Weekly Recap 7/18

I would have had this posted yesterday, but by the time Hubby and I got home of Murphysboro, I had a severe case of motion sickness. At least that’s the way I was feeling. I’m not all that sure though because I’ve been the Murphysboro numerous times, and whether we go the regular way or the back way, I’ve been fine in the past. Whatever my problem was, it wiped me out for pretty much the rest of the day.

Weekly Recap 7/18
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Jonathan Percy
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The After Now

I usually speak to my mom twice a week. It used to be just once, but this last February she got a bug that landed her in the hospital and could have killed her. True, she is 89 and on her way to being 90. Almost any bug could be life-threatening at this point. She’s slowly getting her strength back, but it’s left her more alone because of not being able to get out whenever she wants. I call her to combat the loneliness.

She’s all ready to go if it’s her time though. In fact, she believes she’s gotten to that last bridge and she’s beginning to wonder what’s taking so long to cross over. The afterlife comes up in our conversations about every three weeks. Hubby, my brother, my stepbrother, and my stepsister have a ghastly time trying to understand how the two of us can talk so calmly about something to disturbing.

My mom is a devote Christian. She’s proclaimed, several times, she know exactly where she’s going when she leaves this life. I, on the other hand, am agnostic. Yet, I look forward to the adventure of the “hereafter”, instead of fearing the unknown. This could be due to having been close to death three times. I’m rather curious to see what’s there. Together, we talk about what is likely to be there and what we can’t fathom being there. We discuss our different theories about what is there.  She gets on my case about not being a religious believer. of course, but she also doesn’t worry about me going to hell either.

I wonder what it is that makes some people so terrified by the thought of leaving this life. If they fear hell, that means they have a religious belief of some sort, which, in turn, means there’s a way to avoid such an awful fate at they disposal. If there is nothing after this life, it just means the body is laying in the ground or has been cremated. There isn’t any pain. Nothing is being felt. Did I hear someone whisper that isn’t the fear of the unknown? I don’t really understand that reason. After all, none of us knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, let alone after we die. Yet, we don’t fear tomorrow.

What do you think? Or are you apprehensive about discussing this subject?

This Last Weeks Capers

  • Exercise: I got three sessions on the bike. Hold on though — I also walked most of Walmart when the store was almost empty of other bodies (We have a 24 hour store), and I walked some of the VA Hospital in Murphysboro yesterday morning while Hubby was in to see the Doc.
  • Reading: Still reading Black Cross and the sci-fi 2nd series. If you remember from last week, I’d acquired a lent EBook from Winter Bayne. I’ve been reading this also. It’s a short book so I should have it done by sometime tomorrow.
  • Emotional Health: I’m still not getting outside as much as I think I probably need. When doing something other than writing, I feel I’m just going through the motions but not really participating. Question: Does anyone else find that their mood is down in the dumps except when writing?
  • WiP: Welp, I didn’t get in 1500+ per day. I was able to do it three out of the five days though. My word count for the week is 6746. My word count thus far for the book is 51,623. I’m to the end of the first third of the steep climb to the climax. Uncharted territory to the max!

Next Week’s Antics

  • Exercise: I’d do my bike riding, hoping it’s four times. I’m going to try to con Hubby into taking me to Wal-Mart during the wee hours of the morning again.
  • Reading: I need to finish the sci-fi story so I can give my friend the feedback she’s waiting for. Of course, I’ll keep reading Black Cross at leisure.
  • Emotional Health: I’m kind of at a loss with this. I think about calling the Doc, but I’d like to try to figure this out on my own. Maybe I need to adjust my lifestyle a smidgen. Maybe cut out a little more coffee and up my protein?
  • WiP: I want to get to that two-thirds or three-fourths to the top mark where the story gets furious with excitement. I’m not going to rush it though. I want to be thorough with the line of the story so that the rewrite isn’t so mind-boggling. I’ve changed my writing times slightly. I thought I had it all figured out, but I was wrong — again. I’m trying to use my most productive times during the day for my WiP. I’ve set the first time two hours earlier. The second stretch is now set one hour earlier. Do all writers have this trouble or am I flaky?

Do you have something stupendous planned for this next week? I can’t say I do but I wish I did.

When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing. ~Enrique Jardiel Poncela



29 Replies to “Weekly Recap 7/18”

  1. Sorry about the motion sickness or motion-sickness-like feeling. That’s awful. As for the afterlife, I’m good either way. I think I’ve been a good enough religious sort to keep me from the gates of Hell. If not, I guess I wouldn’t fit in up there. In any case, I seem to be improving so, maybe…

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    1. I want to think that our attitude to the hereafter is due to our age, more life experiences to draw from. That’s what I want, but I know so many who are older than we are who are scared out of the wits about the subject of death and the great beyond. Is it that we’re realists?

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      1. It might depend on what brand of Sunday School we went to. The main message in ours was God forgives you unless you’re a jackass (I might be paraphrasing). I don’t know anyone from that church that was ever worried.

