Am I Tolerant of Others?

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Writing Memories Email Course
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This is the fourth assignment of the free email course, Writing Memoirs, from Writing Bliss. You can find my first assignment, Living Authentically, here. My second assignment, Living with Hope, is here. My third assignment, Living Patiently, can be found here.

Am I Tolerant of Others?
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As I read Shery’s story for this assignment, I wondered why it wasn’t included with the lesson about patience. But then I reread the assignment for patience and realized that this lesson had more to do with how to treat others, whereas the other one had more to do with how one can improve his or her daily life. Yes, the two assignments still could have been combined, however that would have made the lesson much longer and maybe wouldn’t have been dealt with as well.

* Who makes you angry or frustrated? What is it about that person that irks you? Make a quick, brief list.

Different people at different times can set me off. There is, however, one person who annoys me to no end every time I am in her presence. Who is this person? She is my sister-in-law.

  • In her eyes, her children can do no wrong.
  • Whatever faults she has, she feels that she has a valid reason for or is someone else’s fault. Nothing bad is her fault as far as she’s concerned.
  • Everything she does is a big deal and she feels that she doesn’t get enough credit for her efforts.
  • She’s a drama queen.

* Can you think of good points about that person? Think of at least as many good points as the bad points you noted. You may need to come back to this list over several days, as you allow yourself to notice his or her positive traits.

  • When learning how to do something, she’s good at following directions.
  • Her knowledge about home remedies is extensive.
  • She has a familiar way with animals.

I tried to think of other positive things about her, but truly, her narcissistic attitude takes over everything. It’s sad because she really has some great attributes that others could learn from… if only her self-importance type thoughts wouldn’t get in the way.

* How has intolerance affected your relationships? How have anger and frustration affected your thought life?

When I feel that I can’t tolerate anymore, I bow out of the situation. Every once in a while, I will blow up, much to the dismay of my husband, and tell whoever it is that their behavior is despicable. I’m quite sure my intolerance of self-serving people is burning bridges right and left.

Does the anger and frustration fog up my thoughts? Yes. I think this would be true of everyone. I like to think of myself as a person of decisiveness, at least with most subjects, but when outside obstructions like anger and frustration start crowding in, yes, it puts me off my game.

Can I curb these obstructive thoughts so that I might be able to see more of the positive in someone like my sister-in-law? Yes, I know I can. I know that I can bite my tongue until it bleeds. The only question now is – am I willing to do this?

There was a time when I would have gone ahead and tried. I’m older now and look at my life a little differently than I used to. Why would I want to put up with ugliness (figuratively speaking that is) when there’s so much beauty I have yet to experience?

Go ahead, give me feedback. Please just keep it clean. 😉


4 thoughts on “Am I Tolerant of Others?

  1. Narcissistic personalities are one of my dislikes about people as well. I grew up in a generation where big-noting yourself was not tolerated. The current generation don’t have these same restraints and I struggle with what I consider their narcissistic attitudes. Then I start to worry – what are memoirs? I guess there has to be a happy medium.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I really don’t think of my memoirs as being narcissistic. I like telling stories but I don’t feel that my ability with fiction is all that good so I go for stories I already know but most others don’t know. Is that being self-centered?


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