Weekly Recap 5/8

I have to say that I’m astonished at how well this Saturday recount of my week is going. Who would have thought telling all of you, my readers, would have such a profound effect on how I gauge my time each day. Your comments are always supportive. You nudge me into continuing, give me suggestion and advice, and let me know that my efforts mean something. Thank you. I don’t think I could be doing this with such enthusiasm without you. Just wanted you to know that your contributions are not going unnoticed. 😀

Weekly Recap 5/9

This Last Week

  • WIP: I’m having to work harder to concentrate on each scene as I write them now. My brain wants to jump all over the place sometimes. Still, when I am “in the zone”, the words are finally starting to flow. Slow like mud, but they’re still flowing, right? I expanded my character development page for my protagonist, and I did a decent one for the antagonist. Word count: 15,371, Hours: 10.8
  • I got all the regular housework done except for Hubby’s and my bedroom. There’s still oodles of Miya’s fur and dust bunnies everywhere in there.
  • Hubby is working! It isn’t full time yet though. He has to go through the training all over again before they’ll give him his old position back. Still, 6 hours of peace and quiet is so lovely.
  • The only thing left to do with that carport is to set out my lawn chair. Yes, it’s as clean as it’s going to be. Hubby uses half of it for making cat jungle-gyms so it’s not really going to be as clean as I want for a long time.
  • I did get on the stationary bike twice. Better than not at all.
  • The personal journal is coming along. I not dwelling so much on whatever is irritating me and am actually getting some free thought down.

Next Week’s Plans

  • WIP: I want to find some ways to deal with the scattering my poor brain is doing. I want to get three more character development sheets done. My word goal: 17,000
  • I must get on that bike three times this next week. It’s going to help me physically and mentally.
  • I want to up my efforts with the house cleaning just a couple of notches.
  • I’m hoping to continue forward with the personal journal.

I think I might have come up with a new title for my blog. Sometime during this next week, I’ll probably be changing the name in the settings. If possible, please help me get the word out once I’ve changed it.



25 Replies to “Weekly Recap 5/8”

    1. The weekends are still noisy. Hubby turns on the TV to whatever he’s interested in at the moment, gets up, comes into the “computer” room where I am working, picks a game to play with the music on, and sits there playing the game and talking non-stop to me. Why is the TV on? No one knows. O_o


  1. It’s a big deal–to change your blog name. Since you are a writer, I encourage you to get your name in there somewhere. I know–it feels awkward. Did for me too. But EVERYONE says to do that to promote your career.

    I have a bike in my spare bedroom I haven’t ridden in a decade, and my Fitbit says I walked 1100 steps today (a gift from my daughter for Mother’s Day). I’m pathetic.


    1. If (oops, should be when) I get a book published, I’ll be creating a two page site just for being an author. It will have a link to this blog. This blog is kind of like going to the coffee shop to hang out. 😀

      What I’d really like to do for exercise is ride a real bike and go swimming. No chance of either happening though with the limitations I have. 😦


  2. You go, Glynis. Getting things done and not procrastinating. I too get a bit excited when I have tons of ideas when I’m writing – I feel like writing about everything at once but just don’t have the time 🙂 It’s during these moments the words flow better, and I’m glad it is for you too. Have fun with those characters.

    Looking forward to seeing what new blog title you come up with 🙂

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    1. Yep, I have a rhythm again. I’ll have to change that the end of this week or sometime next week when Hubby goes back to his regular shift. Should I play the drama queen? I think not. It’s just an adjustment that will have to be made. 😛

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  3. While you do domestic chores and ride to nowhere on the bike, plan your next scene for writing. Know what you want to write. When writing time comes, set a timer for about 20 minutes and focus on that one single task. After the timer goes off, you can spend 10-20 minutes doing something else.

    I wear headphones when I write. It’s my “do not disturb” sign. I used to wear a hat, but the head phones work a lot better.

    Me, I write for about 20 minutes. Then get up and do a domestic chore for 10-20 minutes. Then come back and write. With the princess here, I don’t get much work out time, but when she is gone I’ll set work outs as a priority. No writing until gym time is done.

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    1. I was thinking about buying ‘ear buds’. I guess most people use them for sleeping. They aren’t as cumbersome as a headset. I usually write for 30 to 45 minutes, then take a break.

      Are things getting a little easier with your new daughter?


      1. Well the headset is more for him knowing I’m working. So he doesn’t try to talk to me.

        I’m sorry to say the adoption won’t be going through. It happens. I have her for 3 more weeks and she goes back. Bottom line is we live too far away from her biofather and she has this hope & dream he’ll spend time with her. After almost a year with her I’m packing up her stuff to move out. It’s just a difficult and stressful time.


    2. I’m so sorry that your dream is vanishing. The posts you’ve written about this have shown so much hope and care. I hope she’ll keep in contact with you.

      I have a stepdaughter. I raised her for about half of the time she was a minor. We didn’t get along too often then so when she asked to go see her mother, Hubby and I sent her there. Still, because Hubby is her father, the contact was still there. Now that she’s an adult with her own little boy, we get along just fine. I’m not her mom, of course, but she says that she thinks of me as her “older” friend. That’s okay by me. 😀


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