# Life Makeover – Time Management

# Life Makeover - Time Management
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When I read Suzanne’s post for the 52-week project last Thursday, I was skeptical on what I could do for my own time management. I wrote a comment to her post somewhat to the effect of, “Time is what I have an abundance of. Enough so that if I fool around for half the day, I still have plenty of time to get things done.”

Then I thought a little harder on it this weekend. There is more that I can do with my time — even despite the limitations of mobility I have.

During most of the time that I’ve been married to Hubby (24+ years), I’ve left his stuff alone, at least for the most part. But also, all during this time, this has been one of the sore spots in our relationship. Mind you, we don’t fight very often. Neither of us get any kick out of that sort of thing. Still, there are times when I’m biting my tongue so I won’t say something about where he puts and leaves his stuff.

Today, while I was reading blog post, it hit me. If we haven’t actually fought about this subject, if handled right, we never will fight about it. I can do something about his stuff and not leave it up to him to do it. After all, I’m a stay-at-home wife with kids grown and on their own. I have the time to do this. It’ll be my distraction from my writing project when I’m feeling frustrated. Physical work, no matter how small is good for getting cobwebs out of the brain.

What’s more, by doing this chore, I’ll like my home better. This may spark some creativity in my old rusty noggin. I know that some writers can work in a mess, in fact may even work better. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those. I’m happier all the way around being a neat freak.

So this week’s assignment for me will be to get into the routine of getting into Hubby’s stuff and organizing it. 😛


22 Replies to “# Life Makeover – Time Management”

          1. Oh, I didn’t mean that it would be *surprising* just unappealing. My husband has about 20 baseball caps made of camo material with different logos on them. Then there is all the hunting stuff. Other than that, it is simply locating where he shuffles things to.

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            1. Hubby had 7 baseball caps. They hang on the hooks in the laundry room. He isn’t into hunting. He like classic cars. He has a collection of the models on display — in the living room no less. Well, he does live here too, right?

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    1. I won’t be touching anything in his precious shed. That is his domain alone even though some of the plastic containers have some of my things in them. I just want a house that I’m not embarrassed by when his mom comes over to visit. 😉


  1. All I know is the more I picked up, the more there was to pick up. Know what I mean? Bad habits multiplied. I wondered if the do-ee even noticed I was picking up so I thought,
    * He hasn’t noticed what I’m doing and sees a free spot to dump his stuff, or
    * She’ll pick it up for me so I don’t have to worry anymore.
    * Or, where the hell did you put my stuff?

    Nice of you to be thoughtful though. I hope it doesn’t backfire. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I’m not being thoughtful, Tess. I’m giving into my need for neatness in this house. Hubby sometimes notices what I do around here and gives out his ‘thank-yous’. If I wait long enough, which may be weeks), he moves a pile of his stuff. I’m just tired of being patient. Yes, when I do move his stuff, he invariably asks where I put it. My response? I laugh a little, then tell him where it is.

      This project, which will be ongoing, will serve two purposes. I’ll have a neater home and I’ll be getting up off my butt more often. And anything I can’t do because of my dumb mobility problems will have to be done by Hubby. I have no problems asking either. 😛

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  2. …. and if he doesn’t want you to touch his stuff then maybe he might think twice about leaving it behind him 😉 I think this is a good approach, Glynis. I can think better when everything is tidy and in order… and, like you, I can think my way through things while cleaning or just pottering around


  3. Good luck with that project, Glynis. Every woman I know that has organized her husband’s piles of stuff had it come back to bite her. Somehow they know exactly where that little scrap of a receipt from 4 years ago is in the mounds and mounds of papers. Lol. They have a system…supposedly. 🙂


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