Weekly Recap 5/16

Weekly Recap 5/16
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The daylight hours are beginning to multiply along with warm temperatures. I don’t know how it is where you live, but since the invention of the personal computer, there are few kids seen enjoying the great outdoors here where I live. But something bizarre is happening this year. I’m seeing kids riding bikes, and I can hear them yelling into the wind and laughing. Has the pizzazz of the computer diminished?

This Last Week

  • Hubby was in training for his job all week. The six hours of peace and quiet each day were wonderful. The minute I would see him back out of the driveway, I’d be in the kitchen cleaning up the mess he left in his wake. Shower came after and I’d make the bed. Then it was off to the “computer room”.
  • My self-improvement routine was minimal. I wrote in my personal journal twice all week. My physical exercise consisted of cleaning up multiple hairball the three cats decided to contribute to the inside environment and riding the bike twice.
  • WIP: I didn’t get as far as I wanted to get or should have. I’m sorely disappointed in myself. I had the time to do more, and yet I squandered the time. And I can’t remember how that time was spent. Word count:17,309, Hour: 10
  • We have cable with Charter. The service with them has been decent. That is until this last Wednesday. I woke up, got my first mug of coffee, and proceeded to go online — no Internet. I picked up the phone to call them to get it straightened out. The phone was dead (our phone is also through Charter). I got out the cell phone, got a hold of Charter, and set up a field appointment for the next day. When the man arrived and evaluated our situation, he was fit to be tied. Whoever was the serviceman who rewired after the ice storm we had in February put the cable in upside down, which, in turn, caused the cable to develop a slice in it that filled with water. This last representative had to redo the entire thing all over again. Surprisingly, once he got started on the work, he did it all with a smile. Nice man. — And the lack of Internet shouldn’t have hindered my work on the WIP. On the contrary, it should have helped me get more done. You know, no distractions.

Next Week’s Plans

  • I’m acutely aware of the fact that a little more physical exercise will improve my work on the WIP. This next week is it. It is going to happen because Hubby starts his regular shift from 3pm to 12am on Monday. Yay! A routine for the entire household — finally. On Fridays, he’ll be working a four-hour shift in the morning so that he has his 40 hours in for the week. It’s slightly different from what it was before, but I think both of us are going to like it.
  • I’ll be pushing myself to do the personal journal. I want to get completely past the reminisces and get on with the here and now.
  • WIP: I’m planning to complete two more character sheets and get the word count up. Intended word count: at least 19,500.

I hope your next week is filled with accomplishments and happiness. 😀



19 Replies to “Weekly Recap 5/16”

    1. But I had all of that lovely time when I couldn’t get online to my email inbox and the blogs of friends, and I squandered it all away. How disgusting! I hate missing such perfect opportunities because of whims I can’t even remember.


  1. Making the bed is exercise in my book. You are sounding a little more upbeat, Glynis. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you will accomplish what you accomplish–even if it’s less than you want. Routines are nice, aren’t they?

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  2. If you have any sort of a physical exercise plan, DO NOT get a Fitbit. My daughter bought one for me for Mother’s Day and I’m disgusted with my lack of activity. Less than a mile a day! Of course, I’m at the computer a lot, but still, it’s a lot less than I thought.

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    1. I know that my physical exercise level is about a .25 is all. Like you, I’m sitting most of the time; not necessarily because I want to though. Being physically limited is a pain in the rear, pure and simple. I do need to do more to build up energy and I’m determined to do it.


    1. Yes, the quiet for 6 hours is glorious. And to think that starting on Monday, it’ll be nine hours for four days is going to be utter bliss. I love Hubby with all my heart, but his noise is just a lot to take on sometimes. :/


  3. I imagine some weeks will be more productive than others with the WIP. Phone and internet problems are infuriating. I have a problem, but because the issue is with wiring indoors, I need to pay to have it repaired. The phone company will only take responsibility for outside, typical Brits

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    1. Believe me, Cat, it isn’t just the Brits. The only reason I didn’t have to pay for the repair this time is because one of their guys screwed up. They wouldn’t dare charge a customer for what they did wrong. Especially when it’s me because I’ll call every kind of media on them making them look like sh**. 😉

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  4. What a lovely thing to see and hear–kids outside! I remember when …
    I agree–way too much computer these days. For us all.
    But well done on the new game plan. Glad to hear you’ll have some quiet space to work within. Once you get into that routine of pounding out the words, it’ll be come as easy as pie.
    Here’s to more progress this next week, Glynis. Cheers!

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    1. It’s Monday here and my house is quiet. I’ve gotten the laundry washed, folded, and put away. In about a half-hour, I’ll be doing the “pickup” of Hubby’s wake. The next task after that is writing, writing, and more writing with breaks of more household chores. Are we having fun yet? O_o

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    1. We had been with Charter when we first buy this house a little over 6 years ago. We refuse to get anything but the basic pack because we have a zillion movies on disk. Back then, their basic pack wasn’t very interesting to us so we switch the Dish Satelite. We liked their package but every time there was a thunderstorm, no signal. In addition, the price kept going up without warning. And we had to go through a telephone company. We switched back to Charter when we discovered that their basic pack was better. Their cost is lower. We don’t have a contract. We don’t have to deal with a telephone company. We have free long distance calling. And everything works when the lightening and thunder are doing their thing. Their customer service over the phone and online are decent. I’ll put up with a flake or two in their field division. 🙂


    1. Just don’t do it before you have all of your ducks in a row for what is going on at your residence. Whether you’ve moved and have unpacking to do, or are rearranging your living quarters to suit your personal tastes better, these things will foul you up on any writing schedule you have in mind. The emotions are probably still in high gear. Let yourself settle down. ❤


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