Out with the Subplot and Rewriting

Rewriting and Winking
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I’m thoroughly disgusted with myself. I thought I could do what was so clearly impossible for me to accomplish, at least at this point and probably forever. Authors who like complexity and are proficient at what they do can combine two stories, the main one and a subplot, into one book. Of course, the minor story plays a major role in how the main story turns out, but it is a story by itself nonetheless.

Who was I to think I could pull off something similar as a novice? I was way beyond being full of myself, and was headed straight for thinking I was sitting on the left side of God while Christ sits on the right side.

This weekend I finally came to my senses, or maybe it was the spirit of the universe that hit me in the head saying, “Stop being so asinine!” In this process of coming back down to earth, I have cut approximately 2000 words out of my writing project.

Let me tell you, this wasn’t an easy thing to do. I kept wanting to try rearranging instead. However, I knew in my heart, cutting Lacy’s tribulations out was the best thing to do for the story and my peace of mind.

Last night I did sleep better after taking a migraine formula Tylenol and a P.M. Tylenol. I slept nine hours. It was wonderful, and so beneficial. I woke up refreshed and was quickly into doing my weekly laundry chore.


11 thoughts on “Out with the Subplot and Rewriting

  1. Aw, love this story. It reminded me of a little plaque that my husband gave me many years ago when we were first married. It’s wood with a cute cartoon character with arms outstretch that said “I wuv you this much”. This piece brought that memory back to me and when and got it set on my desk. 🙂


    1. Glynis Jolly

      It’s these little unexpected gifts that make us love our spouses so much. For me, they say so much more than a diamond necklace could.


  2. Beautiful. My husband gave me a little fridge magnet that says, “Boring women have immaculate houses.” If you knew what a goof I can turn into trying to make the house perfect…something well beyond my natural inclination, you could understand the love that was being expressed in that magnet. 🙂

    This post made me laugh at myself. Many years ago, when I had delusions of grandeur, I thought I could write a “How to do Government Relations” book that had a story of a family being faced with a bureaucratic challenge. As I described GR from an academic stance I thought I could illustrate what I meant by having the family jump the government relations hurdles in a grassroots campaign…hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahhha…I don’t know what I was drinking/thinking, but it was way beyond me. I decided to write a blog instead.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      A story about Government Relations? I would think it would either have to be a very serious drama or an hilarious comedy. Describing it from an academic point of view though doesn’t really sound like story material.

      I understand what your husband was saying by giving you the magnet. However, because I love an immaculate house and used to have one before I got married for the second time, does this mean that I am a bore? Or could it mean that my husband keeps me from being a bore? Whatever. Your husband surely is a dear. 🙂


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Today I went over what I still have of my first draft. Now it doesn’t read so choppy. As I’ve read it, I’ve done the editing thing of course. I just couldn’t help myself. I think writing it is going to be a little easier now that I’ve gotten so of the garbage out. Yes, I feel that I am a writer. 😉


  3. Yes, Glynis, a gift from the heart does not have to be expensive to be treasured.
    And I agree that cutting words that have been labored over is absolutely not easy.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      You know Mary, even though I definitely think I ‘labored’ over the parts that I cut, I’m so much happier with how my story is going now. As I was cutting I didn’t even save to a text file. I thought I might be sorry about that, and in one place while I was filling in one of the gaps, I did wonder for a moment why I didn’t save those pieces. It turned out to be the right move though because I was more or less forced to use my creativity again. It’s peculiar how things work out sometimes.


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