I Need a Sabbatical

I Need a Sabbatical
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Modified by Glynis Jolly

Approximately two months ago, I slowed myself down doing just one post per week. I had been feeling overwhelmed and thought that may ease the burden. And it did, though I stopped the slower schedule after less than a month because I was feeling better.

Why do I have to learn valuable lessons the hard way? It never seems to fail. I get started on the right path for success and then I sabotage myself. My goal hasn’t changed, yet I’ve, once again, taken on so much that I can’t even find the time to address any tasks I need to complete for the goal.

I have decided to alleviate all but one commitment I’ve made online. The ones I’ve shelving for a time are vows I’ve made to myself. Most of these, in one way or another involve my email account. I have a list of over forty blogs that I visit regularly. I abhor the RSS feed idea in spite of the fact that I do have a very few that I read by the method, so I have notices sent to me for all but those few. I get notices from Pinterest, Twitter, Writing.Com and a couple of newsletters from About.Com.

I’ve read that there are people who have quite a bit more that this hitting their inboxes. Frankly, I don’t know how they keep up with all of it. True, if I had Internet on my cell phone I could look at some of it while in route to someplace or while waiting for an appointment of some sort. There’s one problem with that; I hate the phone. I know I’d probably be lost without one but they’re always ringing at the wrong time and the noise, no matter what the ring tone is, is annoying.

I spend a great deal of time writing the two posts I’ve been publishing on my blog. Coming up with a topic isn’t hard but wording it the exact way I want and proofreading it takes more time than I want to give right now.

What I’ll be doing is taking a two-month sabbatical. During this time, I will still be around the blogosphere but infrequently. I’ll be working on my writing project and doing a small bit of “me” time. As I stated above, I have one commitment I will continue to honor, which is to Susan Copper of Finding Our Way Now LLC. I’m having a tough time but Susan is snowed under because of affairs offline that she must attend to. One post per month for her isn’t going to send me into a tizzy, by any means.

Will you miss me? I highly doubt it, especially if you live north of the equator. This is the best time to do this because so many of you are out in the sun having fun and getting burned to a crisp. Chances are you’re deleting a lot of your email these days just because the excitement of outside is calling to you.

Have a fantastic rest of the summer. To those of you Down Under, enjoy the lush green and color while it lasts.

See you in September. (Do you remember the song?) 😀


17 thoughts on “I Need a Sabbatical

  1. Good for you! Have a good summer. I agree email and blog-land are overwhelming. I’ve tried to step back and I have a little, but not enough. I admire you for doing so though. See you when I see you ❤ ❤


  2. aletao

    I hope the time away brings you peace of mind. And yes, you will be missed. I don’t post much on my blog or in comments, but I do read still 🙂


  3. super important to take time for you! we all pack our lives full with different things. i hope you are able to weed out the things that don’t serve you so that you always have more YOU time. xo


  4. The blogosphere is fascinating, but can be so so so draining too. The guilt over not stopping by favorite blogs where more personal connections have grown is particularly difficult, I find.

    Rest and recharge. It’s a gift you’re giving yourself.


  5. It’s totally understandable to take a blogging break. I must have over 300 blogs in my RSS reader, but I only really tune into to about 75 or so of them on a regular basis. Some are marked as “must read.” Lately, I’ve gone down to commenting and reciprocating one hour a day, four days a week which feels about right. We all have to hash out the best schedule for our purposes. And yet, it’s summer and time to play!


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Thanks for the compliment. Funny thing is, I’ll be changing the colors and pic for the autumn season. 😛 The layout will be the same though. I like this theme.

      Enjoying summer? Well, Haven’t really been out in it long enough to decide on that.


        1. Glynis Jolly

          Foot still had a medium-size bump on it that feels a lot like it’s all callus. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt anymore, and if it starts hurting, I still have lots of prescription cream I can use on it.

          I hope fall is calm and quiet. :/


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