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  2. Ack, why is there no “Undo” “uncomment” “unpost” button. OK, at least it’s not because I said something stupid. I meant to add that walking is really good for you so if you’re walking, I wouldn’t feel bad about missing a day on the bike,

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    1. If I was willing to pay for it, I could have the feature of having something like five minutes to delete or adjust a comment. But I’m a tightwad, a true Scrooge. 😛

      The only thing bad about walking for me is that I have that chronic inflammation thing going on with the sole of my feet. It doesn’t take long for my feet to feel as if they’re on fire (not a Diabetic thing, Thank God). Just one of those things about getting older. O_o

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  3. I’m not apprehensive at all about discussing death, though–I agree–most people look at me cross-eyed if I bring it up. Which I don’t. Except with my husband. I think when I gave up the hope that my RA and migraines would ever go away, when I accepted that every day included pain or the prospect of it, I came to terms with the idea that death would end all that. I want to stay until my children and husband need no more help. Then, I’m off! I’m pretty sure I’ll turn into random energy with no consciousness–otherwise, I know my mom would have dropped in to say hi after she died.

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    1. I love your perspective on the hereafter, Jacqui. It’s so simple and non-abrasive. I have a little RA but nothing major. I do get cluster headaches, which, according to the definition, is very similar to the migraines feel. They aren’t quite as bad though. Sound and/or light doesn’t effect the intensity with a cluster headache. However, both are awful and disgusting. 😦


    1. Mothers are so entertaining. Some people wouldn’t find the humor in it, but if you’re relatively sure that nothing that terrible is around the bend, it’s worth a chuckle.

      BTW, I hope you’re enjoying your cooler months down there. 😀

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  4. I’ve got no issues talking about death – in fact, I’m in the middle of having to rewrite my will and make some family decisions so it’s rather up close and personal at the moment. I’ve never had any issues with it, but my mom seems to be growing more fearful every day. It makes me sad, as I’ve always seen her as a tower of incredible strength. I find myself playing the part of a therapist more often.

    And I think tinkering with your writing schedule is a great idea, Glynis. Each season is different, and simply by tuning in to what the rhythms of your body are saying means that you could be that much more creative and productive.

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    1. Sorry to hear your mom is getting scared of what will be eventually. Maybe she needs to visualize her particular hereafter. I have a visualization of mine.

      I’m willing to try almost anything to improve my quality of writing so tweaking times when I have my butt in the seat seems rather minor. 😉


  5. Going through the motions with writing. I feel that quite a lot too – that when I sit down I’m writing just for the sake I’m writing just because I’m a writer. Then again, I suppose repetition is what makes a habit and keeps us going. Sometimes I tell myself take a break, go out, and feel guilty for going out 😀

    Sorry to hear about your motion sickness. I get that too during long car and plane rides. I find that lying down for a bit helps.


    1. Did I say it wrong? Just reread, I don’t think I did. I’m full of life when I’m writing. The only things that stop me cold are bathroom breaks, food breaks (don’t eat at my PC), and eyes so burnt out I can’t see straight. I become a robot when doing other things. Housecleaning is a biggy, of course. Trying to decide what to have for dinner. Sometimes I’m a robot talking on the phone. Yes, that’s bad.

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    1. Now that I think about it, Jill, I don’t dread losing the ones I love. Sure, I miss them terribly, but, I do think they’re just fine where they are. With that said though, I don’t want anyone suffering while they go through the transformation.

      Thanks for the ‘high five’. 😀

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  6. I’m going to skip the serious questions (mostly: no fear of dying, at least in the abstract; I’m not religious, so it’s a question of losing life, not facing retribution) and cut to the lighter stuff. Motion sickness is truly strange. I’ve been through spells when it was bad enough that I got carsick even when I was driving and spells when it hardly bothers me. I can’t account for the difference. But I did get some magic pills from the doctor that settled it down. I take them as little as possible, but if it starts happening again, at least I know I can stop it, because once it starts it seems to build.

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    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll talk to my doctor about it. The Dramamine works if taken before you feel sick but it would be nice to have a pill that works if you forget the other one. 😉


      1. This is procholorperazine. (I had to go get the box to find that out.) Dramamine tends to make people sleepy, if I remember right. This doesn’t seem to have any side effects, although I’m still very sparing with it.

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          1. My partner and I went on a whale-watching cruise once, and since it was rough they passed out dramamine. It took a while for the tiredness to hit, but by the time we were headed back in it looked like there’d been a mass shooting–people slumped all over the boat, asleep.

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  7. You know what I’ve found fascinating? Talking with people who’ve had near-death experiences (I’ve met a couple who were open to sharing). Those have been some intense and overwhelming feelings!

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    1. Although I didn’t say in my post, I am one of those who has had the near-death experience. It happened when I had the stroke back in 1972. Actually, I should say it was a near to near-death experience. It was just the journey through the corridor to the light.


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