Weekly Recap 4/18

Weekly Recap 4/18
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I didn’t sleep well last night. It took me until after 3:30am to hit La La Land. I was having troubles getting my eyes to focus this morning. Do many writers have sleeping problems?

My Recap

  • Hubby will be back to work on 4/28. At least that’s the way it looks so far. He’s still taking it easy until then. I don’t know how he stands it. I’d be pushing the envelope if it was me. But then, I’m anything but easy-going.
  • The WIP is showing promise now. Just one more chapter and I’ll be in the middle section of the story. Word Count: 8020, Hours: 6.3. I didn’t work quite as hard or as long this last week. I did make my mark on words but sorely lacked in time. I wonder if the writing is as good. I am, however, starting to get the hang of working on my WIP with Hubby in the room. He’s beginning to realize that when I have the Live Writer or the yWriter out on my desktop, it’s a good idea to remain quiet. It’s still a hit-and-miss sometimes, but I’m learning that Hubby does want to cooperate. He just needs a little help with it.
  • We went window shopping for a generator. Why? So there isn’t a repeat of what happened during the ice storm last month. Besides, this is something we should have considered when we first moved here from Michigan.
  • I’m getting better with the housework. I still need to improve my efficiency though. Once Hubby is working, I’ll probably be doing much better at this (8 hours of quite).

I need to incorporate some mild physical exercise now. I have a stationary bicycle, and I can always do mat exercises. I wish I could walk a couple of miles each day but my mobility issues just aren’t going to let me. Such is life. Hopefully I’ll be getting this into my daily routine soon.

Next Week’s Plan

  • I’ll be shooting for 10,000 words and 8 hours for my WIP. Now that I’ll be getting into some of the juicy parts of the story, it may go easier. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.
  • I want so badly to get the carport straightened out and cleaned. I didn’t get to it last week and it’s tormenting me. The warmer weather is here and I have no place to sit outside. I must rectify this.
  • I have yet to start a personal journal. This makes me wonder what is lurking in this brain of mine that I want to hide. When I can be alone to write in it is a little sticky but I think I’ve figured that out. I just need to get past the hesitation.

If you have any suggestions for how I can improve my productivity, please write volumes below.


24 Replies to “Weekly Recap 4/18”

  1. Good for you, Glynis! You’re making great progress. ❤ ❤

    I'm back to my journal about a month ago. If I leave the file open while I'm working on something else, sometimes I'll add things I want to remember. It's a perfect place to stash things to remember along with my daily thoughts. Once in a while I'll highlight a particular line I want to stand out so I can find it quickly.

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    1. Most of the time when I’m writing, it’s actually typing at the keyboard of the PC. I use OneNote for things I want to remember and even have things organized into categories in the program. Although I have pens, pencils, and little spirals at my PC desk, I rarely use them, and opt for just the Microsoft Notepad if I don’t use OneNote. I guess this means I’ve been suckered in by technology. o_O


        1. I did have a private blog here I was using but I knew that it wasn’t completely private. The staff of WP could get into it at any time. I recently found a diary app for Windows 8.1 (which I have right now). It does feel a little more private than the WP blog. :/


          1. I had no idea about the app. I just opened a Word doc, gave it a header: My Journal 2015 on the left and my name in the right corner. Added a footer for page numbers and I’m done.
            I just Googled Word Journal templates as well. They have lovely pages you can print and hand write on as they are lined and have some nice watermarks. What’s your page like?


            1. The page is just ordinary but is translucent to the background behind it that’s just a long shot picture of a large beach. There’s a place for a header and the entry is automatically stamped at the bottom with the date and time.

              I’d be tempted to use the Word templates for stationery because of the lines. My mom loves to receive letters in the mail. She isn’t going to be around forever so why not treat her a little? 🙂

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  2. You’re making great progress, Glynis!
    I don’t have trouble falling asleep, but once I wake up…usually around 2:00 am or so, I have a hard time going back to sleep.
    I journal, but at the beginning of the year, I started a happiness journal. Since January 1st, I’ve been able to record at least one thing each day, that I’m happy about.


