Weekly Recap 3/28

Weekly Recap 3/28
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This week seemed like it last for three — at least. Yet, it wasn’t all that much different from the week before. One thing was certain. The weather is now saying, “It’s Spring, people!” Although the high yesterday was only 46F, the rest of the week was temperatures in the 60sF. I have daffodils growing in the flowerbed on the side of the carport. I’m still waiting for the iris.

  • Hubby is healing from his surgery. He chopped up some the branches that fell during the ice storm we had a few weeks ago. The doctor still doesn’t want him at a job for another three weeks. We just keep on pinching pennies until they squeal.
  • The WIP is coming along but slowly. I’ve completed the first scene, written my summary for the second scene, and have started writing that one. I need to write a couple more character development sheets, which I’ll be working on later today and tomorrow if necessary. I was hoping that writing in long hand would work for me, but I’m finding it hard to make my hand keep up with what I’m thinking. Typing allows me to write what I think more easily. It would be even better if I could type with both hands but that would take an act of God. So, I’m back to using yWrite5. I wish it had a thesaurus. Maybe it does but not in the free version. Word count: 2017, Hours: 4 — Yes, I know, I need to get the number of hours up to between 10 and 12. That will automatically make the word count go up.
  • I’m still aloof from the norms of society. I feel a little guilty about enjoying all of this alone time. I even find myself listening more and talking less during conversations with Hubby and my mom. I think Hubby is liking this. I’m sure he considered this a break from my usual overactive chatter. My mom, on the other hand, has even expressed some concern, thinking something is wrong.

I’m determined to make this next week more productive. For several years now, I’ve been in the bad habit of waiting for someone else’s lead. If I’m going to march to a different drum, obviously there isn’t anyone to follow. I’m it, all of it. Still, I am hoping that I still have your moral support. If it’s possible for you, keep on pushing me forward. 🙂 ❤



21 Replies to “Weekly Recap 3/28”

  1. I’m glad you said that you hope to make next week “more” productive because this one sounded pretty good. I’m sorry. Im telling you that you’re ok. I’m not prodding you forward. Actually, I’m pretty sure you will take care of that.

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    1. As a writer, I have a sneaky feeling that we all need moral support. Today my spirits are high and my motivation is strong. Tomorrow it may be different. One thing’s for sure; I’m stubborn. 😉

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  2. I’m surprised how many writers start with handwritten drafts. Like you, typing is the only way that works for me. It keeps up with my thoughts and doesn’t annoy my arthritis!


  3. The temps are supposed to improve in London this week and our clocks change. Yipee, it won’t get dark until 8pm(ish)…lovely! By hand is okay for draft bullet points, but I would find it too tedious and my brain constructs sentences better if I type them. I think it’s best to go at your own pace, pushing too hard can take some of the pleasure away


    1. I didn’t realize that London was so far north that the daylight would last until 8pm at this time of year. Here the daylight is now lasting until a little after 7pm. I used to live more north but I can’t remember how long day light lasted there until summer. Then it was about 10pm before the twilight hit.

      I’m not pushing myself that hard, Cat. Once I get my butt in the seat and start, I’m fine. It’s getting my rear end to sit for the WIP that I have to struggle with.


      1. In Scotland, where I am from, it stays light until after 10pm in summer and light again by 3am. The further north you go in the UK, the lighter it is. We changed the clock last night and it is just almost dark outside at 7.50pm

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  4. A really good recap–and seriously not a bad week’s worth of effort, Glynis. My grandmother always used to say, “If you’re going to eat an elephant, do it one bite at a time.” Writing a book is an elephantine process. And chipping away at it every day will make this beautiful thing grow.
    I love the expression ‘pinching pennies until they squeal.’ That’s brilliant.
    I wish you a springy week full of lovely words, Glynis!

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    1. Shelley, elephantine? LOL 😀

      So far this week is going better with the WIP. I’m not sure if I’ll make it up to 12 hours though. The pinching-pennies line is something I’ve used since I was a teenager. I like it too. It lightens up the situation of being “poor”. 😉


    1. Thank you, Jill.

      BTW, having the senior discount is going to give you some freedom you probably haven’t had in a while. Those lunch dates with a friend at Ruby Tuesday’s will be so much more enjoyable without having to worry about the cost. 😛
      (I’m 60)

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    1. I know exactly what you’re talking about, Jeri. Although my marriage is good and solid, I’ve noticed that over the years, I’ve bent over backwards for Hubby. Sometimes I’ve wanted to. He’s deserved the extra care. But there has been times when I have done it just out of habit and have not liked myself because of it. What’s so ridiculous is that Hubby will love me even when I’m stubborn about wanting my way. Why, in the world, have I followed his lead all the time? I haven’t the foggiest idea. :/


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