In the stillness, the quiet seems…

This is for a writing prompt at Writing.Com.

In the stillness, the quiet seemed...
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Sean MacEntee @
Edited by Glynis Jolly

In the stillness, the quiet seemed deafening. He stands in his driveway in complete confusion. He mutters, “It’s so quiet. Why?” It’s the middle of the morning. The hum of life in the neighborhood should be audible. Yet there’s nothing, no sound.

He walks down to the sidewalk and heads east to the convenient store two blocks away. His steps are silent. “Maybe I should go back home,” he says to himself. His words are noiseless. He keeps on walking.

He crosses the parking lot of the store, realizing that there aren’t any cars in the lot or on the street. He’s frightened by the absence of normalcy and wonders what has caused this strange phenomenon. He reaches for the door handle to the store. He’s surprised to find that the door opens. Gingerly he steps inside.

The store is well stocked with the normal items he would see in any convenient store. Yet, there isn’t a clerk or any customers. The florescent lights above shine brightly, illuminating all areas of the store in silence. The milk in the refrigerator unit is cold, but the familiar low drone of the unit isn’t there.

He picks up a Danish roll wrapped in plastic, leaves three dollars at the counter, and heads out the door. He opens the wrapper as he strolled along the front walkway of the store.

He walks west, heading back to his house. He nibbles on the roll and feels a little calmer about the weirdness he’s experiencing. Somehow, he is going to deal with it.

He turns the key in the lock and opens the door. He feels something tapping him on the shoulder. He turns to see what it is.

He finds himself in a hospital bed with a nurse adjusting the drip that is going into his arm.


7 thoughts on “In the stillness, the quiet seems…

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    1. Glynis Jolly

      Believe it or not, Lisa, this is my first attempt that anyone has seen. I’m writing a fictional story (maybe book) but I haven’t shown any of the scenes to a soul. Eventually, I’ll have to find some people to be sample readers, but I’m not ready for that yet.


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