Weekly Recap – 4/25

Image provided by Muséum de Toulouse @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/museumdetoulouse/
Image provided by
Muséum de Toulouse @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/museumdetoulouse/

The northern hemisphere is about to embark on the warmer days of the year. Although I’m glad to get rid of the glum cloud filled days of winter that seem to always linger on into the Spring, I’m not so sure I want those hot days that last until the middle of September or later.

My Weekly Recap

  • Yesterday Hubby went through the formality of going for an interview with the organization he’d prefer to work for. That is if they can keep him at the pay he had when he left there over a year ago. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll work for the other company doing the same thing because the physical exertion won’t be as much.
  • I’ve started doing “chair exercises”. Until my right knee gets limbered up, I’m staying off the floor for mat exercises because I may not be able to get back up without hurting myself.
  • I’ve started keeping a personal journal. I’m having trouble remembering to write in it every day. I am getting some writing down every other day though. Not a bad start.
  • My WIP is still moving along. I’m in the middle section now. In previous attempts, this is where I’ve fallen apart. All of a sudden, I haven’t known how to get to the end. This time is different. Despite the fact that I’m a pantser, I have mental plans for where this story is going and how it’s going to get there. Big improvement? I think so. Word Count: 10130, Hours: 11.3. Ta-da! I made my mark this time. 😀
  • Housework only got a lick and promise this last week. Once Hubby starts working again, I know the chores will be so much easier to get done. I did get the carport straightened up but it isn’t clean yet.

Next Week’s Plans

  • Get to the cleaning of the carport. It can’t be that difficult. I’m hoping that Hubby is working at least part of this next week so I can actually get the housecleaning done.
  • Keep up the exercise. Maybe try 15 minutes on the stationary bike Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • My target for my WIP this next week is 13,000 words and am not changing the number of hours.
  • Continue writing in the personal journal and lengthen the entries.

I’m bothered be about how inefficient I still am. I used to have a super clean house all the time and still had time for other things. Sure, I’m older now, but I’m not ancient yet. I should be able to do more that what I’m achieving so far. I’m sure some will say, “Don’t push so hard.” I do better — much better when I do push hard, plus I like myself better when I get things completed. The only way to do that is work at it.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – 4/25

    1. Glynis Jolly

      😀 I grew up with two of the house-leaning-perfectionists. Both of my parents were neat freaks. The garage was so well organized that my brother and I could find things when we were just 5 years old. We had our own private ACE Hardware Store. The kitchen floor was re-waxed every Friday on hands and knees. With Hubby being the way he is, I can’t expect a house like I grew up in but it can be cleaner than what it is. I just have to get my butt in gear.


  1. It can be hard work keeping on top of the chores with a disability and pacing ourselves is always best. I’m sure you’ll get back into a routine when hubby return to work

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    1. Glynis Jolly

      Yes, the 8 hours of silence is what I’m looking forward to. Don’t get me wrong. I love Hubby. Nevertheless, I’m more of a solitary person so having him away for a few hours is always welcomed. Also, having money coming in and not just going out is going to improve things a lot too. 😛

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    1. Glynis Jolly

      I know that I have to resign myself to the notion of having a home that it just liveable instead of clean the way I want it. Nonetheless, it’ll be a lot easier on me once Hubby is back at work. (Not as much time to mess up what I’ve accomplished 😉 )


  2. Congrats on meeting the word count goal last week! Best wishes to your hubby with the job. I see that you’re quite busy, do take continue to take time for yourself. Don’t worry too much about the housework, it will get done bit by bit.

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    1. Glynis Jolly

      Yep, I’m a little proud of myself. It’s been a while since I’ve taken on a challenge of such personal meaning. In lots of ways, the time I spend on the WIP is the time for myself. I like myself when I’m working on it. O_o


  3. I’m not going to say don’t push so hard, but give yourself a break. Show yourself some compassion. I was gone for 10 days and came home to the clean house I left. Since getting back, you can see everywhere I have been because I leave a little pile of stuff in my wake. Keep writing….you can do this!

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