It Was My Black Cloud – Part 2

It Was My Black Cloud - Part 2
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Robin picked me up a little before 7:30 that evening. As it usually was with him, I had no idea of where we were going. My head was still a little tender from the headache I had during the morning and part of the afternoon. Once I was in his car he asked if I was okay. I told him about the headache but said that it was gone now, which, technically it was. He gave me a quick peck on the lips and off we went.

We pulled into the line going into the North Star Drive-In. He had driven to a northern suburb of a suburb of the city. Even though this was out of the norm for Robin, I thought the idea would be perfect for what I wanted to tell him. There were people around but they were in their own cars, which made things private for us. A good place to have a serious conversation.

The movie playing that night was Downhill Racer starring Robert Redford. It wasn’t one of Robert Redford’s better movies but it wasn’t a flop either. Before the movie started, Robin went to the concession stand and bought us some orange pop. To this day, I can’t figure out why is was the orange and not Coke or 7Up. My preference was Coke and he knew that.

There was still a lot of time before the movie would start. How did I know? The cartoon hadn’t shown up on the screen yet. I decided it was time to spill my guts to him. I told him about Tim. We went over our own relationship. We agreed that our relationship had been casual and honest, at least for the most part, and that both of us had enjoyed the times we had spent together. I was expecting at least a sad face from him but, instead, he looked relieved. It turned out that he had made plans to move to Las Vegas. Whew! All guilt drained away from my thoughts. Our little talk ended on such a good note that I think it surprised both of us.

The movie had just started minutes before we were done talking. We got comfortable in our respective bucket seats of his Challenger and started watching the movie sipping on our orange pop.

About one-third of the way through the movie, I started feeling strange. I felt so incredibly dizzy. Despite this feeling of the entire world spinning out of control, I didn’t feel sick to my stomach. As a person who suffers from motion sickness, this was definitely weird. I remember leaning my head back against the headrest and then nothing. I was unconscious.


Yes, I’m making this a cliff hanger. The reason is that a lot that went on for about the next year is fuzzy for me. If I’m going to tell you about this part of my life, I want to tell you right, not wrong, which can happen so easy when you’re not sure of the facts. There’s a few people I need to talk to before I can go any further with this.

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5 thoughts on “It Was My Black Cloud – Part 2

    1. Glynis Jolly

      This part of my life has been weaving in, out, through and around my life for a long time. As I tell more about my past as an adult, you’ll see this quite often.

      A form of art? I didn’t know that that was what I was doing. Now you have my mind thinking of other stories. 🙂


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