Sometimes New is Better

Sometimes New is Better
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I’m told that I’ve lived a lot of years now; that the first part of my life is clearly over with plus some. And I believe this. It doesn’t upset me or frighten me. The only thing I can say I don’t like about it is that my body doesn’t look or act like it used to. I can’t change this so I guess I’ll have to live with it somehow. This is kind of a round-about way to start this post but I wanted to make sure that you knew where I was coming from. I don’t want you thinking that I’m just a bitter old lady venting my rage.

Everyone seems to want “new”. From what I’ve seen and heard, it doesn’t really make any difference as to what the item, service or concept is either. “New” is better according to society at large. This is sad to me. So often I see things that are “new” that don’t have the workmanship or quality that the “old” has. For example: Floor lamps have been around since probably man discovered how to control fire. The “new” floor lamps I see on display at Lowe’s are okay, I guess, but with all there is to make it easier to turn on and off, a lot has been neglected in other areas of workmanship of the item and the creativity of it. There isn’t any detail in the design and the thing tips over a little too easily. To me, it’s worthless garbage.

I found a lamp at one of those “antique” stores. Yes, most of what these stores have is junk but if you have the time to hunt through the aisles, you can find some exciting pieces from the past. The lamp I found has a lead base that is ½ inch wider in diameter than the light at the top. It’s going to take a lot to have it tip over. The long neck of the lamp is lined vertically and the base of the light itself has the shell-shaped design in a dark muted brass. The shade of the lamp, which, of course, is inverted, is light beige glass background and inlaid stained glass decorated with glass green leaves. It makes a wonderful statement for my living room. I can assure you that you wouldn’t find something like this at Lowe’s, Home Depot or even Ashley’s.

Now, to show that I’m not bitter, just getting old, I want to tell you about what I have that’s “new” that I’m so glad I have.

Just last week I began to have problems with my PC. Some of it was due to a power outage caused by an electrical storm. The other part was that it was due for a check-up, more like overdue. I debated whether to make an appointment with the PC guy I’ve been with for the last 6 years or to finally give up my beloved Windows 7 and buy Windows 8. It was the cost that made the end decision for me. I bought the new program. I didn’t buy it online though. I rarely buy anything through the Internet because of all the hype about identity theft. I did the “old” thing; went to Wal-Mart and bought the DVD disk.

I have to say I’m impressed with this update. In addition, any updates that are made to this program, I can get free. In fact, there’s already been one and it’s installed. Presto.

Something else “new” came to my attention because of the update of Windows. I did a post about yWrite4 a while back. If you missed it, I suggest you take a moment to read it and come back to this post. This link will take you there in a new window or tab.

When I installed the Windows 8, I lost some of the programs I had been using; one of them being yWriter4. I re-installed the program and began to use it again. It was then that I remembered that it didn’t have a spellchecker. Damn. So I went to the site to see if I could get it as an extension. To what I thought was my dismay at the time, yWriter4 was no longer available. I did not and would not buy their Pro version. I would just find another program to use. But before I left the site, I decided to peek at the page about yWriter5. Lo and behold, the upgrade was free.

I am now enjoying using the upgraded version of yWriter. There aren’t very many changes from the old one but it does have the spellchecker and I can now track my progress by day, week or month, which should help keep me focused.

Getting older isn’t so bad. In fact, except for the body disintegrating and not behaving, I’m enjoying the ride.


17 thoughts on “Sometimes New is Better

    1. Glynis Jolly

      It took me a while to get into the mood to install my first one too. I had gotten so use to using Word or OpenOffice and thought that’s the best that it gets. Make sure it’s the yWriter5 that you have. otherwise you’ll be installing, uninstalling and then installing again. 😛


  1. BarbaraZ

    Changes…not always what we want or expect. New is not always improved. I am a Mac person, but sure know how it feels to upgrade and be pleased with the results. When teaching, I had a laptop to keep up to date with MS. Did I ever regret the passing of my beloved XP.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      My stepdaughter gave me her Mac laptop when she got a new one. I had some trouble using it. It could be that I’m stuck in my ways though.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      ‘Old’ is okay. Maybe I think that way because I was close to my grandparents (all three of them). I think of comfort and wisedom when I think of ‘old’.


  2. I would never be brave enough to install a Windows update to a computer. I swear Bill Gates makes them incompatible. You have given me courage.

    Win 8–are you used to the new screen? I’m going to wait on that. It is so darn different.


    1. Glynis Jolly

      First off Jacqui, installing Windows from a DVD is not something to be leery about. The instructions on the DVD are simply put so that it’s almost impossible to make a mistake — unless, of course, you’re like my husband and don’t want to follow the directions. :/

      The new screen for Win 8 replaces when you click Start in the left bottom corner. Instead of having a list pop up, you get an entire screen. You still start with the desktop, which is very much the same. 🙂

      Oh, just so you know. I didn’t have to uninstall Win 7 to get Win 8 in. Bill Gates isn’t doing very much with Microsoft anymore except to be on the board of directors. Microsoft has become more user friendly and compatible. 😀


    1. Glynis Jolly

      Can I assume that you’re talking about your computer system? It did turn out that I had tons of errors in my computer system but that’s fixed now. 🙂


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