Saying ‘No’ Too Often

Image provided by CityGypsy11
Image provided by CityGypsy11

I’ve read several blog posts during the past year that discuss the problem of finding time to indulge in that passion that fuels the spirit. For me, it’s writing. For you it may be something different. Trying to squeeze in those moments of shire enjoyment can be held up by almost anything. And some of those things can be other things you want. It gets complicated, right?

You don’t want to say ‘no’. You want to have time for all in your life. Nevertheless, there are those times when there’s no other choice. You have to choose between one thing and another — so you say ‘no’ to one of them.

Although my passion — my writing — is all important to me, sometimes I question the amount of time I spend on this endeavor. Sure, many are going to tell me I need to stick with it, “keep my nose to the grindstone” if I’m going to reach my goal. I know they’re right. It’s the same advice I’ve heard my entire life. Still, because of what it takes to immerse in this passion, I’m missing out on things that might improve my abilities with my writing as well as enjoying them for their own sake.

Sure, I’m a senior citizen, which means I have many experiences to draw from to enhance my writing. But there’s still some I’m missing because I’m not out there in the world. I’m here typing my life away.

I have no one to blame but myself. I can’t remember how many times I’ve said, “No, I can’t go this time. I’m working on something at home.” I’ve blown opportunities to find new characters, new plots, new scenes, and new settings all because I said ‘No’.

Although saying ‘no’ must be done sometimes so you really do obtain your goal, it can become a crutch for those of us who are introverts. I know I must push — shove, if necessary — to place myself among people and be a part of society. It’s for my own wellbeing.

I need to get out there more. I need to exercise my social skills. And, I can almost bet that my writing will improve by doing more socializing. If nothing else, the breaks will refresh me and enhance a good attitude as I sit down at the keyboard to, once again, type my life away.


Do you say ‘no’ too often?

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. ~Lou Holtz


9 thoughts on “Saying ‘No’ Too Often

  1. I say no less these days than in the past. Usually, as I am going to something I wish I wasn’t, I will think “I wish I had said no” but after I’m there, I have a good time and I’m glad I went. I think it is an introvert thing.

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  2. I don’t say ‘no’ enough. I have decided to take November to finish up on the work I started this summer. No, I am not doing NaNo but i shall make NaNo month my nose to the grindstone.
    I h.a.v.e. been out and about more since this summer and am pleased to have the opportunity. When opportunity knocks… you must open the door. 😀 😀

    Do what feels right for YOU. ❤

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    1. Your endeavor for November sounds good. I mean doing it before you need to get into the Christmas stuff, I would think, is the only way to go unless you wait until January. That seems so far away. 😉

      What I feel is right for me I really can’t do the way I think it should be done, but that’s more of an economic problem. Such is life. O_o


  3. I say no all the time, Glynis, but you hit the nail when you talk about being an introvert. Perhaps this is why you say no rather than because of your writing. I suppose we would come up with more creative ideas if we were socialising more, but sometimes it is more comfortable just to imagine 🙂

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    1. You’re right, JoHanna. 😉 It’s getting it through our heads that we do have the choice. Although it’s good to take care of the ‘serious important things’ in our lives, there are many things not on that list that should be engaged in to make life worth living in the first place.

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