Hopes of the Last

Image provided by Amanda B @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/muddybones/
Image provided by
Amanda B @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/muddybones/

Last Wednesday another storm began to roll into the region. Residents hadn’t really recovered from the last big storm that hit the week before. Needless to say, they went about their daily lives distracted by thoughts of ice, wind, and disaster.

Before the clouds had reached our area, the sun hazily shone down, giving the hint of a promise of Spring. Chainsaws were buzzing as the fallen limbs from the trees were cut into more suitable sizes to be used for firewood. The stray cats were having a joyous time playing on , in, and around all the branches laying in the yards.

It was about 3:30 when the clouds loomed over the neighborhood, bringing cold temperatures and gusty winds. Living in a brick house, you’d think the sounds of the storm would be left outside. But, no. The wind whipping around the corners and over the roof howled as if it was bringing an army of ghosts to haunt us. The sleet came in sideways, slapping against the windows. The temperature dipped down further and the wind wouldn’t relent, making us more fearful of the chance of having a repeat of the devastation experienced of the week before.

That night there were gusts of winds and the sleet turned into blowing snow. It did look as though it may really be a repeat of that treacherous ice storm. Peeking out the bedroom window, I saw other people doing the same at their houses. It reminded me of that old saying, “Misery loves company.” This is one time when I didn’t want the company because I wanted my fears to be wrong. The wind didn’t die down until early morning hours. I could finally feel myself settling down so that I could sleep.

That next morning brought sunshine that glistened everywhere because of the ice. Yes, there was ice — lots of it. Of course, the school buses didn’t run that day. It would be another day that the children would have to make up, making their Summer break even shorter. People got out and about but not without slipping and sliding. Even the cars with 4-wheel drive were having problems. The temperature reach up past freezing, melting most of the ice before the colder temperatures at sunset started creeping in.

Amazingly, the next day was so warm that everyone was in long shirtsleeves, once again cutting up branches from the ice storm before. Chainsaws whirred endlessly throughout the neighborhood. Pickup trucks and 4-wheel drives came and went as lumber was hauled off. The air was alive with the sounds of community work.

It looks like Winter is finally over here in the mountains of Tennessee. It’ll be talked about next Fall when people start dreading the frosty conditions that soon with embark on them again.




16 Replies to “Hopes of the Last”

  1. The ice is beautiful, dangerous and damaging. I hope that this winter is over. I see signs of spring, i.e. melting everywhere this week in New England. I think it’s time for some flowers and buds on the trees.


    1. I was wondering where you lived. New England got hammered this winter. I’ve lived in the South for 5 years now. I miss the four seasons despite the 2 big storms we’ve had this year. It’s mostly wet to the point of sogginess here and that sure does get boring.

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      1. The four seasons are nice, and I doubt that we will ever head south, but February was the coldest month on record since they started keeping track in 1904. I could live without ever approaching that record again.

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  2. It’s been a hellish winter. I hope the end of it is near. It’s been gorgeous here for the past three days: temperatures of +8 Celsius and more coming. I left my coat in the car to run an errand and stopped by the DIY car wash to rinse off all the disgusting salt. Tried yesterday but too many cars waiting. I lucked out today. ❤ ❤

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    1. I remember doing that when I lived on the Upper Penisula of Michigan. I suppose you still have standing snow around. Do you think Lake Huron is going to flood? Stay away from the docks!


  3. I read a study that said most people don’t think this winter is colder than prior years. I’m shocked. It’s been frigid. The Great Lakes froze up earlier than last year and that was early. What do you think?

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    1. Jacqui, I think weather in general has gotten more extreme little by little for several years now. I know that where I used to live on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, they’ve had temperatures down to -40F last year and the same thing happened this year. Many refuse to believe in the theories that hover around the Mayan calendar but so far they’re proving to be true. In the Mayan folklore, the 4th world ended in December of 2012. As the Earth adjusts to the 5th world there will be extremities in the weather.


  4. Great description, Glynis! I Hope your Spring is finally here. As I read the part about you looking through the bedroom window, I recall how my young children and I pressed our noses to our living room window as hurricane Andrew was making its way to South Florida. I didn’t realize the danger of the situation.

    Have a lovely balance of the week!

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    1. Here’s one for you: Back in the late 1980’s, a tornado hit Denver, actually 3 of them at one time. I worked in Southeast Denver at the time. My son and I lived east of there in a suburb. The day of the storm I looked out the office window to see one of the tornados just blocks away. I got in my car and drove home to my son. I knew the danger but I felt certain that I could beat the odds. Obviously, because I’m still here, I did beat the odds. 😛


  5. I feel so lucky that Boise has had an incredibly mild winter. February was out of this world with the majority of the days being in the upper fifties to low sixties. Even though I grew up in north Idaho, I’ve never been a snow person. My cousin who lives in TN has posted pictures here and there and it’s hard to believe parts of the South had a rougher winter than where I’m at.

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