Weekly Recap 6/6

Weekly Recap 6/6
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Yes, I’m late, just like the white rabbit. I usually have this posted by nine o’clock. My only excuse is I slept in a bit. It’s a beautiful day today. The sun is shining; there’s light breeze; and Hubby is finally mowing the lawn. It won’t be a hay-field for a while.

Question: When is the right time to use ‘awhile’, and when should it be ‘a while’? I’m pretty sure I’m using both at the wrong time.

Last Week’s Capers

  • I’m actually enjoying housework sometimes. It’s a welcomes distraction from trying to come up with the right words to use in sentences while doing my WIP. I’m even washing windowsills.
  • The personal journal is being forgotten more days than being remembered. Maybe I should trying doing a weekly recap of personal emotions, dreams, and frights instead. Uhmm… a thought.
  • WIP: In a nutshell, I’m pulling teeth right now. I didn’t get in 3000 words, 2310. Not quite pitiful but sad. I do have a pretty good excuse though. I was lent the EBook, 2,000 to 10,000. I had seen it at Amazon but had thought it was a book full of hype. A fellow blogger, a writer decided, out of the blue, to lend me her copy. It turns out lending is possible for a 14 day period. (Don’t ask me how it works because I don’t have a clue.) I’m not done reading it yet, but I can tell you that it’s inspiring and motivating. I’m going to have to read it a second time too to make sure it sinks in. (I’m not revealing the person who lent me this book because I don’t want people bombarding her with requests for it. She did it for me because she knows how tight my budget is. You can find the book at Amazon.) Word count: 26,494
  • I did my four days on the bike. Still no weight loss but it feels good when I’m done.

Next Week’s Plan

  • Finish the book and read it again. SUPER IMPORTANT!
  • WIP: Start writing this book in a whole new and better way.
  • Try the once-per-week idea with the journal.
  • Hubby didn’t take me on that drive I told you I wanted last week. Time to start begging, I guess.

I’m really excited about writing in this new way. It is more of the plotter method but I want to try it out. I’m not happy with 2000 to 3000 words per week. I don’t think I have a chance at 10,000 like the author of this book is doing, but 7,000 per week may be reachable. :/

Most people never run far  enough on their first wind to find out
they’ve got a second.  Give your dreams all  you’ve got and
you’ll  be amazed at the energy that comes  out of you.
– William James



18 Replies to “Weekly Recap 6/6”

    1. Tess, I’m not being hard on myself at all. Writing is the one love, dream, desire, whatever that I’ve had that I can still do physically, well one-handedly anyway. I’ve wanted to be an established writer since I was in junior high school (now called middle school). It is a passion with me. It isn’t a chore despite the times I feel as if I’m never going to get it right.

      The author of the book is Racheal Aaron. Just click on the link to Amazon above in my post. It’ll take you right to the page.


  1. I think 2,300 plus words is quite an achievement. Don’t be too hard on yourself. At the end of the day, it’s about how far you’ve come that’s more important, as opposed to how fast you did it 🙂 You have to get your husband to take you out – summer’s here for you and it’s time to make the most of the weather and go out and about. Who knows, it may inspire you to write too 🙂

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  2. Try not to be so hard about the WIP word count. I write a weekly therapy journal. I couldn’t commit to anything more. I think you need to have Amazon prime before you can loan books, although not quite sure

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    1. Don’t worry, Cat. I’m not upset by the reduced number of words. Reading this book is motivational for me and I’m learning from it. This isn’t wasted time.

      You may be right about the Amazon Prime. I don’t have the extras there so it didn’t dawn on me.

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  3. Glynis, even one word is closer than you were a word ago. You are making progress, and that’s what counts. Kudos for the exercise, you are inspiring me—along with the *kick in the butt* I got from my doctor.

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  4. Hurrah! You’re on your bike and feeling good about it. Losing the weight will happen. Keep going with the writing…you’ll reach your destination one sentence, one paragraph, one page at a time. Have a fabulous week.


  5. Firstly, I love the photo at the top of your post. It’s dreamy and inviting.
    Secondly, isn’t spring glorious? Those days of absolute perfection when the whole outside world begs you to put down what you’re doing and head outside to live for a few minutes. I usually heed those calls because, without them, I’d have absolutely nothing to write about.
    Lastly, well done on all the reading and writing (and sparkling windowsills). I find that if I’m stuck with writing, I get up and do a sorting or cleaning task. Fold some laundry, tidy my desk (that lasts about as long as a sneeze) or clean some windows. It’s amazing how by just allowing my body to degunk something else, my brain solves a riddle, fixes a plot hole or develops some character depth and motivation. I think you may be on to something.
    Cheers, Glynis!

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    1. Glad you like the picture. Spring here has seemed to fade away into summer with temperatures reaching into the high 80s. Still, I do get outside but in the late evening and spend time with one of our ‘outside’ cats, Jake. Although I already know the story I’m writing, doing the preliminary work is forcing me to be more specific, which I think is going to help a lot. I’ve finished my plotting worksheet and one character profile. Still need to do the other main characters and do worksheets/outlines for the scenes, at least a few of them. 😉


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