Moonrise over the birch trees…

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Moonrise over the birch trees…
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Autumn is here in all its glory. Because it has just arrived, much of the foliage still has its green leaves. Still, the green looks weary and sunburned by so many days in the bright sunlight. A few leaves are starting to change color, showing off yellows, oranges and browns.

Many of the flowers are gone and the pods from them have fallen to the ground. The berries on the bushes are ripe. They add to the hues of colors that grace the land at this time of year.

Nightfall comes earlier now. By 6:30, dusk is on its way out and the blackness of night approaches fast. The sunset sits low in the heavens giving its last farewell. A breeze blows that wasn’t there when the sun was high in the sky. The upper branches of the trees sway gently as nocturnal critters come out of hiding.

As the light fades and darkness takes over, one can begin to see the stars come out. Of course, the planet of Mars is first, letting us know that it isn’t as far away as we may think. The constellations soon appear. There’s the Big Dipper, Orion’s Belt and The Archer, along with many others. The moonrise over the birch trees adds a host of light that eases our tenses as we try to unwind from the day.

This post isn’t as long as most of mine are. I like writing the poetic prose but I run out of wind quicker with them. I guess I’m just not much of a poet.

10 thoughts on “Moonrise over the birch trees…

    1. Glynis Jolly

      Mary, you don’t like the cold? Don’t you get tired of the hot? That’s okay. I used to love summer. Anymore though, I dread all that hot stuff.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      I like Spring but it seems to run into summer somewhere along the way without me realizing it. Autumn on the other hand usually has an end point that is noticeable for me. I find comfort in that.

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