Weekly Recap 5/2

Weekly Recap 5/2
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The week went by at an average pace. There were hours that dragged and others that were so fast, I only got a glimpse of them. The minutes during my writing sessions are started to gain speed This is a good thing.

This Last Week

  • If you asked Hubby about working, he’d tell you that he’s just waiting for the background check to be completed so that he can start working with “the guys” again. I’m not so optimistic, but then, my nature is to be a pessimist. Not having money come in but still flowing out makes me incredibly nervous. Please cross your fingers and toes for us.
  • The WIP: Ta-Da! Again. I made my goal. Word count: 13,018, Hours: 11.25. I’m rethinking who should be the villain. If I do change this, I need to get busy and introduce him. I’ve mentioned him already and his relationship with some of the other characters but he isn’t on stage yet. I’m still undecided though.
  • The house is slightly (and I do really mean slightly) cleaner. I need more hours with Hubby out of the house to get it looking better I think.
  • Update on Outside Kitties
    copyright Glynis Jolly 2014

    Our darling outside kitty, Clarisse was pregnant and now has at least one kitten of her own. She hasn’t shown us yet and is keeping it/them next the shed in the neighbor’s backyard.

  • I didn’t get to the carport cleaning. I think this is one of those things that’s going to have to wait until Hubby’s working again.
  • I didn’t get on the stationary bike. I don’t have an excuse. It was just a series of brain farts and laziness.
  • I’ve been writing in my personal journal every other day. Although this schedule is working, because of my short-term memory loss issue, I know that I’m not writing in it as much as I’d like.

Next Week’s Plans

  • The hours of working on my WIP are okay for a short time. The 2000 words as a minimum per week is working for right now too. I still have to finish some character sketches and get a few more locations nailed on a map before upping my word count much. As a pantser, I do this other stuff as I write the story. It’s something like plotting because it keeps me from getting lost. Goal — Word count: 15,000, Hours: approx. 11-12
  • Keep up the housework and try to do a little better at it.
  • Stop being lazy and having brain blackouts so that I’ll get on that bike.
  • Continue to write in my journal.

I wanted to get your help with something —

I’m beginning to dislike the name of my blog. What’s strange is that I still like my tag line. Go figure. O_o   Can any of you help me figure out a new name for this space at WordPress that I occupy? If you can give me ideas, I’ll throw them together, rearrange them, and yes, discard a few. I’ll come up with something that will be more mine than yours. 😛

Yes, I know I’ll lose followers, but I figure if I do it in 2 stages I’ll be able to keep quite a few. Change the name on the blog first. After putting a note about the change in each post for a short time, I’ll then change the URL. What do you think?



28 Replies to “Weekly Recap 5/2”

    1. I haven’t written a thing for my WIP this weekend. BUT… I’ve written my post for Wednesday, which means I have the entire work week to work on the WIP except for editing the post before sticking it into the blog.

      I really do need some help with this name thing. I’ll bug you by email about it. 😛

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    1. That’s a good though, John. Do you think it might be a little long though? The reason I ask is that one of the reasons I want to change the title is because of the length it is now.


    1. I like the progress too, Susan. I’ve found that doing a summary sentence for the scene I’m about to work on helps. 😉

      Your progress? You just did a whole lot of that. What’s your next step now?


  1. Nice job on meeting your writing goal, Glynis! Like Let’s Cut the Crap, I’m not great at suggestions. I do like a title of “Writing and Whatnot.” I’m sure whatever you decide will be perfect.


  2. Glad to hear you’re getting back in the groove of writing. Usually it gets easier when it becomes a habit and you’re doing it regularly..I find that the more I press on with my writing, the more words I have to work with, and more ideas to bounce around too no matter how silly they sound.

    I always liked your blog the way it is. Interesting that you want to change the name of the blog – and it sounds exciting 🙂 I’m not too sure what you have in mind, but I’m looking forward to hearing about it 😀


  3. Nice progress, it feels good doesn’t it? The name change? I don’t know–go with your gut feeling. I changed my blog name to match my url. It’s what I originally started my blog with until someone called me momof3isnuts. Kind of weird…but I figured out how to add my name so that people refer to me as April.


  4. I’m rooting for your husbands return to work. I know what that feels like. Congrats on the WIP progress! That has to feel good. As for the house cleaning, even if you’d finished it this week it would be back next week. Annoying critter.

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  5. Nice progress! 13,000 words is no small feat, congratulations! Best of luck for your husband’s job – I can imagine that would be stressful. And congrats on becoming a cat grandparent 😉


    1. I’m just under 15,000 words right now. So far I’m enjoying the work I’m putting out on this project (knock on wood).

      I’m actually a great grandma for this mama cat. Her mama was gracing our deck often when she was pregnant with Clarisse. 😛


  6. I am not sure if the URL makes any difference and it might even be okay to launch both title and URL at the same time. I’m sure people will catch onto a new name, but I really like your layout and maybe changing both together might just be too much. As for the name… maybe something with “writing” in the title? The title could be “Perils with/of Writing” and the tagline “and whatnots”

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    1. I’m not changing my layout. I’ve looked at free themes until I’m blue in the face. I still prefer this one. In fact, I’ve looked at some of the premium themes too. I always end up back to the one I have. I’ve been looking at the thesaurus for a substitute for write/writer/writing. So far nothing had struck a chord with me. I do appreciate your feedback, Cat. The URL may not make a significant difference. What I might do is leave the URL alone for at least 6 months and then ask readers what they thing again. Just have to come up with that one and only title.

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