LinkedIn Account Closed

LinkedIn Account Closed
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In the early fall of 2009, I became a student in a free email course about the business of blogging in hopes of having a career as a blogger. I learned a lot about the ins and outs of it both as a writer and a business person. I had high hopes for a self-made career. (I must have been loony at the time.) About this time in 2010, I signed up for an account at LinkedIn along with several other social media sites. My intention was to get a network of other professionals, whether they be newbies like me or old experts.

This was a small part of my ‘master plan’ to create a job for myself seeing that no one in this small town was going to hire a middle-aged woman who’s disabled. It may not be fair. I’m quite aware of this, but if you’re a realist, you’ll realize that life is tough and usually not fair. You have to push and shove to get anywhere in this world. This is what life is whether anyone likes it or not. Still, a career as a blogger? My mind was in never ever land.

I visited LinkedIn several times a week at first, trying to gather contacts. I will admit, I was picky about who I asked to link to because I felt there wasn’t any point in hooking up with a car mechanic or a dentist to get readers at my blog. My blog topic was Blogging. Yes, I know, worst decision I could have made. My idea was to kind of be an Angie like in Angie’s List, telling my readers where to go for good help and give them insight from a layman’s point of view. I really didn’t think people who otherwise wasn’t connected to this topic would be interested in my blog. Where was my head? Everyone wants a blog these days. It’s a soft-sale way to get customers, no matter what the product or service is.

Albeit, the more time I spent at LinkedIn, the more I saw of people who were not really on the up and up. They were embellishing facts about themselves. Furthermore, LinkedIn was and is encouraging all of it with what they are calling ‘endorsements’. Anyone can endorse anyone for any skill. I was endorsed for knowing Microsoft Excel. Who decided I knew that? I know that I can learn it; in fact I used to know it — for two computer class hours. Then I promptly forgot. I got endorsed for being skilled in social media. Whoever that was must have been kidding. I still haven’t mastered the use of the number key (#).

I stopped visiting the LinkedIn site quite so often three years ago. To tell the truth, they were lucky to see anything from me for two or three months at a time. Still, I didn’t feel that I should give up my account there. The times I did visit, I would look in on the groups I belonged to as well as peek at the timeline and see if I had any messages that somehow didn’t make it to my email inbox.

Last fall I got interested in the concept of Feng Shui. Unfortunately, I didn’t give any thought to my life on the web. I was only thinking of my home. What is Feng Shui? It’s a Chinese philosophy based on a system of harmony that can be adapted to any part of life and should probably be applied to all parts. In the philosophy, the idea is to keep life simple — get rid of all junk and balance more with nature. For instance, how many pieces of furniture do you absolutely need in your living room? In actuality, you need a sofa for more one person to sit, a chair, and two in tables — and a TV if that is where you do that sort of thing. Every other piece of furniture is extra — not needed.

LinkedIn Account Closed
The Social Media Treadmill
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Finally, right after Christmas but before this new year started, I realized that I needed to do the same to my spaces online. Presto, bye-bye LinkedIn.

I’m pretty certain that I should also get rid of Facebook but the hesitation is stronger for that one because so many family members and friends are using it, so therefore, I use it when I get sick of looking for an email address. I know that there must be other ways of finding people but so far I haven’t found it. I’d like to give it up though because there’s so much gossip and back-stabbing that goes on in the timeline there.

Have you done any of the Feng Shui thing?


26 Replies to “LinkedIn Account Closed”

  1. I’ve only every thought of Feng Shui in the context of decor, not that I’ve applied any of the principles, but I like the idea of applying them to your life. I’m not likely to give up my LinkedIn account, but I definitely could do some weeding of other excesses. 😀

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    1. Because of your field of expertise, I understand you wanting to keep LinkedIn.

      Feng Shui is a great concept in my opinion. In a world that is definitely complicated, it can help so much.


  2. I limit my contacts on FB. Have my settings up high as I can get them. The backstappers are ‘unfriended’. I connect mainly with photographers and close friends (some are even just good FB friends)

    LinkedIn let me down also, but have links to several groups that give me important info for writing subjects.

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    1. I need to set my limits a little higher on FB if I’m going to keep it. I haven’t been the receiver of backstabbing but there are some family members who may do it if angry enough.

      I was in some groups at LindedIn but I wasn’t getting anything really worthwhile from any of them. I just don’t like the phoniness of the endorsement program there. And it seems to be the center of their entire existence.

      BTW, I haven’t seen you around the blogosphere lately. Nice to see you again. 😀


  3. I have clutter everywhere, online as well as in my house. Paper everywhere, notebooks, more paper and more notebooks and books of all kinds. What I need is to find the t.i.m.e. to do something about all this. Thanks for the poke. I’m on LinkedIn as well but don’t often visit. I know what you mean. Same with FB. Some friends drag me there to keep me updated on what’s going on with them, but that’s the extent of my participation.

