Living Patiently

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Writing Memories Email Course
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This is the third assignment in the email course I’m taking. You can find my first assignment, Living Authentically, here. My second assignment, Living with Hope, is here.

Living Patiently
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This lesson looks at how patience can and does enrich daily life and gives a sense of fortitude to endeavors.

* Are you impatient with people in your life? Have you expressed your impatience to them? Do you silently brood on it? How has this affected your relationship with them?

I have to admit that I am an impatient soul. According to the astrology chart, this characteristic is common for people born under my sign, Virgo. This doesn’t make this trait any more attractive though. On rare occasions, I’ll express my impatience. I’ve become aware that this usually happens when I have to stand while waiting in a long line. Give me a chair and I’ll be meek. Usually I brood within myself until I can find a way to harmlessly release it.

Luckily, my bouts with impatience haven’t had any ill effects on my relationships with others (knock on wood). I’m hoping that my awareness of this shortcoming in me will continue to help me get along well with others.


* Are you impatient with your life situation? What things do you feel you cannot wait for? What makes you impatient for them? How can you take the focus away from them, to the present?

Yes, I guess I’d have to say that I am a little impatient with my current life situation. I want so much to have a well-kept home. For years, I had just that – except for one room, my son’s bedroom. My final solution to the problem was to have a house rule stating that his bedroom door must always be closed. (All other options were futile with him.) Since I married for the second time, my home is in constant disarray. Although I’ve been living with this for 23 years, I have to say that I feel impatient about the chaos I live in. Some people don’t mind clutter. I’m not one of them. Obviously, I am still waiting for the day when I can, again, have my home the way I want it.

Finding a way to avert my attention from the mess is difficult to say the least because I’m more or less homebound most of the time. I try to keep things as clean and uncluttered as I possibly can.


* What can you see to enjoy about your life right now? What brings you joy in the present?

I do love my house. It’s just the right size. I like the neighborhood I live in. The neighbors are friendly without being nosey. Where I am in my life is good too. Many may want to be young again. I already know what that is like and I look forward to each new day because it’s going to be different, if just a little, than what I’ve experienced so far.


My take on this assignment…

Patience is a trait I had to work hard on all of my life and I’ll have to deal with it until the end. For the ones who have not become aware of their deficiency in this area, this lesson is probably useful. For me, it’s just a repeat of what I face on a regular basis.

Do you lack in patience? How are you handling it?



20 Replies to “Living Patiently”

  1. It sounds like it was a very interesting assignment. I used to be very impatient. But, within a couple of years after having my son I had learned a great deal on how to be patient. He taught me that and I’m very thankful.


      1. Don’t be too quick to salute me. I still have a lot more work to do, but because of him I’m a lot better than I used to be. I had zero patience back in the day. 🙂


  2. I have learned to be patient. The opposite will stress you out, thus fogging your thought process. I don’t allow the circumstances to dictate my daily activities. I don’t wait around to see how things will turn out. My motto…I’ll ask you twice. If you don’t respond by then, you are not interested. I move on. Sounds harsh..doesn’t it? That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Good read. Blessings.


        1. I’m not sure when I adopted that line of reasoning, although I think it was before my son was born in 1975. I used the logic on him all during the time he was growing up. He’s a good man so maybe this reasoning helped.


  3. I am impatient as well, and I have to say that I too, have a need to have things ‘just so’ in the house – clutter drives me crazy. I have learned patience over the years, and for whatever reason I have learned to ‘let things go, not all things but most things. It really didn’t happen until after my father died that I found small tidbits of patience. The craziest thing is my oldest son, who was always messy when he lived home, now tells me that his roommates never clean up after themselves and he just wishes they would do the dishes. I laughed for quite a long time. lol


    1. lol That’s so funny Elizabeth. Obviously, what you taught your son stuck whether you knew it or not. Yes, with so things I have learned to be patient. With me it’s a case of knowing what battles are worth fighting. With my husband, the marriage is worth more than the neat and tidy living space.


      1. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the couch. 🙂
        I think, knowing what battles are worth fighting is a sure sign of wisdom. 🙂


  4. My son is teaching me patience. I thought I had patience until I had him and now it’s being tested. Patience for him to learn and patience to not to want him to grow up too quickly. And to soak in every moment.

    My husband – NOT NOT NOT patient. He HATES indecision and wants a decision like NOW, as in YESTERDAY. Drives me bonkers at times. Lol. Sometimes decisions need time.


    1. Hate to say, but I’m more like your husband. When a problem comes up, I want it dealt with immediately if not soon so that I can get back to the business of living again. I have found that this logic works most of the time. However, there are those times when it’s better to be prudent and see how things develop.


  5. Glynis, I find I’m most impatient when I’m running late for something. My solution is to always leave early. Then I’m not frustrated with slow vehicles in front of me or catching every single red light.


  6. I am an impatient person. When I decide I want something I want it straight away. I can make long term plans but each step must be able to be completed quickly leading to the next step. This doesn’t always wash well with my spouse who enjoys the plodding slowlyl along towards a goal . One example was a back garden. I wanted it all cleaned up and prettified. My husband begins working out the weekly amount he can do and what it will look like in 6 weeks . I on the other hand have the phone book search happening trying to find a gardner willing to come out on a weekend to finish the work. Oh and I’m measuring up the area for stones to cover the surface lol. I need patience 🙂


    1. I’m like you. The quicker I can get something done I have planned on, the better. I don’t like to dilly-dally around. Do I think I need patients? Maybe, although I have a tendency to think others just need to get off their rears. 🙂


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