Update on Outside Kitties

I wrote another post about the outside cats who’ve decided our house is home. You can read it here. Things have changed since that time, of course. Still, some things changed because of Hubby’s and my stupidity.

Here’s one of the photos I showed you before.

I've Returned
copyright Glynis Jolly 2014

It turns out that when Hubby was looking to see what sex each one was, he was completely turned around. Greycie is Grayson. Charlotte is Charley. And Clarence is Clarisse. I knew (and know) how to figure this out but I just figured Hubby had been right. Big mistake. Huge.

The other gray one that was adopted first (never did name the kitten) got stolen. The woman is quite sure of it. The day after her darling baby went missing, a neighbor boy was bragging about having a kitten that doesn’t have a complete tail. Because she hadn’t bought a collar for the kitten yet, she felt that she couldn’t come right out and accuse him. When we found out, we offered Grayson to her. Grayson is now living on the lap of Eric’s mom. (Who is Eric? He lives next door. He is the technician who takes my blood at the doctor’s office and is known as our friendly neighborhood vampire because he draws the blood of so many around here.)

Update on Outside Kitties
copyright Glynis Jolly 2014
Update on Outside Kitties
copyright Glynis Jolly 2014

Charley and Clarisse live on our back deck when weather permits. When it gets wet and nasty out, they live on our covered car port and use the cat carrier out there to sleep in.

As I think I told you in the previous post, we had the parents fixed. Mama and Jake are happy and come by once or twice a day to eat and visit the ‘kids’. Because of health issues this past year, we haven’t gotten up the money to get Charley and Clarisse fixed yet. Stubby is still around too and he needs to be taken in for the surgery. Chances are he’s already a father.

Update on Outside Kitties
copyright Glynis Jolly 2014

There’s one other cat in the brood. That’s Henry. He looks like Mama but his tail is only one-third as long. He comes around too but not as often as Stubby, Mama or Jake. We’re thinking that now that Jake is fixed, Stubby has become the alpha male in our neighborhood. Henry, went he visits, is very respectful of Stubby. He won’t touch the food we leave out if Stubby is eating. He waits patiently for his brother.

It’s remarkable how these beautiful fuzzy critters can give me so much happiness. I feel so loved and needed because of them. One way or another, Hubby and I will get the ‘kid’s’ in to be fixed even though that means no more replenishing the brood. 😦


18 Replies to “Update on Outside Kitties”

  1. It sounds like they keep you busy. It’s great that you have taken them in to care for them. It would be a lonely world out there for them without you guys.


    1. I didn’t realize I was a cat person until my son brough a kitten home from his friend’s home. I guess they’re happy with me. That cat lived to be 19. My Miya is 12 and still plays with the other 2 inside kitties. I’d live to bring the outside kitties in but I know that they probably wouldn’t be as happy. Beside, I doubt that Mama will ever let me get close enough to even pet her.

      Yes, they do give me something to so when I can’t think of what to write. A pleasant distraction.

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    1. April, strays usually like their lives despite the hardships. They are hooked on the freedom. Sure I feed the strays around here and try to find them warm places to sleep in the colder months, but after taking in Nutty and seeing hoe aloof she is, I won’t be taking in another.


    1. Clarisse is a darling, not doubt about that.That picture is from this last summer. She hasn’t grown very much since then. Charley is bigger but still not as big as Stubby. (She’s also an attention-monger.) 😛

      There’s one clinic here who does it at a discount once a year. We’re waiting to get the vet’s next flier on this.


  2. I have always had dogs, but one day a gray and white cat showed up on our property. We could tell she’d been in a battle – her right ear had been damaged. We gradually coaxed her to our front porch with promises of food. That became her spot. She stayed with us for close to four years. We built a shelter for her on the front porch – a heated pet carrier, and we fed and watered her each day. After awhile, she allowed us to pet her and she used to follow my husband and dogs around the perimeter of our property when he’d walk our dachschunds. We called her Ava (after Ava Gardner because she was so beautiful). We managed to grab her and take her to the vet and made sure she was in good health. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep her away from the corn field across the way, and one day she was hit by a car. I was devastated. What a lovely cat she was.


    1. How sad. 😦

      One of Stubby’s brothers got killed on the closest main road to our house. Luckily I didn’t see it. Eric told me about it. It’s a hard life out there but as I told another commenter, they want their freedom more than anything else.


  3. I regularly get updates of rehoming shelters looking for homes for abandoned animals and I keep getting the “Don’t even think about it” lecture as well. I guess one Diva in the house is enough.
    I can see the joy that these furry little beings bring to you and that is wonderful.


    1. The mother, who my husband and I call Mama, kind of came with the house when we bought is 7 years ago. I saw Jake in the woods behind our property soon after that. Both looks to ragged at the time, so we started putting out food for them. It’s kind of like having children all over again now. Children will not torerate being ignored, so we don’t. 🙂


  4. Well these beautiful souls are a boon to you ,Glynis. At times when you feel exhausted, tensed or fatigue, they can distress you in a moment. on the other side, they are luckier to have got a lovely home.


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