Inconstant and Flaky

Inconstant and Flaky
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I keep on changing when I’m going to publish my blog posts. It’s more often than the changes I do in design themes.  First I think I can handle three times per week. I start feeling bogged down within two months and switch to two posts each week. Before long I’m changing the number to one per week. Then, within a few months, I’m crawling back up toward three again.

Why do I do this? I even commit myself to these revisions telling my readers what to expect. I feel so foolish when I change my blogging schedule each time. Yet, I feel an urge to do it.

Maybe that’s the whole trouble — scheduling. I got into planning my posts when I decided to have my own domain, which was a gargantuan mistake in itself. I’ve come to the conclusion that only people with a Master’s degree in journalism and software programming should have their blog on its own domain.

(Off the track a little there)

Having my posts scheduled, I figured I could do several within a couple of days and have the rest of the week for whatever else I felt I needed or wanted to do. Doesn’t that sound like a good course of action? It obviously isn’t a bad idea seeing that there’s a lot of professional bloggers who do this.

With the whole idea of my own domain being completely wrong for me, I also gave up on the intention of having a blog at all for professional use. Who, in their right mind, has a professional blog without a product or service? I had every intention of having a product, but it never quite came about. A blog cannot earn money for a person. In the professional realm, it’s a publicist tool, something like a separate social media site promoting whatever product or service the person has to offer.

Now, within the free service of WordPress, I have a ‘personal’ blog. It’s full of random thoughts, stories, and opinions. All are totally my own too (except for a rare guest post). Yet, I’ve hung onto the idea that I must have a schedule. Why do I think this? I write my posts as if I’m talking to friends and acquaintances, which I hope you are. In the world away from the internet, not all conversations with others are scheduled. Why would or should they be anticipated in cyber space? When the receiver of the post is going to read it at his or her convenience, and it isn’t earth-shattering news, why would I need to schedule the piece? The answer (of course): I don’t need to do that.

(With all that said, though, the post before this one was suppose to be scheduled for 11/21 but I screwed it up.)


Without a calendar of when my posts will be published, am I still inconstant? In my estimation, no, I’m not. What has happened, however, is my blog has genuinely become a ‘personal’ blog, a personal account that shows me how I really am and nothing more.

With the scheduling  expunged, maybe I can change more of what I write about. I don’t think I have one humorous post in the 252 I have up right now. No laugh or even a chuckle on any of the pages since May of 2013. How deplorable!

Yes, by nature, I’m an exceedingly serious person. I’m usually the last one to laugh, chuckle, or even smile, if I do even that. It isn’t because my life has be so grim that I’m permanently grumpy  because my life has even been stupendous at times. Right now life could be better. But this is actually why I need and should put some wittiness into at least some of my pieces. I have to stop appearing as being so damn flaky and grouchy.

I’ve heard and read that more humor should be distributed during bad times. My guess is that it helps you keep a level head so you can make better rational decisions. Somehow the mind won’t be fogged by depressing thoughts. Life is a little tougher for most of us these days. We struggle to keep our jobs and to make financial ends meet. If what I’ve heard and read is true, we can all use a little more humor in our lives.


Anyway, I’m trying to turn a new leaf in my blog. I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

 “The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and think this to be normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.”
Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time


10 thoughts on “Inconstant and Flaky

  1. Glynis, I think you’re doing a great job with your 252 published posts. I started my blog in July, 2013, only two months later than you, and have published 60 posts. That’s it – 60. I’d intended to post twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, with a specific set of topics for each day. My schedule fell apart quickly for various reasons and nearly a year ago took a total dive into the quagmire of “nearly dead blog.” I intend to resurrect my blog in near future with active writing, but for now I’m reading others folks’ posts and planning.
    Write when you are able – no excuses or reasons are necessary when you are absent. I’ll assume you’re too busy with speaking engagements, book launches, autograph parties – and working on your newest book.
    Most importantly: keep writing, even if only for your eyes alone.

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    1. My daily life isn’t even half as full as yours, Sharon. In addition, I don’t have even one book published yet. All I have to my credit so far are some articles I did fifteen years ago for the monthly newsletter of a non-profit organization.

      This change is one so I’ll feel more like writing instead of a reaction from an outside push to write. I’m not talking about a shove from other people though, just that push from beyond what I really want. Any pushing that’s to be done, I want from the inside — only. 😉


  2. I enjoy your blog posts Glynis and I don’t worry about when you put them out here. I tend to follow a schedule but I don’t worry about it. I also tend to mix serious stuff and not so serious, but that has always been my goal. I think having a schedule helps me to plan ahead but I don’t offer it as a promise. As for the free WP vs pro site, I’m sticking with the free. I buy a premium package to avoid having ads, but since I manage two websites for works, I don’t want that kind of work on my own site. I would try to snag the domain name, but you can do that and leave the site on WordPress.

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    1. Dan, haven’t you noticed how morose my posts have gotten? And let’s face it, a little self-centered too. Yes, a personal blog is about the person who owns it, but there are other things in life to write about besides the turmoil the owner is going through. You do a lovely job of expressing all sorts of things (from your perspective) on your blog. I should be able to do the same. 😛

      The ads aren’t distracting readers from the writing, are they? I can live with them being at the end of the posts. As for the domain name: I get finicky about that too, just not as often as the design or scheduling. The only thing I wish I could do with my blog that would need an upgraded account is maybe some tweaking of the css script. With money being so tight it’s squealing like little pigs, any upgrade is going to have to go by the wayside. :/

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      1. I don’t think the ads are distracting. I didn’t know how they did them so I started without. Also, I use so many pictures that I like having the extra storage. As for your blog being morose, I see someone who is bring honest with her readers as she finds her niche or her voice. I’m ok with that. You write well and I enjoy reading and I hope I can encourage you to just trust yourself to create.

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  3. I look forward to your posts. We are the hardest on ourselves and sometimes we just need to write what our feelings are at the moment. At least that’s what I try to do. As my daughter always tells me….it’s my blog and I can do whatever I wish.

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  4. HI Glynis… Why can’t you leave the regularity without commitment? I used think it’s best to have the consistency, but I’m not sure if it makes any difference to my kind of blog. The regular readers still come to comment, even when I haven’t posted in weeks. Have you only written 252 posts since 2013? I’ve posted 189, but thought you were more regular.

    I’m not sure about buying my own domain. (BTW I don’t see any ads on your blog) I would have thought the themes and admin were the same on WP whether we were private or freebie. Do you have another blog?

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    1. I think most people like the blogs that have the scheduled posts. They have just so much time to read our fabulous writing ( 😛 ), and knowing when the post will be published helps them plan their times for reading them. HOWEVER, my blog is ceasing to be a blog focused on specific topics, which I think makes a difference. My blog is transitioning into a truly personal blog that will probably have quite a bit of nonsense in it.

      Basically the paid and the free blogs at WP are the same. This is also pretty much true if you have a WP blog on your own domain too. The differences are in the bells and whistles. The free blog has a basic package of goodies (like what you put on your side bar). The one with all the bells and whistles (on its own domain) can have stuff like pop out messages, all sorts of fooling around with the CSS script, all the fonts you could ever want, plug-ins for extra security, and the list goes on and on. Also, you have your own site address instead of having “” tagged on the back of it. I tried all-the-bells-and-whistles bit and it wasn’t worth the money I spent on it.

      I have 4 other blogs here at WP that are shelfed. I have a ‘journal’ at LiveJournal and another one at Dreamwidth that are there for everyone to see but I haven’t posted on them in two years. I have a hard enough time decided what to write for this one, let alone those others. O_o

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