The Odd One Out

One of my friends here in cyber space, Linda Hewitt, asked six questions in a post from February 2013. There was one in particular that hit home for me, although not in the way Linda ever thought it would. You see, Linda’s blog is all about confidence. In most of her posts, she asks the pertinent questions and gives her readers ways to find their own answers.

The Odd One Out
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Do you feel the odd one out, for some reason?

Yes, I do feel I’m the odd one. I’ve felt this way all of my life, at least as far back as I can remember. Usually I haven’t thought too much about it. There’s always been other things more important to mull over during the course of any given day. That’s right. It really has never bothered me.

Since Linda’s post was published, I’ve given the question some thought. Why do I feel this way? Can I remember anything that would have brought this feeling into my life?

The Why

I guess my reason for feeling like the odd one is that I usually don’t react to situations the way others do.

For instance, I don’t think of death as a bad thing. I don’t understand why others have such a negative view of it. How can someone form an opinion about something he doesn’t know anything about – at least not yet?

Another instance: I don’t think having more money is going to solve any of my problems in life. I know plenty of people who would disagree with me though. Sure, if there was more money coming in, the mortgage wouldn’t be a big deal. Or would it? To me, money isn’t the problem; it’s how it is dealt out and managed that can hang a person up.

The answer to why is that I don’t use the same line of reasoning to think. In addition, the reason why it hasn’t bothered me is that this is the way I have always thought things out. I doubt that I could be and do any differently. Although there are many ways I can change if I so desire, whatever is part of my basic personality, I feel is there to stay.

What Brought the Feeling?

I truly don’t think this question can be answered. I can’t see how just one instance can trigger a feeling that has so much longevity. Furthermore, the reaction I may have at one point in my life may be totally different at another point.

Even so, I do know there are people who feel the odd one out because of circumstances in their past. Their reasoning is something like poverty, a broken home environment, an abusive relationship. True, it’s difficult to accept what and who you are with these obstacles in the way.


Still, acceptance of oddity should be obtained. I guess you could say I embrace mine. It’s one of the things about me that makes me an individual without having to shout out anything from the rooftops. It’s a quiet way of saying, “I am unique.”


2 thoughts on “The Odd One Out

  1. akismet-3a881e8e711c820f39229c617021129b

    I think being the odd one out can often be an advantage. No need to go with the flow or conform to what’s expected. Doing your own thing is what we should all aim to do, not worrying about what others think.
    Easy to say but not easy to do…


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Hi Linda

      I’m hoping this post brings some readers to your site. I truly believe that your common sense approach of life and self-confidence is worth reading.


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