Trading Negative for Positive

Trading Negative for Positive
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About three weeks ago, I started thinking about all the ‘bad’ in my life. It started as an occasional fleeting thought that I would dismiss and then continue my day with whatever I was doing. As the days passed, these pondering became more frequent and took up more of my time. I decided that maybe I should get rid of some of this negative charge in me by writing about it. That’s how I came up with the idea for my last post, The Sixth Grade Villain. The idea was to let go of some of the ‘bad’ that had obviously built up in me.

I had gotten this idea from what I had read at several blogs written by spiritual life coaches. It made good sense to me. After all, how many times have I been told to ‘let it out’? I’ve also been told, “Let’s clear the air on this.” Even as a kid, when my brother and I would have a fight, my mom wanted us to talk about it – get the problem solved so that we could get on with life. She’d say, “Holding something in is just going to create headaches and anxiety that no one needs.”

I still believe in this logic although now I am wondering if I let myself dwell on the problems too long. Maybe I would be better off giving these thoughts some time to sort themselves out a little before getting into the task of resolution. (This, of course has to do with current problems. If you read my post, The Sixth Grade Villain, you’ll see how that problem was solved.)

This sounds like a wonderful idea except I’ve been having a terrible time getting out of the habit of leaving these problems alone for a while. My mind is still tuning in on them way too often.

Then three days ago, I read a post, Can’t Stay Happy? Fix It Fast with A Pledge to Stop Complaining, at the blog of Farnoosh, Prolific Living. As I read her words, I reflected on how often I’m complaining about one thing or another. As with most complaints, they seem to either multiply into more or fester into negative thoughts that are larger and nastier. In a nutshell, complaints start out as mole holes and magically turn into mountains of grief.

In this particular post, Farnoosh challenges her readers to give up the complaining for the month of November and, instead, let the positive be the main focus of their lives. By the time I had finished reading her post, I decided that this is probably just what I need to learn how to let problems take a rest from the center of my life and get back to concentrating on more of the ‘good’ things that are in such abundance, or at least should be.

Yes, I will still have to deal with these problems. There isn’t any doubt about that. However, by letting them take this month of rest, they are bound to get deflated down to the realistic size they should be and stop reproducing at will.


6 thoughts on “Trading Negative for Positive

  1. I like this idea so much! Ok, I’ll take on the challenge with you, to focus on the positive and not allow any negative thoughts. (It’s actually one of the reasons I’ve done “Thankful” posts for November in the past and I’m doing it again this year too.)


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I do remember you doing the ‘Thankful’ thing last year. If I remember right, you were blogging every day then. That was a big undertaking. To tell the truth, I’m not feeling very thankful these days. This is why Farnoosh’s challenge appealed to me. It’s a step in the direction of maybe feeling thankful.


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  3. I practically have to force myself to think positively, but it’s definitely a skills that can be learned. Over the past few months, I’ve also realized I have a pretty hard time learning how to let things go. Here’s to working on those issues one at a time and knowing that there’s always solace to be found in reading the similar experiences of others.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Hi Jeri

      Usually I’m trying to find the positive. You know the routine, something happened so that something else would or would not happen that made things be in my favor. I’m puzzled by the thoughts I’ve had over this last month. Negative is usually not my thing. Anyway, yes, here’s to working on these issues.


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