Weekly Recap 4/4

Weekly Recap 4/4
Miya the Merciless

I’m getting a late start on this post again. I was under the weather yesterday. It wasn’t so bad that I was in bed or not on the computer, but my brain refused to consider a post entry. What is that ingredient that you find in most Asian food? I’m thinking that my digestive system has an awful time with it. This is upsetting because I love Asian food.

My list of this last week:

  • Hubby is recovering still. He’s doing more now — in particular, cleaning out the closet in the “computer room”. Yay! Except for a few odds and ends, he’s completed the task. Now I have a little more room. He still isn’t suppose to lift any more than 20lb. That restriction will be lifted later on this month.
  • My WIP is coming along. It’s almost at a snail’s pace though. Having a decent summary of the chapters and the scenes is making me focus more on the details of the story that I have had a tendency to skip over before. My Word Count Thus Far: 4639, Hours: 7 1/4. Still need to work harder on getting more done within a week’s time. (read the next bullet to see how I’ll do that 😉 )
  • It’s taken me almost 25 years to figure out that I don’t have to follow Hubby’s lead all the time. I have finally really listened to him when he tells me that he wants me to do what I love to do. He’ll adjust as needed to accommodate me. Why wasn’t I listening to him before? I was listening to social norms instead. After getting to know Jacqui Murray better and, therefore, finding out how she gets her writing done, some of those unwritten rules of society took a flying leap out of my life. Five of those seven hours I spent on my WIP was done on Thursday and Friday (despite the tummy problems). 😀
  • I didn’t get much housecleaning done this last week, and it shows. I have Miya’s black fur showing up all over the place.

What I want to get done this next week:

  • I’m hoping to get the word count of the WIP over 8,000, and at least 10 hours of time on it.
  • Clean out all the gunk in the raised garden we have in our backyard.
  • Get to The Book Cellar (used book store) with my small mountain of books that I’ve read and get some more.
  • Get the housework done.

Since I’ve turned 60 (very late last summer), I’ve been doing an attitude transformation. It started when I turned 50 but the changes were small. Now I’m getting into the colossal altering. Psychologically, it’s given me a new lease on life. I wonder how far I can go with this revamping of my attitude?



31 Replies to “Weekly Recap 4/4”

    1. Exactly! I’m impatient for a reason. I have only so much time in this world and then I leave. There are still a few things I want to get done before my send-off. 😛


  1. I see why I have an easier time of completing my writing than you: Housework doesn’t show up on my weekly schedule. My hubby understands, pitches in if it gets bad, and never complains. That saves hours every week.

    Thanks for the shoutout!

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    1. You are so welcome. You inspired me to get out from behind the wall social norms.

      I really don’t mind the housework all that much when I don’t have a lot of picking-up with it. It’s my way of a purposeful distraction when my brain needs a break. Unfortunately, poor Hubby just can’t seems to get the hang of picking up after himself.


  2. Good luck with the writing. Sounds like you’re making progress, it must be encouraging. What do you find in Asian food – depends where you eat Asian food, I suppose. I know a lot of Asian restaurants here in Melbourne put salty MSG in their dishes and that really isn’t good for you.

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    1. ❤ Mabel, thank you. I was hoping you'd be reading this post because I knew you'd know the name of the ingredient. MSG — that's the one. I can't drink commercial wine also. Homemade wine doesn't bother my system though. With the wine, I think it's the preservatives they use.

      Yes, when I read through what I've written so far, I am encouraged.


      1. A very popular kind or brand of MSG in Asia is Ajinomoto. It’s a white powder, and somehow that makes food tastier. I generally think my food tastes better without it. And I’m not a fan of Chinese cooking wine in my meals either. We certainly have same tastes in food.

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        1. My family is pretty much international. I think this is one of the reasons I like such a variety of food. The only part of the world that isn’t represented in my family is the Middle East. Maybe the next generation will change that. 😉

          I think I’m going to have to get together with my sister-in-law (Chinese-Indonesian), and get some of her recipes from her homeland. That way I can avoid the MSG.

