Indecisive or Adaptable Choices

Indecisive or Adaptable Choices
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Do you like the new look? I kept the theme the same. Right now, it suits me. Chances are quite possible that it will change again when December cold winds hit. Some say I can be fickle. If you go by my blog, you’d probably agree. Are you asking yourself, “Why can’t she stick to one theme and color scheme?” Truth be told, I’ve fascinated with design and color. I do the same within my home as much as I can. No, I don’t have changes of furniture. (Can you imagine how expensive that would be?) I do, however, will change throw pillows, towel sets, sheet sets, knickknacks, etc. to different designs and colors. Does this say I’m fickle? Maybe. Or could it mean that I’m flexible?

I used to be tentative with my writing. I could start out with guns blazing, yet fizzle somewhere before I would get through a third of whatever venture I was working on. Yes, I know, many writers go through this. However, when I would fizzle out, I’d start a new project that had absolutely nothing to do with writing. Sounds kind of erratic, doesn’t it? Just last week I was watching a show about John Lennon. They said that he was constantly reinventing himself all during his life; unpredictable is putting it mildly. I’ve been that way myself at certain times in my life.

A few years ago, I had this “brilliant” idea about starting a blog about disability with the secondary subject about blogging. (You did notice the quotation marks for the word brilliant, didn’t you?) I even went so far as to get a domain and write a short e-book about a situation I went through concerning my own disability. I had hopes of doing the same kind of e-book about blogging. As soon as I ran into problems with the blog itself that I couldn’t solve without a lot of help, I fizzled. Though the idea about having a blog about disability was good, my notions of combining that with posts about blogging was preposterous. Do you know how many blogs are out here in cyber space that are about blogging? I don’t know myself but there’s over 800,000,000 articles about it. And what do I know about the subject compared to a site like ProBlogger that’s been online for many years? I couldn’t even solve the problems I was having with my own blog. Talk about the blind leading the blind. Needless to say, the blog doesn’t exist any longer.

In spite of my precariousness, I still love to write, always have. By the time I was eight years old, I had a pen pal who I wrote to faithfully for four years. Deborah lived in English somewhere. The name of the town has been lost in the files of my memory though. I do know, however, that it wasn’t London, Sheffield, or any of the other cities or large towns. I remember her telling me that it was just a small burg. We did get sporadic and soon after just stopped writing to each other. This happens with kids as they try to find themselves. Yet, I didn’t stop writing.

I switched over to writing poems for a while. I haven’t written a poem for over thirty years now. In addition, I don’t have the slightest desire to express myself with one. I think it might have something to do with the abstraction of what is being said in a poem that keeps me away. I’ve become a stickler for wanting people to understand exactly what I’m trying to convey.
What does all of this boil down to?

I’m wondering if I’m indecisive or adaptable. I’m sixty years old now, so I think it may be time to define myself to some extent. Of course, I want to say I’m adaptable. It’s a positive term, after all. But it could very well be that the truth is that I’m indecisive. Yes, I know this is something I should figure out for myself, but I would like some other opinions to base my answer on.

I turn to you for assessments.

Do you think I’m indecisive or adaptable? Is there any particular reason you think one way or the other?

12 thoughts on “Indecisive or Adaptable Choices

  1. I can’t choose either one, Glynis. I’m a creature of habit. My mother used to change things up in the house all the time and make a new dress ‘just because’, but not me. I used to be spontaneous but not so much now. Nothing wrong with change if it keeps you happy. 😀 Some people bore easily. If so, change is good for them. Go with the flow, I say. Whatever pleases you. You only live one. ❤

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    1. Glynis Jolly

      Spontaneous… Maybe, but this things I’m “spontaneous” with are important parts of my life. They’re things I want to succeed with. :/ Did your mom change where the furniture sat in a room? My mom did that for years. You could tell that the season of the year had chanced just by walking into our living room. I wish I could do the same thing but mobility issues won’t let me. I’d ask Hubby to do it but with his back problems, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea.


      1. Yes, my mom would move small pieces around but the rooms were small so not much chance of moving the large stuff. they changed bedspreads, drapes, pillow covers, tablecloths. Maybe change up a picture on the wall or a bowl or something on the coffee table to change a focal point.
        Interesting about your mom moving the furniture by season. Interesting. ❤


        1. Glynis Jolly

          My mom has ‘wanderlust’ and because I am my mom’s daughter, I have it too. I would love it if I could spend about 2 years in one place, then move on to another place to live, and just keep on doing that. That would be the perfect way to live for me. 😛


  2. I know lots of people that change their theme often. I think that’s a good thing. I get used to mine and have so much widgeted around it that never comes out the same in a different theme, it scares me off. Yours spotlights your writing–gorgeous.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Jacqui, I bet you could feel comfortable just changing your header and the color of your background like I did. I know exactly what you mean about placing widgets. Once you finally have them where you want, you don’t want that giant hassle of trying to find the perfect spots again. That’s specifically why I just changed the color and graphic. 😉


  3. I would say you are adaptable and willing to make changes. Unlike a certain person I know personally who is afraid to move a thing. Keep doing what you are doing…life could be more interesting that way. You don’t want to get stuck in a rut now, do you? 😀


    1. Glynis Jolly

      You’re completely right. I definitely don’t want to get stuck in a rut. I there anyways physically but that doesn’t mean I have to be there mentally too. 😀 ❤


  4. Hi Glynis, i like the new look too! As far as being indecisive or adaptable, there is definitely something to be said for not getting stuck in a rut and always doing the same thing or keeping things the same way. That doesn’t necessarily make you indecisive. As people we change and grow all the time. I dont like the exact same things now that I did 5 years ago. So have at it, Glynis. Whenever you feel it’s time for a change, you should go for it!


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Glad you like the design change, Susan.

      I’m finding that most are saying what you have said about my obsession with change. I still question myself though because I wonder if I’m giving anything the chance that it needs to grow the flourish. :/


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