And Sometimes Old is Better

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And Sometimes Old is Better
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Last Friday, we changed telephone companies. This also meant our TV and Internet service switched. We ended up going back to the TV and Internet provider we had before. (Did you notice that I didn’t say anything about the telephone service in that last sentence?)

When we first bought this house that is now our home, satellite didn’t exist in our area. We thought it was rather strange because just across the highway from us (10 miles away), satellite service was in full swing. But that’s just the way it was, so we went with the cable service we could definitely get. The cable service we used didn’t provide telephone service so we had to go with the phone company servicing our county. I wanted Southern Bell but I guess we were a tad too far north for that.

We got friendly with our neighbors during those first years in the house – this is a good thing still. A few years later, we found out through the couple who lived next door to us that satellite had finally come into being on our side of the highway. Our phone company had gotten a contract with Dish to our delight. Of course, we changed, getting rid of the cable so that we could do the bundle thing.

Everything was fine for a while. The service was good and we had more channels on TV. Be that as it may, soon the service got shoddy. We took a peek at Direct TV and made sure to tell our phone company about what we were doing. They didn’t want to lose us as customers so they offered some discounts, which was what we were hoping they’d do because we really had no intention of going with that satellite company.

Again, things were fine for a while. But… you guessed it… the price went up again the next month and the service got atrocious again. Further more, the contrast between the service and the cost kept on getting wider. Hubby started going down the pages of the Yellow pages trying to find a phone company that wouldn’t try to swindle us every time we turned around. I guess he didn’t notice Charter Communications in the short list because it wasn’t until he had called several places that he finally looked over the list again and saw it.

Need to a little backtracking here…

The phone companies Hubby called first seemed to be just as bad as the one we had. Either they were charging the same for the same quality and number of services or the representative who answered Hubby’s call didn’t have answers to our questions. Bad PR is a sure sign of inferiority. No matter how you look at it, these companies were substandard in one way or another.

When Hubby called Charter, he didn’t even wait an entire minute before a representative was on the line. Instead of trying to con us into a more expensive package, he told Hubby what the standard package was and then asked what else we would want. We ended up with the package right above the standard one that didn’t cost any more.

The cost is still going to be a little high, but it won’t be as high as it was with the other company and we are getting more than we thought we could. Now, for some people, what we got wouldn’t be enough. Some people are really into all the bells and whistles. If they can afford it, “more power to them” is all I can say.

Sometimes old is better – especially when you’ve tried out the new and have found it to be so inadequate.



23 Replies to “And Sometimes Old is Better”

  1. Sigh. We have bumped up the bandwidth for internet as high as our provider supplies. Five of us use the internet here. Even as the bandwidth went up, nothing changed. I don’t understand but I do agree with you. New isn’t necessarily better. Ugh.


      1. 😀 😀 It’s almost as crowded here as China. 😀

        My daughter and her family and I live in the same house. They live upstairs and I live down. Sometimes we don’t see each other except on Family dinner nights. Thursday at my place, and Friday at theirs. 🐻


    1. Your statement about five on the Internet at your house got me wondering. Would it be worth your while to check into getting a server for your clan there underneath your roof? Small business use servers. Why can’t an extended family under one roof?


      1. I hadn’t thought of that and would never have without your suggest. Do tell about it. I don’t know the first thing about it. Does that mean it’s also cheaper than buying from a provider and how much trouble might it be to install and who does the installation?


        1. I would think that the ISP would help with the installation. I would suggest that you call up who you have now and see if they can do this type of thing for you and your extended family. As for the trouble — anyone who know about computers can do it and instruct you how to maintain the system. Is there a computer repair person you use?


          1. There was this thing I was researching before China–starts with a “V” (?) You have your own and private link to internet and no-one can figure out your location. Didn’t really understand it but requires a small yearly fee. Need more time to check these things out. They’re all new and Greek to me.


            1. I must have missed that on the TV. Actually, in this world, I rather doubt that anyone can hide from anyone. As I type this, probably some government angency or even a hacker knows I am here in this chair typing a reply to you. 😛


  2. I consider myself blessed that our internet/phone/TV works well out here in CA. No complaints. I could go cheaper, but don’t want to risk losing service. My Son’s in El Paso and my daughter in DC–neither has as good service.

    Your post confirms that I’ll stay with what I have. After reading your article, I feel like I did the research, made the decisions, and reaffirmed my choice. Thanks!

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    1. I’ll think you’ll find more are beginning to realize that sometimes the old is better quality. I wonder if the world is finally getting off that kick of changing to something newer all the time. Of course, if you go by cell phone, that answer is no. Everyone still wants more bell and whistles on that little devices. :/


    1. My brother doesn’t have cable or satellite anymore. They have gone strictly with Netflix. They still watch a few TV shows but on the Internet. Both my husband and I have said that if we had to give up something in our daily lives, it would be the TV. We have oodles of channels to watch, yet, we are still shooting for those very few that we’ve turned to for years.


      1. True, Glynis, but I wonder why that is. What’s changed in the quality and price and why? Have we just settled and what part do we play in it? Hmmmm 🙂


  3. Good to have this information! When we finally move to Nowhere, Missouri, we will have to have satellite for internet. That was on my list to research. How is the internet service?


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