Things Have Gone Amiss

Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day. Conversely, this doesn’t mean my post today is funny. I never really have understood the reason for having a day like this one. Usually it’s meant someone’s going to pull a joke on me that’s going to make me feel angry to the point of being enraged. Do you understand the meaning of this day?


Things Have Gone Amiss
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Somewhere in the muck of not having my computer and being sick last week, I’ve lost the inspiration I need to write posts with any sort of passion. Maybe I never had it to begin with, but only the readers can determine that.

No, it isn’t writer’s block, not by any stretch of the imagination. I’m still working diligently and with ambition on my writing project. True, I’m seeing some things in my story now that I want to change. I was hoping that this wouldn’t happen–especially when I’m only a fourth into my first draft–but I can’t stop my mind for churning up ideas that make more sense to me than what I’ve written so far.

Do other writers have this problem? Is this what it means when a story goes stagnant on you? Or could it be the opposite in which my brain has become too vivacious? If any of this is true, maybe I don’t need to feel so bad about the dilemma I’m in at the moment. Perhaps I just need to go at this from a different perspective.

One thing that may help could be to go to my online writing group. If there are people there currently going through the same tribulations, I’ll feel better about things. As they say, misery loves company.

Of course, this trouble would have to happen when I can’t contact my writing buddy, Tess. She’s off gallivanting around in China until the end of April. If she were in her house up in Canada, I’d be writing her an email telling her of my woes. Knowing her, she’d be adequately sympathetic and, then, would give me suggestions on how to get out of this funk.

All of this could have something to do with my mood too. Indeed, this is more of a no-brainer. After having a crippled CPU and, after that, having the stomach flu, it isn’t any wonder that I’d be having some problems with inspiration and focus as well. On top of the PC botheration and feeling ill, it rained almost the entire time last week. Today the sunrise is streaming through the window here in the “computer room”. The temperatures are supposed to get into the 70s this week with sunshine. There isn’t any rain in the forecast so far until Friday, and even then, the temperatures aren’t supposed to plummet down past 60 during the day. This means some relaxing time outside soaking up some vitamin D.

After writing the above rant, I’m feeling a little better. Maybe my passion has gotten clogged up with gunk, like a water pipe would, making the flow snail-slow. Should I be thinking of the changes for my story as Draino? You have to admit, the analogy is there.


10 thoughts on “Things Have Gone Amiss

  1. Glynis, I think all writers go through that. It’s part of the creative process. The trick becomes know which idea, the old one or the new one works better for the story. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and the creativity will jump back up. It’s hard to stay motivated when you are sick and other issues life throws at us. Just keep forging forward 🙂


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Thanks for the pep talk. Writing something as long as a novel is heart-wrenching and exhausting. Yet, I still want to do it. Despite my eyes being dry and red from looking at the unfinished manuscript on my screen and my thumb joint feeling a pinch because it’s not use to working so much, the thought of writing a story that just one person likes keeps me trudging along. 😀

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  2. aletao

    I have these things that I can post write now, about my son and other silly things, but after getting over two sinus infections…. I just don’t feel the inspiration either. I understand the feelings…


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I had checked your blog this last weekend and saw that nothing new had been posted. To tell the truth, I didn’t think for a minute that you were sick. I thought you were probably out enjoying your “cooler summer” because I know that by June you’ll be inside most of the time. Sinus infections are terrible things. It’s only been in the past 3 years that I’ve started getting them. Sudafed works the best on me. If you haven’t tried it, consider it. I hope you feel better soon, Aleta.


  3. Drafts often have minds of their own. My issue with my book is not writing the first draft through in a decent span of time. Even then, I’m glad for the twists and turns and cut material. In the end, it will be a better draft for all the pain.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Now that I’ve changed some of my outline, and a few sentences and paragraphs, I’m feeling that my story isn’t so fragmented and odd. You’re right though. Drafts do seem to have a mind of their own. As a newbie serious writer, this is something I didn’t know before. 😉


  4. I’m with you — I don’t understand the meaning of April Fool’s Day, and have never participated in it!

    I hope you getting your writing mojo back soon. I’m feeling a little unfocused lethargy with my flute music practice; just can’t get going with it, and like a writing draft, when it does happen my practicing goes in a different direction than needed. So I’m reading blogs instead. I think I’ll go outside and enjoy a dose of Vitamin D! 🙂


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I didn’t realize that you’re a flutist. Until the event of my disability, I was a flutist too. I truly loved playing it. Despite the fact I was a teenager, I rarely missed a day of practice, at least an hour long. I’m envious of you.


  5. Isn’t it amazing how your brain can throw you for a loop and then just as easily right itself again? When you think about how effective writing your frustration out is, don’t you feel terrible for the people who don’t write or paint or have a focus for soothing the savage beast our minds can become? 🙂


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I surprised myself this time. There are several who read my blog regularly (like you), and I do feel close to all of them. However, because of so many mile/kilometers between all of us, I can with all honestly say that any are really close, close friends of mine. That type of friendship is reserved for the very few who I see locally face to face. Sorry, but this is life. Anyway, for me to open up the way I did in this post is a big breakthrough. I’m hoping I can continue this because I really do think this will help my writing and my ability to make new friends.

      Now that you mention those people who don’t have the creative outlet, I can now understand some of the people I know a little better. 😉


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