Good Changes Gone with the Wind

Good Changes Gone with the Wind
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When I wrote the post about my husband’s work hours changing, I have to admit that I thought the change would be ideal for both of us. I think the same today. I was delighted with the schedule. I wasn’t hearing any complaints from Hubby so I can only assume he was happy with the arrangements too.

To tell the truth, I don’t think Hubby was all that concerned about what shift he was on as long as it wasn’t the graveyard shift. The twelve-hour shift during the day was pleasurable according to Hubby. The client he’s responsible for doesn’t need a lot of extra care. As a DPA (Direct Personal Assistant – also known as a caregiver), having a client like Davy (The name has been changed to assure the privacy of the client.) is a snap. Hubby was working three of these long shifts and then pinch-hitting for other staff members when they had to take off from work for various reasons. He was usually getting over forty hours in per week.

I was beginning to get the hang of the twelve-hour alone time at home. I was getting more of the chores done within one day. I was finding those times to write when I was actually feeling inspired. I was reading more and watching movies that Hubby had no interest in. Life was getting good.

Last weekend, Hubby got a call from his supervisor telling him that his hours would have to be changed because Davy’s roommate was being moved to a town a little ways down from the plateau where our town is. At first, we didn’t know what his hours would be. The anxiety was building up in me to the point where I couldn’t sit still for even five minutes. I was acting as if I had run out of my meds for GAD (General Anxiety Disorder).

GAD is just one of the bonuses of having a stroke. Not everyone who is a stroke survivor has GAD. Although most have some sort of mental disorder, there is a large variety. The effects of a stroke are different for everyone who is unfortunate to be challenged by it.

Early Sunday afternoon, Hubby’s supervisor called back. Now the work schedule for Hubby is the second shift again, Monday through Friday. He’ll be getting home a little after eleven o’clock at night. We’ve run our lives on this schedule before and have made it work. Still, I know that it’s going to be a little hard on me because I’m a morning person. I do much better having the bulk of my chores early in the day.

Did I ‘hear’ someone say that Hubby can help with the chores? He will do that, but not on a regular basis. The most that the poor man can handle on a regular basis is going to work and coming home from work at the same times every day. I could go into this further but it’s really a whole other story to tell.

I’ll do what chores I can in the morning without him following behind me undoing whatever I’ve done. Chores like vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the bathroom will have to wait until he’s at work so that the floor, surfaces, and the entire bathroom stays clean for more than an hour.

Yes, all of us have our crosses to bear. This one is mine. Do you carry this cross? Or do you have another one? I hope you’ll share with me. After all, misery loves company. 😉

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