Are They or We Really that Egocentric?

Are They or We Really that Egocentric?
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Sorry for the tardiness of this post. True, I don’t have a set schedule for the posts of this blog, but the feeling of failure and disenchantment are undoubtedly gnawing at me. It isn’t for the lack of trying that I haven’t created a post for almost a week. I’ve tried to write something that I think is worth reading numerous times. Usually writer’s block is just a larger hurdle for me, but I can get over it with persistence. This time was a little different because I’ve been having to deal with several minor health issues. The problems with my wellbeing are now slowly starting to sort themselves out, and with this progress, the writing ideas are starting to break loose.

While I’ve been going through this recuperation for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching HGTV often. You see, I love looking at homes. If I didn’t have mobility limitations, I would be an active ‘looky-lue’. This is a term used by real estate agents when talking about someone who wastes their time because there is never a sale involved. For the ‘looky-lue’, exploring the interior of homes is a hobby, a pastime. Since so many real estate companies are online now and there’s the TV stations that are centered around the buying and selling of property, the number of ‘looky-lues’ has dwindled drastically.

As with most ‘looky-lues’, there’s a method to my madness. No, I don’t want a new house, although this reason is one that is used by many of us with this hobby. My mom’s reason was the wish of a new home. She hated the house we lived in. I wasn’t aware of our home being that bad as a kid. As far as I was concerned, it was another cracker box like all the others in the neighborhood. My reason for watching this channel is to get ideas for the house I have. At least this is the reason I give.

Watching the different half-hour and hour shows on HGTV not only stirs up suggestions of improvements for my home; I often get engrossed in the behavior of the buyers and the ones getting renovations done on their current residences. With these shows being recorded reality, my opinions of these people sometimes get rather gripping.

Many of these people are so self-absorbed and inconsiderate that I want to reach into the TV and wring their necks. Sure, it’s understandable that one is focusing on what one wants when looking for that new home or is refurbishing the current residence with the services of numerous experts, but that doesn’t mean that one should be discourteous, rude, and/or all-out nasty to those who are trying to help him or her get what is desired.

Last week I was watching the show, “House Hunters”. The couple looking for a new home was middle-aged, and the husband was a military officer who will be retiring soon. Obviously, he must be high-ranking because the couple was willing to spend over 2 million dollars on a residence. (It could also be that the wife has been working through the years in a highly responsible job as well.) Although I’m appalled at the cost of property these days, I find nothing wrong with them wanting the best they can afford. However, the wife’s entire demeanor was so atrocious toward the real estate agent that I honestly expected to see the man walk away saying something like, “I’m done,” or “I quit.”

She was way too familiar using obtuse comments like, “I’m disappointed in your lack of appreciation for what I expect,” and “You know that this just won’t do.” Where does she get off behaving this way with someone she doesn’t know well, and is trying his best to assist her in her search? In addition, I wonder why the officer was being such a wimp. Was he actually condoning her behavior? If so, how did he ever become an officer?

I don’t know why this behavior has me so irritated. I’m an American after all, and I’m well aware of the fact that there are a fair number of people throughout this country who exhibit this type of behavior. Americans, as a group, are known for their lack of manners when visiting other countries. I’m certain that this behavior is happening on our own soil as well. I know this because I’m on both the giving and receiving end in numerous situations. Not all of us are uncouth, but as a group – sorry – we are boorish, to say the least. Is it because we come from the “land of plenty” and expect just that? Or is it that we’ve just become a country of the rude, crude and unacceptable because we’ve been allowed to get away with it?

I’m quite certain that I’m ruffling feathers with this post. I do it because I’m convinced that many of us are unaware of our outrageous behavior. I know that I’m being blunt, but I really do believe it is past time for us to take an honest look at ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to speak out in the comment section below. All I ask is that you please keep it civil.

6 thoughts on “Are They or We Really that Egocentric?

  1. Yes, Glynis, I often watch this show and am amazed at the pickiness of the hunters. The ones that really get me are the young couples or singles looking for their first starter home. They want the world and nothing but the best. I remember my first home and being happy with what I was able to get.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Exactly! My 1st home was a townhouse that was approximately 7-8 years old. It had 2 bedrooms, both the same size — 10ft. by 12ft. One full bathroom and one half bathroom. The previous owner had changed the style of the interior. I wasn’t thrilled with it but the place was clean and kept up well. The previous owner was in a hurry to sell because a job was waiting in another state. I got the place for $5000 less than the asking price. I loved that home and wish I still had it.

      The couple I mention in this post shouldn’t have been so picky. Military and family, whether enlisted or officer usually know their manners. After all, they are representing the United States. My husband is retired enlisted. I have (well, had, actually) a great uncle who was an officer. Neither my uncle or my aunt would have acted the way this couple did. This couple is an disgrace. 😦


  2. Yes, I’m a bit of a real estate nut. I watch the shows and am amazed at the short-sightedness of some of the buyers. I know some people don’t want to do a full renovation, but eliminating a house because you don’t like one room’s interior paint color? C’mon. If you are buying a house, you’re going to have to maintain it, even a new build. Or pay somebody, but either way, changing a bedroom’s paint color should not be a deal-breaker. And yes, sometimes the buyers are rude to the agents. I often wish the agents would be a little more ballsy and say, “Look, this is within your budget. Either come up with more money or knock a couple of things off your “must-have” list or realize you can add that stuff later. And don’t get me started on that whole “functional” term. To me, a home is “functional” if the bathrooms and kitchen, heat and electric work. If a buyer simply can’t move in until the kitchen is remodeled because they don’t like the old kitchen, that’s a matter of personal taste and something to consider, but it doesn’t make the house non-functional. The house may be dated, but functional. I wonder if agents feel that these shows falsely raise expectations for new buyers. And I’m with you, if the buyer has the money to spend, go ahead and spend it. But it doesn’t mean that the buyer has to be rude.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I believe that you have just about said it all, Roxanne. 🙂

      My husband and I bought this house 5 years ago. Most people would consider it old and maybe a dump, built in the 1970s. But one thing it is, is functional. Little by little we are changing things. We just got the plumbing under the house updated, no more copper. This next month our plan is to replace the tub in the main bathroom with a large shower stall. Our next big project won’t be until next spring when we replace the gravel driveway with a paved one. While we wait for spring to come, I’m hoping there are some warm days so the we can paint a couple of the bedrooms.

      Sure, it would have been wonderful to have it all new from the day we moved in, but finances just don’t allow for it, and I think this is true with more people than what anyone is willing to admit to.

      I wrote this post because of the disgust I feel when I see how rude some people are. I wonder… were these people raised by anyone or did they just appear from the depths under a rock somewhere?


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