    1. I guess I’m stranger than most because I naturally look for the things good in a day. I seem to be the same as everyone else otherwise though. I can complain with the best. With all this said however, when I was growing up, my mom made sure that my brother and I knew that there weren’t any “bad” days, just “bad” moments.


    1. What do you mean by ‘affordable’? Is there such a thing? Hubby and I have been handed luck. My mom want to buy the generator for us. So far, we’ve only looked at Lowe’s. The one we’d need costs $700. However, Hubby gets a military discount there. Also, we’re going to see what the price is at the tractor stores around here too.


  3. I don’t do that well at journaling either. I know that I usually sort things out when writing that I didn’t even know needed sorting. Not that I spend my spare time doing exercises either! Hope your life gets a lot more “productive” soon.


    1. I was so surprised when I saw that you had left a comment on my blog. It’s been ages since we’ve been in touch. Is it getting warmer up north yet?

      I let myself get lazy for too long. I originally thought I’d have a job. As you’re quite aware, it’s more than difficult to find a job when disability gets into it. Until just this last February, I was blogging and doing housework. Now I’ve entered the world of writing seriously. It’s tough but I love it. 😛


  4. When I am half way through writing something and plan to finish it the next day, I can have problems sleeping. Now, I discipline myself to turn off the PC at 9pm, no matter what I’m doing. Occasionally that will spill over to 10pm. I watch a little mindless telly for an hour and read in bed. This regime seems to help.

    I think you’re making excellent progress, Glynis. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with blogging, writing and housekeeping stuff. I can get a little pernickety with spelling and grammatical errors, but I suppose the most important thing at this stage is to get it down on paper. You can always go back and rewrite parts if necessary. What is live writer?

    Sounds like hubby is learning to recognise your quiet times. It must be difficult to appreciate if you’re not a writer… roll on 28th 🙂

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    1. I don’t do very much with my blog during the workweek. That’s more of my WIP time. I try to get the Wednesday post done by Sunday night. The recap is off the cuff.

      Pernickety! A great word. I am too. Because I use the PC for writing, checking spelling isn’t a problem. As for grammar, I was an ‘A’ student in English. This doesn’t mean my grammar is excellent, or even just good. However, it is adequate. And as you stated, anything I miss I’ll correct later. 😛

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  5. Sleep and writer are usually two words that don’t harmonize well together in one sentence. Our minds refuse to shut down. Plot lines twist and braid themselves together, characters form and chat and argue. It’s an endless labor of love, but it does little to contribute to good solid brain function the next day.
    And as far as churning out a lot and consistently? The only answer I’m aware of is ‘every day butt in chair.’ 1000 words a day becomes a breeze after you’ve done it 100 days in a row.
    Keep chugging, Glynis.
    And do get out to smell the roses. Spring might be quite inspirational.


    1. It’ll be nice when I can get in 1000 words each day. I’ll do the minimum of 400 for a while and then start increasing. As for the roses — we have some lining the edge of our deck. Just have to wait for them to start blooming.


  6. I have trouble sleeping many nights, Glynis. I think it’s a nationwide epidemic.
    I see lots of progress in your recap. Best wishes with the exercise. Take your time with the chores, they won’t ever go away.


    1. You may be right about the sleeping problem. I hear so many say they aren’t sleep well these days.

      I know if I don’t get the chores done, they’ll still be there for me to do later. 😉 Still, some pile up, and there’s the problem of me trying to work in a mess — I don’t do that very well. :/


    1. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s wearing thin. Hubby’s the type who hangs back a little, where I’m the type who’s like the bull in the china shop. I don’t understand why he isn’t pressing for the background check to be over with. I’d be asking about it every 2 days.

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