Weekly Recap 5/23

Weekly Recap 5/23
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For the first time in months, my week didn’t drag. Chances are it’s all because I have a schedule to keep up with, and by doing this weekly review, I’m feeling more obligated to myself. I still have plenty of time to lollygag, but even that is scheduled for certain times.

This Last Week

  • I was on the stationary bike three times. Yay! The first time my legs felt tired afterward, but after that I started feeling a little energized after the ride.
  • Hubby is back to his job. Except for the retesting in July to make sure he knows about the medications the guys take, he’s done with the retraining. Monday through Thursday he works a nine-hour shift. On Fridays he works four hours.
  • WIP: I have one more character to introduce in the story and she isn’t a major one. Although I’ve been writing the development sheets for all of the major characters, only one is adequate, none are really complete. I think I’ll work on that this weekend while Hubby is over at his mom’s. Word count: 20,042, Hours: 10.25 YAY!
  • This personal journal thing is a vexation. I know it shouldn’t be, and I certainly don’t want it to be. I have things bouncing around in my head that I really do want to leave somewhere else — like a personal journal. I wrote in it twice all week. Disgraceful! :/ With that said, however, I didn’t do as much complaining in it. Instead, I just discussed what was going on during my days.
  • I took a little time to sit outside and just watch the world go by. I’m going to be doing that most days now. It’s just a ten-minute break but being outside seems to really help my mood.

Next Week’s Plans

  • WIP: I was so close to 3000 words for this last week, I could almost taste it. This next week I intent to make that 3000 word mark. If I get the character sheet done (which I’m going to be pushing myself on), getting to this mark shouldn’t be much of a problem because I won’t have to stop and check information about the characters so often. You know, write it one, write it twice, third time it’s stuck in your head.
  • Hopefully there will be “me time” outside every evening.
  • Household chores will be done during the morning or late afternoon. (I will not miss my “down” time after the mid-day meal.)
  • I will continue to try to write in the journal. This is a mentally healthy activity.
  • I will continue to get on that stationary bike — maybe more often. 😛

Sometimes I wonder if life is too short for all of this routine stuff. Because I don’t have what many call a job, maybe I should be spending time smelling more of the roses. However, without a schedule for each day, I lose myself in laziness, depression, and self-loathing. Definitely not a good way to be.

What does this next week look like for you?



29 Replies to “Weekly Recap 5/23”

  1. I’m adding a 3rd walking excursion to my week, which will make me crazy because it will eat into my day but I’m going to do it anyway.

    I’m so behind in my journal, I don’t know if I want to catch up, but I will, even if partially. Some things I need to write down so I won’t forget.

    You have done well, Glynis. Bravo. Have a wonderful weekend and a satisfying week next week. 🙂

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    1. This journal thing is so unexpectedly difficult for me. And with my short-term memory loss being a constant, you would think I’d be jumping to do this so that I’d have record of what I forget. Am I hiding from myself?

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    1. My life is a bore. No doubt about it. Yet, within my days there may be things I could use in stories. But, as I told Tess, my main reason is I have short-term memory loss problems and a journal would help with that.


  2. Don’t beat yourself up about the journal. I missed two days last week due to time restrictions/sleeping in/running around getting ready for work etc.
    I think the fact that you’re blogging this each week gives you a type of goal/accountability scenario that has got to be a good thing. I’m proud of you Glynis! You’re really rocking life right now. ❤

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  3. Nice one with the bike exercising. I’m not too good at disciplining myself, but the dog forces me to get that outdoors time, very important. I write those thoughts down in a notebook as they happen, I wouldn’t remember them a day or two later! Have a good week, Glynis. This is bank holiday weekend in the UK, so this coming week will be a short one

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    1. Ironic. Today (Monday) is a holiday here in the US. It’s Memorial Day. It’s a day for remember the people who serviced our country in the armed forces. All movies on the TV will be about some war the US had been in. Some will go visit the gravesides of loved ones. And there will be picnics wherever there is sunshine.

      What type of dog do you have?


      1. I have a Jack Russell called Jack! He’s 8 this year. I know you’re a cat person. I lost my two elderly cats last year within 3 months of each other. I watched them being born in my hall cupboard and they were very special. How many cats do you have?

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        1. I have 3 ‘indoor’ cats and 3+ ‘outdoor’ cats. The ones outside are really strays who know they’ll be fed and have some sort of shelter at my house. Two of the ‘indoor’ cats were the kittens of a stray (different ones). Taken in because of the mama either got sick or neglecting the baby.


          1. That was similar to my two. The mother was a sick stray and gave birth to only two kitties. She rejected the runt so I hand fed it and kept her and the brother for almost 16yrs. As soon as the tom cat was on solids, mother cat stopped feeding immediately and moved into my neighbours. She was quite old, anyway. They’re like our little babies!!

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  4. You go, Glynis. Hit that 3,000 word mark. You’ve already gotten into a good rhythm so I’m sure it’s possible. Me time is very important. I like being outside alone quite a lot. Like you, I like to watch the world go by and forget about everything in my life, a wonderful way to de-stress…and maybe find some inspiration 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mabel. 😀

      When I sit outside for just a short while, I feel the junk leaving my brain. The stress literally goes away. It may not last too long depending on what else is going on but I’m sure it’s not as bad as it was when I walked out the door.

      For reasons beyond my understanding, I can’t imagine you not being inspired. You don’t seem the type to stay bored for very long.


      1. The great outdoors can be so soothing especially if we feel like the only one walking through it.

        You’re right about the bored part. I always have something that I want to do. However, feeling inspired, that doesn’t happen to me all the time. Quite often I feel restless because I feel there are better ideas out there.

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  5. I really like the bit about the “me time” outside each evening. That’s a pretty crucial activity for me. The hound and I take our evening constitutional about 6 pm each day – rain or shine, snow or ice. We make the effort and the effort gives us a fabulous reward in a bazillion ways.
    I hope you’ll find that too, Glynis.
    And hurray on the word count. Keep chuggin’!

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    1. Thank you for the support. 😀

      I like getting outside to release the junk in my head. I wish I could walk a mile or two. That would be wonderful.

      BTW, like your new icon. 😀


  6. Glynis, “me time” is an excellent plan so keep on doing it. I like it that you have a schedule and these weekly reflections. I feel you’ve had a good week. Keep it up! Right now, I’m on my “me time”. I Just colored my roots (hair) and reading blogs during the processing. Sometimes I go to the salon. Today is a DIY day:)
    Have a great balance of the week.


  7. I don’t like writing my deepest thoughts that I wouldn’t share with others. I share enough on here, and if I have something to bitch about, I don’t want someone in my family reading about it after I’m gone.

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    1. When I’m gone, chances of me caring about what people thought of me when I was around probably isn’t going to be an issue. My only problem with this journal thing is trying to remember to write in it. I get caught up in writing posts, my WIP, and writing comments on blogs.

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  8. Having a daily routine is great! Keep at it. 🙂
    This week for me looks like tons of editing, and also catching up on reading and exercise. And I have a flower garden to keep alive through the summer heat.

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    1. I have a garden I need to take better care of. It really isn’t much of one and I have perennials in it. No annuals. So taking care of it is just going out and pulling a few weeds. Instead of sitting outside, I’d be better off pulling weeds. 😛

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