Solutions, 10, The Edge

Solution, 10, The Edge
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It’s been scarcely over a week since I’ve had a post published on this blog. The lack of contact through WP has all been so that I can make some decisions that may or may not make any difference in my life. I’m not one to put things off. I want problems solved the minute they come up. But, I’m mystified as to even accurately construe these issues. One thing is for sure though. This process in trying to figure this all out is tiring. Something I wasn’t expecting at all. I had been thinking it would do the opposite, making me too hyper. Stubbornness will see me through.


Ten is out. I’m talking about Windows10. I didn’t have to pay the $119+ to get it due to a promotional giveaway Microsoft was doing. (Sorry, the giveaway ended July 29th.) There aren’t a lot of differences that are noticeable to the user, but the ones that are, I have to say, I’m kind of impressed with.

The seen changes:

  • The side start menu is back on the desktop. It looks different, of course. The apps fit into it making the entire window wider. It doesn’t look obnoxious though.
  • The taskbar at the bottom can be adjusted for what you want at the click of an icon on the same bar. You can decide between having the taskbar color blend with your desktop screen, another color of several to choose from, or just have it black.
  • The search is no longer in the start menu. It’s on the taskbar. One less click.
  • The Control Panel on the start menu is now called Settings. The interface for all that is in this section is more user-friendly. And, they’ve added Tablet Mode to this section.

The rest is like Windows 8.1 as far as I can see. If you’re thinking you need to upgrade your Windows program, I’d say go for Windows10.


I tried the new browser, Edge. Except for being able to actually put notes and draw on the websites, I was disappointed. I guess if you had reason to keep track of a website for whatever reason, you could make notes on it, circle things, and keep the webpage handy somewhere. However, because of what I find wrong with the program, this little perk isn’t worth it. The browser runs slow and sometimes stalls. It isn’t set up to transfer favorites/bookmarks either. In my opinion, it’s a failure.

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21 Replies to “Solutions, 10, The Edge”

  1. I am in no way an ‘early adopter’. I’ll be waiting until all the bugs are worked out and my tech guru says, ‘It’s well past time, Jacqui.’ I appreciate your incites, though. It sounds good from what I’m hearing.

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  2. I can’t wait to see what Windows 10 looks like on my laptop. Pretty sure I’ll be able to get it for free here, and so glad the old start menu is back. Sounds like it’s easier to get around unlike Windows 8.1 that I’m currently using, I’m looking forward to it.

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    1. The upgrade is good so far. There are a few apps that need to be upgraded in order to be used in Windows10, but so far, there’s only been 3 of mine that I’ve ended up uninstalling. I’ll keep on checking back to see if any of those have been updated yet.


    1. I read your comment twice because I can’t understand how a computer system could crash with a program from the company that started it all. All I can think of is she has other issues with her system that were lurking in the background or she didn’t have enough memory available to handle the installation.


  3. I was reluctant to upgrade it to Windows10, I was already so used to Windows 8.1 that I felt lazy about changing and learning again. But it seems that it’s not that bad and that there isn’t much to get used to, on the contrary, some old habits like the start button have reappeared.
    Thanks for the updates!

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    1. Although I’ve been using Windows 10 for a few weeks now, every once in a while I think about going back to 8.1. Microsoft still needs to do some more tweaking on this new version. For instance, I can’t watch videos unless I’m at YouTubes. I’m guessing the html/css coding for putting it into a blog or other website doesn’t mesh with 10. There’s also the navigation within the settings section too. It took me a while to find what I wanted. And Cortana is a complete flop in my opinion. What stops me from switching back is I know that I’ll probably have to switch to it later just because Microsoft will make it impossible not to.


      1. Cortana on my mobile is excellent. Tell her to remind me to get eggs the next time I’m in the supermarket and sure enough, when I drive into the carpark, Cortana sends me a reminder by text. My PC doesn’t have voice activation, but I like the search because it will take you anywhere on your PC or the internet

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        1. I’m trying to use Cortana. I don’t have W10 on my phone so, obviously, I’m not getting any benefit there. I’m using it to find stuff on the web so far. I haven’t found a use for it in my own files yet. I wonder if I’d like it better if it was in a top corner instead of a bottom one. :/


          1. You do realise that the search results from Cortana appear in two categories; the top results are what’s on your PC and the bottom is what’s on the web. I only figured this out yesterday, but I think you’re more technical than me, so probably already know that


  4. Sometimes it’s important to take time out and I do hope you manage to resolve whatever is going on for you.

    I also have windows10 as a giveaway and I love most of it, although I would agree about Edge. I wasn’t sure if it was my internet. Have you reverted back to Explorer? I find W10 easier to use on a PC, W8 was not made for PC’s, so if you don’t use a PC, you might not see much difference.

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    1. I’m back although things aren’t really resolved. Time trying to ‘fix it’ was more of a waste. Such is life. O-o

      I reverted back to IE. I do wish they had left the look, design, whatever the way it was in W8 though. I liked my desktop color showing at the top of the browser and having the tabs and other controls at the bottom. Edge needs a lot more tweaking in my opinion. Until it works a lot smoother, I’ll be using IE.


        1. I’m not sure what you mean by E, Cat. Internet Explorer was in my system when I bought the PC because it also had Windows 7 installed. I didn’t use it until I installed W8.1. I guess when I got W8.1, IE automatically got updated because I have IE 11.


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