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Writing Memories Email Course
Writing Memories Email Course
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Back in June of this year, I decided to take a free email writing course from Writing Bliss called LifeWrite. As I went through the course, I posted my finished assignments. (If you’d like to read them, I have them categorized under LifeWrite.) I am finding it difficult to write memoirs right now for some unexplainable reason, so I’ve decided to take another free email course from Writing Bliss. This first lesson is about discovering true self and letting others see it in the writing I create.

Image provided by Jose Ma Izquierdo @
Image provided by
Jose Ma Izquierdo @

* Make a list of words that describe your Authentic Self. Are the words in your list the words that others think of you or know of you?

I’m quite sure that most family members, including in-laws would agree to what is on this list.

* How do you practice authenticity in your life? For instance, you practice authentic living when you speak up for something you’re passionate about at the risk of not being liked by some. Grow a list of personal ways to be authentic.

Opinionated: I come by this trait naturally. My mom is very opinionated and doesn’t care whose toes she steps on. I try my best to use some tact that she clearly lacks although there are times when I fail at this, or I just don’t care how I’m affecting others. Some things need to be said and I rather like being the one saying them.

Self-conscious: Yes, I’m the nervous type. Over the years, I’ve learned how to hide it well but still, it’s definitely a problem with me. Despite my tendencies to be opinionated, adventurous and a rebel, I shy away from the spot light. I can stand center stage with great effort, but I’d much rather let someone else do that.

Adventurous: I couldn’t imagine never going on a vacation, or never meeting new people. Some risks are so worthwhile. To not take them would be such a shame. When I had the chance to live in Greece for a while, I just couldn’t pass it by. The adventure was a little scary. I knew practically nothing about the country or the language. Still, I took the leap and I’m so glad I did.

Stubborn: According to the astrological time I was born, I come by this one naturally too. I’m a Virgo. If I think things should be a certain way, the only way you are going to convince me that I’m wrong is to show me because talking to me isn’t going to do any good. And even if you show me that I’m wrong, there’s a small chance that I won’t be convinced.

Neat freak: This is my one trait that can put a wedge between my husband and me. My poor husband, I’m afraid, is a slob. Fortunately, he responds favorable to my endless requests to put stuff away. Getting rid of stuff is more often an issue with us. Right now, I’m slowly getting Hubby to donate some of our DVDs to various organizations.

Mild rebel: The trait goes hand in hand with being opinionated. I was one of the many teenagers who would go to the peace rallies to protest the Vietnamese War. In today’s world, I’m rebelling against the shabby way the VA Hospital is run.

Truthful: It’s pretty much impossible for me to tell a lie and stick to it. Something inside me makes me end up telling the truth. As a kid, I tried lying, which, of course, always fell through. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I might as well start with the truth because eventually that’s what I’d be telling anyway.

* What creative gifts do you possess? Do other people know about it or have you been hiding this from them? Do you only manifest these gifts to a select few, perhaps to one person with whom you are most comfortable?

I’d like to think that I have a creative gift for writing although I often find myself questioning this. So far, I only feel comfortable sharing this love I have with people I’ve never met in person, those of you here in cyber space. Close friends and family know that I have a blog but I have yet to give any of them the site address.

I do like some of the art crafts. I’ve done needlepoint, Native American art crafts like dream catchers and medicine wheels, and latch hook rug making. I have shared these with family and friends.

I find it strange that what I love most is what I have the most problems sharing. This could mean that I guard my inner self a little too closely.

I welcome all comments here at my blog. All I ask is that you try your best to keep it civil. I’ll be posting the next assignment next week.

6 thoughts on “Living Authentically

  1. I too am a Virgo Glynis, so I can understand a lot of what you share here!

    I know that I’ve found by sharing on my blog I’ve come to understand what I hold in my heart much clearer, the writing I want to share and express myself with. To enable me to have a voice, one I thought was ignored and trampled upon for so long. It is difficult though to be able to have that kind of self-awareness. I grew up as a compliant people-pleaser just to keep the peace but realised many long years later that it was to my detriment.

    I hope that this new writing course is beneficial to you and I look forward to reading your assignments!


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Hi Sherri

      I’m hoping to broaden my scope of writing. The one form I am completely comfortable with is narrative. I’d like to feel comfortable with other forms too.


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