearing when he crawled under the house. For some strange reason I don’t like dirt marks on my clothes. When doing the wash, I have an assembly line going on. As soon as the first load is out of the washer and into the dryer, I put another load into the washer. I think most people do it this way if they’re doing it at home… or maybe not. There’s the folding of all that laundry too. I watch Criminal Minds reruns while I do that.

As usual, I spend some time at the P.C. trying to write more of the story I’m working on and reading the blogs of online friends. Yesterday this wasn’t as easy to be done as it should have been. I kept getting that page saying the server can’t be found. It didn’t make sense to me because I could get to my “home page” and one of my email inboxes. Not every blog was acting up this way but there definitely were enough of them. It wasn’t until 7:30pm that I was able to get the Internet to behave. There had been something wrong with my connection to my DSL. I had to turn the blasted little box off and turn it back on again. That seems to have dealt with the problem. Why I didn’t think of this trick in the morning just show how scatter-brained I can be.

While I was fighting with the Internet, Hubby was trying to hang blinds in the front windows of the house. I guess I could have let him cuss his way through the hassles he was having but… let’s just say Hubby being upset was not going to make the day go better. I went out into the living room and let him rant and vent at me. No, he didn’t direct anything personal towards me. He confined his show to the blinds, where we bought them, and the people who actually make the blinds. Letting him get it out of his system by having someone there listening usually works.

We had scheduled plumbing work to be done in the afternoon. The pipes under the kitchen sink needed to be replaced and I got a new faucet in the deal. The plumber was supposed to be at the house at 2pm but the traffic slowed him down so much that he didn’t arrive until 3pm. Poor Hubby wanted so much to help so that the work would be done quickly, but I knew that the plumber would rather do it all himself. After all, he wants to be paid for all of the work, not just some of it. Plus, let’s face it; the plumber knows more about pipes than Hubby does. Trying to keep him from being under foot wasn’t fun.

While the plumber was getting the invoice ready for us, Hubby found a check that was supposed to be on its way to the credit card company. I must have closed the envelope without checking to see if the payment was in there. I hate being embarrassed like that. I know, everyone has to do it sometime. It doesn’t make me feel any better though. I got is settled over the phone, thank God.

Despite the things that happened yesterday, the end of the day was calm and peaceful. I spent my half hour of alone time outside at twilight watching the fireflies and listening to the tree frogs.

2 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Isn’t it funny how you can make your way through a day that on the surface seems simple enough but turns into a series of stresses until you come to the end of the day and find yourself exhausted. At least your day ended on a lovely note.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      What I find remarkable, if only for a minute or two, is that I’ll get through a day like this one feeling that I’m stronger for it. I mean, people go through days like this all the time. Why should I feel any boost at all? Self satisfaction can be strange, I guess.


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