#SoCS – 'Back'

The prompt for this Stream of Consciousness Saturday was contributed by Pavowski in Linda’s absence.

When I first read Pavowski’s post on Linda’s blog, I thought this was so simple of a word that it was actually going to cause me problems. Yet, the more I thought about the word, the more possibilities I could see.

#SOCS - 'Back'
copyright by Glynis Jolly 2012 – 20–

Above is a photo of how my backyard looked two summers ago. The photo doesn’t do it justice because the yard goes beyond both the left and right of the photo screen. This is the first backyard I’ve had that I have been able to say I love without hesitation.

Although the one I had while growing up was a little deeper, my father built a oversized 2-car garage back there. It took up half the width of the yard. I still played back there but any games with the neighborhood kids had to be conducted in the front yard where we could also use the front yards of the other kids.

The garden you see in the photo is filled with perennials. Annuals just don’t do well for me. What does this mean? That I have a light green thumb as opposed to a brown one? The two bushes are Rose of Shannon. The blooms don’t come out until the last part of June and die off by the middle of August.

#SoCS - 'Back'
Image provided by
silverpuss2002 @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/58148204@N07/

I’ve seen bunnies, raccoons and those nasty possums in this yard, along with our beloved outside kitties. Hubby has seen a couple of deer too, although I have yet to view them.

Are you wondering why I despise possums? Have you ever seen one close up? They look like hairy giant rats with red beady eyes. I believe that the world would be a better place without these disgusting creatures.

Do you have a back yard?


19 Replies to “#SoCS – 'Back'”

  1. My dachshund hates possums! He cornerered one in our backyard, and the thing hissed at him (in self-defense, I’m sure). I had to take a broom to get the dachshund away, and open the gate to release the possum before peace ensued. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife, too, in our backyard. We’re in the country. Deer, pheasant, raccoons, foxes – once a peacock! – all make their way to our place.


    1. Good dachshund! Your dog is my friend. 😉

      I live on the outskirts of a small town. I’m sure I don’t get as much wildlife as you but I do enjoy what moseys on through, that is except for the nasty possums. :/


  2. You have a wonderful backyard, Glynis. I live in the city and some years ago, I found a young deer had jumped the fence and tried to jump out again. He finally made it, but what an ordeal. I watched, amazed. Nothing I could do.


    1. I’m kind of surprised that the deer had a problem with your fence. The deer get pretty big up north. Yes, there wasn’t anything you could do. The poor thing would have been scared out of her/his wits if you had tried to help.

      In Colorado there are very few of just the regular deer. There is, instead, the mule deer, which are huge. I wish Colorado had the white tail deer but they don’t.


  3. I tried to give a prompt that could be either very very simple or very involved. Glad it sparked for you. And I do have a backyard, though it’s more of a weed garden than a “yard”. And on the subject of green thumbs, mine are withered and crumbling.


    1. This year the garden didn’t get attention. My husband was laid up after neck surgery. Although I can do some of the work out there, I need help setting up because of my disability. My backyard is an embarrassment right now.


    1. Thanks for the compliment Susan. I probably wouldn’t mind the possums if they didn’t look so much like rats. I think of Willard every time I see one of these nasty critters.


  4. Our backyard is being destroyed by the grand puppy. However, nothing grows back there. Since we are from the Pacific NW, and used to different type of soil, and plants, we can’t find the correct grass to plant, part of the back gets sun all day the other is shaded because of the house. Bermuda doesn’t grow well in the shade. Anyway, we do have a backyard, and your’s is very lovely.


    1. I have no clue as to what type of grass is in the yard except to say that it isn’t Kentucky Blue. You may want to try Kentucky Blue. I know that in Colorado it grows the same in the shade as it does in the sun. Besides, Kentucky Blue is soft to sit on. 😛


  5. Beautiful Rose of Shannon bushes, Glynis, and a lovely looking backyard too.
    Living where I do (on top of a mountain) and being drawn to nature, I have the house, and then “the outside.” The outside is a series of gardens, fields, woods and meadows. Some of it tamed, much of it wild. The tamed bits are put to use for two things that are important to me – eating and smelling. I have a kitchen garden and a fragrance garden. Everything planted is meant to encourage a wild critter buffet–yep, possums included. I figure that if I came up here and messed about with their homes, the least I could do was thank them for it and try to make amends. We all seem to get along without trouble.
    A lovely post, Glynis!


    1. I probably wouldn’t mind the possums so much if they’d just stay out on the lawn and stay away for the deck.

      I live in the Cumberland Mountains. The town is pretty much at its highest point, which is on a plateau. Up here it’s a lot like living on the high prairie of one of the more western states.

      I’d like to have a kitchen garden. I talk about it every spring hoping that my husband will get it going with me tagging along with the seedlings.


  6. My backyard is big enough for me to putter around in, but not too big that it’s a chore to take care of. I don’t enjoy how the house built next door has a kitchen window right over our yard, but did plant an apple three that mostly covers it up. My childhood backyard was huge. Lots of memories there 🙂


    1. My house is one of the very few in this subdivision that doesn’t have windows on the short sides so we don’t see into anyone else’s yard. And my house sets a little farther back than the ones on either side so the only way the neighbors can see our yard is for them to go out to theirs.


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