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    1. I still have a lot to do to get this house anywhere close to the way I want it. Believe it or no though, Hubby came home earlier in the evening and started helping me. Could he be sick of the messiness too? 🙂

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  4. I had no idea people could have a career in blogging. I’m assuming money is made by advertising? I wonder how they find the time. It takes me large chunks of hours just to keep on top of a 1 or 2 posts per week blog.
    As for Feng Shui, I did read a bit about it many years ago, but forget most of it 😉 other than being free of clutter and the influence surrounding buildings etc can have on the harmony of your home. I live alone, so it’s easy to keep everything in order and symmetrical, which is another concept of FS. I tend to place objects wherever I feel them to be the most comfortable and cannot have my headboard on the same wall as my next door neighbour. All those things apparently influence our harmony.

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  5. No FengShui. It always sounds interesting, though. I started blogging for the same reasons you did–be a resource. In my case, it was for technology in education. That actually worked, but it hasn’t conflated with making a living at it. Instead, it’s just a nice group of online friends with similar interests.


    1. I really didn’t start making friends again until I gave up the notion of trying to create an income with blogging. Now that I’m back to what I love, writing, I’m collecting friends I can feel close to despite the miles in between.


  6. Hi Glynis, interesting thoughts and opinions on LinkedIn. I rather like it, but that’s just me. I do believe in doing an annual reevaluation of my social media plan though, so I agree with you there on weeding out things you personally feel are not serving their purpose any more (or ever) 🙂


    1. If the LinkedIn site works for you, go for it. I just know that it wasn’t right for me. I reevaluate seasonally. When I see something that hits me wrong, I go and investigate. Sometimes nothing needs to happen but sometimes it does. 😉


  7. (clap, clap, clap) I applaud you, Glynis, for recognizing what’s important for you and taking the necessary action. Funny, just yesterday in catching up with my LinkedIn invitations, I tried to connect with you and saw that you were gone. I was going to ask you about it; but, here you go, you answered it for me. I understand and appreciate your stand on it.

    I guess the reason I’m still engaged in all the social media is more selfish. It’s my way of connecting to the outside world more than for blogging strategies (though, I always love to see a new follower). I’m like you, when you say you still haven’t mastered the use of the number key (#) and have to limit what I do and how much I get involved. It’s impossible to do it all — I’d never have a life. But, boy, I’m thankful for the many opportunities now available to connect with others and share what we do.

    I’m aware of Feng Shui and have, for many years now, had every intention of de-cluttering and getting the energy flowing right in my home. I’m like your reader above (Let’s Cut the Crap) with clutter everywhere. I’m working on clearing it out but, somehow, still haven’t accomplished it. I was better at being on task and meeting deadlines, when I was working than I am now with being retired. Working with a different ship now and priorities have changed. It’s taking me longer to turn it around.

    It’s inspiring to see you happy with your life and what you’re doing. That’s what is important no matter how you go about it. Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

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    1. Are you on Twitter or Google+, Pat? I’m at both of these. Let me know and I’ll go find you.

      I connect better with my blog and good ol’ email. It feels more like one on one with these. I use Google+ for writing groups. Although I belong to Writing.Com, there’s more that is for me as an individual at the writing groups of Google+.

      I don’t know if happy is the word, Pat. I am hopeful though.

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  8. I never felt that LinkedIn was all that useful. I set up a profile there when I first became self-employed and was looking for work, but it never resulted in any useful contacts, just a lot of people looking to “network.” I had no idea who they were or why they wanted to network with me, they were just sending me connection requests. I’m sure there are people that are really good at using it, but those are likely people who were good at networking before LinkedIn or any social media came into existence. And effective networking means a lot more than gathering business cards and scanning them into a CRM program. You really have to spend time and get to know them, and that takes time and actual face-to-face contact. Some things can’t be done over the Internet, sad to say. Anyway, when I went on disability and effectively retired, I deleted my profile, and haven’t missed it.

    As for Facebook, I use it to stay in touch with family (I’m much closer to my cousins because of Facebook, and my brothers and I find it a whole lot easier to talk that way than getting on the phone), people I worked with that I wanted to stay in touch with, and people I knew from school (I’ve found several classmates from GRAMMAR school, almost 50 years ago). How effective it is as a marketing tool, I don’t know.

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  9. I tried the LinkedIn, because I was pressured by family and friends to do so. Lol. “It’s the newest thing, better than Facebook. Everyone is on it. It’s a great place to get a job.” I didn’t log in until after I was hired. Figures. But honestly, I haven’t done squat with LinkedIn and I can’t remember my password. I don’t plan on going through the steps of having them send me a new one either. It can stay there in lala land. I’m still on Facebook. I tried to deactivate my account. Family and friends from out of state raised seven kinds of hell, not because they wanted to hear from me, but because they wanted to still see pictures of my son. Ah well. So, I post on my blog less and don’t write much on Facebook, just share pictures.

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