Morning Habits

Morning Habits
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This post is from a prompt at The Daily Post at WordPress. It’s actually for the photographers, but I decided to try it as a lesson in showing with words. In the article, the reader is asked to show a daily habit. Seeing that many habits are just a few steps at the most, I thought I’d ‘show’ a series of mine.

I don’t have a set time when I get up in the morning. This isn’t because I’m a domestic engineer (housewife), although it is a nice bonus feature for me. The reason is that Hubby works the second shift as a Direct Support Assistant. My workday doesn’t start until 2:30pm. Nevertheless, my inner clock will wake me by 7:00am, at the latest. It never fails.

I stumble to the bathroom first as most people do. My eyes feel gritty and when I look in the mirror, they are squinty because of the glare of the bathroom light. I throw water on my eyes and face to get the sleepy out of my eyes and hopefully get my whole body adjusted to being awake.

A little more surefooted, I proceed to the kitchen. The ‘outside kitties’ are waiting at the patio door for their morning meal. First, I turn on the light above the sink to give a soft hue of lamination to the room. As I walk across the floor to the pantry, I pick up the Tupperware glass that sits on the counter. It serves as the scoop for the cat food. Filling up the glass two-thirds, I, then, open the door to the deck, fill up the pet dish that sits on the step and close the door again.

Now it’s time to make coffee. I fill up the pot with water up to the twelve-cup mark. This will give Hubby and me six mugs of the hot wakeup juice. After pouring the water into the reservoir, I reach into the cupboard just above to retrieve a filter and place it in the top compartment. The coffee is next – two tablespoons, along with a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of salt.

Once there’s enough coffee that has dripped through, I pour it into my mug and head for the computer room (actually our spare bedroom) to start going through my emails. Hubby follows close behind me. As we read our news, we engage in a little conversation. This is all that we’re capable of until the coffee takes hold.


What are your mornings like?


11 thoughts on “Morning Habits

  1. You sound like my husband, only his day starts at 5am. Which coincides with our son’s beginning of the day and hence, mine as well (believe me this wouldn’t be the case for me otherwise!)…. I personally think my husband makes too much racket in the kitchen and it wakes up the baby. My husband believes our son is just naturally a morning person. Well, my boy certainly does wake up with a smile (thank God!)


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Hi Aleta

      Chances are that Greg is right about your son if he wakes up happy.

      Actually, there are many morning when I wake up before the sun does. Of course, because of the late hour that I go to bed (11pm or later), I end up needing a nap in the middle of the day.


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  3. I am not a morning person. Civility starts after the first sip of coffee, that is unless I wake up before everyone, in which case, my brain has enough time to wake up naturally and then I don’t need the coffee. I still want it, just don’t need it. 🙂


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I’m a coffee-holic. I’ve been this way since I was pregnant with my son. That was over 38 years ago. Although I’m very civil in the morning before coffee, don’t expect me to make any decisions until I have some caffeine in my system.


  4. Domestic Engineer – Ah, that’s more like it. That’s a much better title. I feel like I just a promotion. Thanks! 🙂 My mornings are often the same, except my hubby works a regular day time shift. First coffee and then I sit back to catch up on blogs as I’m doing now and then off to work I go. Domestic Engineers have a lot of work to do.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I wish my hubby was working 1st shift. I’m a morning person. My energy level is best between 7am and 2pm. Can’t have everything though, especially the way the economy is right now. If someone would hire me, I’d be very happy to contribute financially.


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  7. Elizabeth Potter, c.p.c.

    My mornings, without fail, begin at 5am. I do believe it stems from when I use to work, as I had to be out of the house by 6, with kids in tow. Since I don’t have to go anywhere any more I wish I could sleep in, but it just isn’t happening. I spend mornings with my coffee, my writing, and I love the quiet this time of day brings. Coffee – it’s a wonderful thing. 🙂


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Ah, yes, the quiet before the rest of the world wakes up. I find when I wake up right before dawn, I feel more at peace than at any other time. But then, because I’m a coffee-holic, the mind starts spinning.


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