The Crazy Garden Lady

The Crazy Garden Lady
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Most people who live on our street in this small sub-division keep their yards looking decent. This isn’t to say that everyone has a yard that deserved recognition in Better Homes and Gardens though. We’re just regular people who like to look out our windows once in a while and see the grass mowed and the gardens attended to.

There is this one lady though who lives next door to us. As soon as there is a sunny day in the spring when the temperature is over 55F, she is out there doing all sorts of things to her front, back and side yards. I doubt that her yard will ever be shown in a magazine, but I’m relatively sure that this thought is on her mind constantly. This would probably be the one thing she lives each day for.

During those spring days, I will see her out there clearing all of her flowerbeds of the leaves and debris she missed the previous autumn. As soon as the height of the grass is over 1 1/2”, I will see her out there mowing her lawn.

When she feels that there is too much for her to do because she must keep each and every weed out of her yard, I can hear her call her son to come over. She usually does this on her back deck. Often, her son will try to put off coming by but I can hear she raised voice say, “No, I need you here now, tomorrow isn’t soon enough.” And usually he’s seen mowing the grass within a few hours.

By the time late May is here, she has spent the money to have her trees and bushes professional pruned. Because her son can’t be at her beck and call all the time due to having a job, she finally hires help who will be there for her until sometime in the early fall. She’s never quite satisfied with the professional lawn mowing serve so she’ll be out there right after that person leaves to do what she thinks he’s missed (so far it has always been a man). She’ll re-mow places in the yard where she’s sure the man has screwed up. She’ll get out the weed-whacker and, once again, go around the bricks that separate her flowerbeds, bushes and trees from the grass.

She is so meticulous that she’s a little freaky. If any of the neighbors around her mow their grass, she’s either out there mowing hers again or calling someone to come and mow it. It doesn’t make any difference if her lawn was just mowed the day before. She MUST get hers mowed again. Is she trying to do better than everyone else? Or is it that she thinks her yard doesn’t look as good unless she mows when someone else does? I haven’t figured it out.
Hubby and I have lived in this house for five years now. Both of us have talked to her at different time. She’s a nice person. Yet, we haven’t told her what our names are, nor have we asked her what hers is. Why haven’t we been better neighbors?

She’s usually alone. Her husband is a long-distance truck driver, at least this is what we assume. We see him pull into the driveway with his rig about one each month and stay a few days. Then he’s gone again.

I’m ashamed of our behavior. Everyone should have someone close by who he/she can count on in an emergency. My goal is to get over to her house when I see her doing her gardening and make her a real neighbor.


4 thoughts on “The Crazy Garden Lady

  1. She definitely sounds organized and meticulous, but that’s better than the complete opposite I suppose. Since my step-father passed away a year ago, my mother has been living alone. The one thing I hear from her over and over again, is how nice her neighbors are. She tells me about their conversations and about the simple acts of kindness that they show to her. Through her, I’ve learned just how important it is to have wonderful neighbors, that you know and trust. People who are alone, don’t have to be so alone with good neighbors around. This is a great reminder post for all of us, who have neighbors that we may sometimes fail to give the proper attention to.

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  2. I suppose some people look for attention, recognition, out-doing the Joneses. My mother had a lawn like a golf green. Not a weed in sight. She labored from morning till night because that was her passion. As well, her flower and vegetable gardens were beyond compare. Her problem was passion AND being a perfectionist.

    I wonder what this neighbor’s real situation is. The added mowing is somewhat freaky. Might be an unexpected story in the layers of her personality. Hmm. Now I’m really hooked. 🙂

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  3. Happy to hear you are going to get to know her better. As far as her lawn care, maybe that’s her hobby? I know that if people could see how much I knit at times, they would think I’m a little over the top. 🙂


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