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  3. I turn 56 this coming week. It was a yikes moment when I thought about approaching 60. I have a fear that I won’t accomplish all I have planned before I die. Then I realized that worrying about it wasn’t getting anything done. Keep working Glynis. Who knows—you may still have another 50 years left in you. 😀


    1. 50 years? Only if I’m not in a nursing home. Uck! My mom is 90 now. She doesn’t do a whole lot but she’s up the doing what she feels like getting accomplished. I figure I have about 25 years because of the stroke. 😉


  4. Maybe you’re being too harsh on yourself? Perhaps each minor accomplishment is a worthy celebration. You made progress–even if it was miniscule. It’s there, and it counts!
    Sorry you were under the weather. Maybe a little downtime can generate some renewed energy and creativity.
    Lot’s planned for this week–and maybe some sunshine will be a big boost to the brain.
    Cheers, Glynis!


    1. I probably won’t be able to get to the gardening until Thursday because rain is suppose to be here until mid-day Wednesday. That’s okay though because maybe the rain will tell me to clean my house. 😉


  5. I absolutely must have a somewhat clean house and there are chores that at some point must be done. I feel guilty when I write at times. So, I’ve merged the two. I do okay at writing in bursts of 20 mins to 60 mins. Then I take a short break. I have a list of domestic chores at my side to tick off during my breaks. Having a new 10 yr old, I get interrupted anyway, so if I schedule my emerging from the writing cave, it helps tone those down as well.

    Anyway, it is what I’m doing right now. It works. It isn’t perfect.

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    1. I’ve been having digestive problems for a while. I’ve also been a patron of a Oriental restaurant here in town, making it a weekly habit to go to their buffet. With Hubby was still wasn’t able to eat much variety of food, we weren’t going out at all. My symptoms disappeared. Last Friday was the first time in about 6 weeks we had been at the restaurant. That afternoon the symptoms were back. The recovery for my tummy will take about 3 days to a week.

      As for my progress with the WIP, I just have to figure out a way to ignore Hubby’s presence in the room. 😛


        1. I suspect that it’s MSG (Mabel figured this out for me. Her comment is fourth down from yours here.). Now I’m sad because I love the food at that eatery and yet I shouldn’t even think about going into the place anymore. 😦


            1. I’m not completely sure that it’s the MSG. Nevertheless, the fact that I wasn’t having digestive issues while Hubby couldn’t eat so many food, thus we didn’t go out; and now that I’ve been back to the Chinese restaurant, and now have the problems again makes me think that I might have developed an allergy with MSG. One of those “fun” things about getting older. :/


  6. I have digestive issues and find that almost anything with artificial colours and preservatives are sure to trigger it off. My dog has inflammatory bowel and he also responds the same to preservatives. Mind you, it suits him because now he gets everything freshly made!
    It sounds to me like you’re making progress on the WIP. I think some weeks can be slow while others feel more productive. That’s a busy ‘to-do’ week….groan….housework…spring is in the air today and lots of dust is showing and dirty windows and….

    Have a good week, Glynis


    1. Anymore, it seems as those most people are having digestive problems. My brother and his wife have gone strictly organic. That would a little too harsh on the pocket book for me.

      There’s gushes of rain coming out of the sky right now so even the possibility of getting to the bookstore is on hold. Today will be the day the thoroughly clean the bathroom, kitchen, and the refrigerator. None of these take all that long and will be what I do when I need a break from writing.

      You have a good week too, Cat.

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  7. I like that you list your aims/goals. I’ve started journaling and had listed my goals for this week. I have found, as a result, that I’ve accomplished some of them (have written one complete flash fiction for a new blog series I hope to launch in the next week or so), have started writing several new short stories – and am about to start a book review.

    I can identify with your thoughts about revamping, too. I am hoping the journaling will enable me to put into some sort of concrete form what I wish to accomplish, and then figure out ways to do so. Figuring among them is the daily commitment to fitness, trying to squeeze in the workouts between a full time job each day and a few hours writing before bedtime.

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    1. I should find time for exercise too. Boy, do I need it! This weekly ritual of letting the “world” know what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve slacked on is pushing me to do what I know I’m capable of. And, strangely, I feel more connected with the followers of my blog who reach out in this comment section because of this ongoing routine I’m developing. 😀

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