Of Arrogant Behavior

Of Arrogant Behavior
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The one behavior that will set me off is arrogance. I hope and pray that I never come off looking as if I have this flaw. If I am this way at any time, I hope someone pulls me aside and tactfully tells me about it. I understand that there isn’t any positive way to discuss something like this, but a word of warning before laying the cards on the table would prepare me for the words that must be said.

I thought I had gotten away from curt pretensions when I graduated from high school. Yes, the young are foolish. Still, I didn’t notice any bad cases of it until I was twenty-four. Maybe is was just that college students are more aware of social masks and wear them more often. Even the one person I came across that twenty-fourth year didn’t seem to need a lot of pomp and circumstance. She just had a narcistic personality, not understanding why the people around her didn’t magically know what she want.

About four years into my marriage with Hubby, I came across a woman who was pure arrogance. She flaunted herself around as if she was better that the Queen of England. I was unfortunate enough to be working for her at the time. She assumed that she needed to constantly ‘teach’ her subordinates. She completely disregarded to possibly that the fault may have laid with her instead. Her behavior was patronizing and snooty.

After we rolled over into the twenty-first century, I met a relative who has proved to be arrogant. Maybe I shouldn’t use the word met because I did know her before but it had been over ten years prior and either one of us had changed drastically or both of us had. All of a sudden I was in front of a woman who could not let anyone be better that her. Any proof of her being wrong was, in her eyes, either miscalculated or she had what she thought was a perfect excuse for her error. She believes that she knew better than anyone else on almost any subject. What is so aggravating is that I can’t just walk away. She’s a relative. I try to stay as far away from her as humanly possible when at family functions. I do not call her unless I’m asked to for an important reason. This is all I can do to cope with her arrogance.

What I find miraculous is that since I’ve been online (1999), it wasn’t until two years ago (2013) that I found someone on the internet that definitely is in the category of being arrogant. I’ve tried to ‘move’ away from this person. I unsubscribed from the blog. I don’t have the email address for the person. This is one of the several reasons no one finds me at Facebook despite the fact that I’ve kept my account there. The person keeps on popping up. No, this person isn’t one of you who have subscribed to my blog. I wouldn’t write this type of post if the person had a subscription with me. I guess I could try sending a tactful email, but even that seems rude to me. Even after writing about how I would want to be told about this awful human trait, I know that not everyone wants the truth. Some people like living in la-la land. I should be able to rise above this somehow.

Did I hear someone whisper that I should show pity or sadness for people who have this behavior? How about I pity their strong reluctance to see how they’re ruining their own lives. After all, can’t all of us change our behaviors if we just try?

What appalling behavior sends you to outer space?



25 Replies to “Of Arrogant Behavior”

  1. Oh, I would prefer to be called anything but arrogant. You can never talk to an arrogant person about a point of view that may differ from their own and if you don’t want to be friends with them, then it must be something about you.

    Now, I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant, but do you know there is no such country as England? So, the Queen of England doesn’t really exist 😉 She is the Queen of Britain. Actually, that isn’t true either, she is the Queen of the Commonwealth countries…gulp, don’t ask me what they are 😉 and she only lives a couple of miles from my front door!!

    England is only one part of Britain/the UK. The Uk is made up of England, Wales and Scotland, with Ireland now being an independent country, but is still a part of the British Isles.

    Even UK TV presenters make this error when they refer to the Uk as England, but it just aint true. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I do try correct my US friends…. yikes, does that sound arrogant?

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    1. I thought there was the country of England but, as you said, the queen reigns over more than that, and that more is the United Kingdom. I thought the term, Britain was another term for the language and what you call yourself as a subject of the UK. Of course, as an American, I might have it all wrong too. :/


  2. I have difficulty with arrogance, too. I like that rock-solid belief in yourself, whatever that is, with an understanding of why. Arrogance always makes me think there’s too much emotion involved.


    1. I can’t, for a second, think I’m better than anyone else. Sure, I may be better at something than someone else but that person’s bound to be better at something than I am. I’ll just let this type of person rattle on while I smile to myself. 🙂


  3. I like the smart aleck tactic, but I don’t have one for arrogance. I seem to run into them at the grocery store. I say excuse me and receive a kind of hmm, like they are doing me a favor by allowing me to move past them.


  4. The one behavior or trait that drives me bonkers is a refusal to have a sense of humor about oneself and the universe. You need humor to get through – and those who haven’t any are a trial.

    Good post, Glynis.


    1. If I didn’t see the humor in what I do and say, I don’t think I could live through the day. I’ve know a few people who are offended by someone else’s humor in them. True, too much of that can hurt, but if you’ve done something silly, it’s worth a chuckle.

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  5. Arrogance is very hard to deal with, especially when you can’t really ignore the person going forward. I don’t have much tolerance for arrogant people but I’ve never been able to find a tactful way of broaching the subject.


    1. I don’t know if it’s tactful or not but what usually changes the subject fast for me is not saying anything and giving the look that says the person has a screw loose. Because of this attitude some people have, often tact isn’t an option.

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  6. Hahahahaha! “Better than the Queen of England” 🙂 I try my best to stay away from arrogant people. I don’t think there is an easy way to tell an arrogant person that the world doesn’t center around him/her.

    A behavior that bothers me is: surly body language when in a meeting.
    Some years ago, I pulled a colleague aside before a meeting and explained to her how her body language impacts the group. She was appreciative. We worked out a signal when she needed to adjust.

    I’d like someone to pull me aside whenever I show negative body language at meetings.

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    1. I’m sure I’m a generation or two older than you. Anything even remotely looking like rude behavior in a business-type atmosphere wouldn’t have been tolerated at the places I have worked. Do people really get away with it now? Even an arrogant attitude would be stretching it.

      Boy, do I sound old. Life changes and I should try harder to change with it. I’m pretty sure that I don’t exhibit these behaviors face to face. I can only hope and pray that I don’t do it in cyberspace either.


  7. Eye rolling is probably one of the biggest behaviors that sets me off, and when I was in the classroom, I think I’ve seen all manners of eye rolling. I used to be prone to doing it myself, but after the umpteenth teenage girl did that to me, I changed my ways.


  8. This is such a wonderful post… I believe arrogance shows some personal limitations somehow… It is not an attitude that leads to good places, most times… Best wishes to you. Aquileana 😎


    1. I guess arrogance can have it’s moments in the sun. I know this because I’ve used it as a defence against a person who could not see fit to treat me as a human being. Still, those times are very rare.

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