The Grimalkins at My House

Update on Outside Kitties
Glynis Jolly – 2014

In case you’re wondering, the word, grimalkin, means cat. When I read this word in the online thesaurus and then in the dictionary, I latched on to it. It’s a word from the 16th century. I’m wondering why someone hasn’t snatched it for a pet product of some sort.


It’s been about a year since I’ve discussed my cats here at my blog. I’ve thought about mentioning them several times but have always ended up leaving them out of the post for one reason or another. I haven’t taken any recent pictures of my brood either. I just haven’t been interested in the camera.

I’m starting to  diverge. Sorry about that.

The picture above is from about two year ago. Clarisse is a little bigger now and had her first litter of kittens late last  spring. She’s become a bossy and selfish little thing. She wants to eat first, and she doesn’t want any of the other felines eating when she does. Yes, a true brat cat.

Glynis Jolly – 2014

Her brother, Charley, with his half tail, is still around. Usually he isn’t on the deck except for the evening feeding. This doesn’t mean he isn’t on the property though. He’s dubbed himself ‘The Protector’ even though Jake is still here as the alpha male. Because Clarisse is so full of herself and doesn’t pay proper attention to her young, it’s Charlie who defends them when the stupid orange tom cat comes looking for someone to pick on.

As I stated, Jake is still here. He’s getting old but isn’t really what I’d call a senior yet. He’s still the all-white Manx (no tail) although much bigger because he’s been fixed. He’s usually lazy, laying on the glider or on the perch, but when the tom cat is in the year he gets ready to pounce on him along with his son (Charley). The moronic orange cat doesn’t have a chance when both of my outside males go after him. He runs for the woods just beyond the property line for the backyard.

Clarisse had three dinky kittens. The one and only that looked like her wandered too far away. Husband saw him/her in the parking lot of the Dollar General store a few blocks away. Being the normal cat, husband couldn’t catch him/her. Still, there are the other two that are pure gray. Their names are Wilber and Wilma.

These two half-grown kittens have decided they should be inside cats. Of course, because this house already had three grimalkins inside, there isn’t any way that these two are going to be allowed in. When the dishes are filled with cat food for the morning and evening meals, both are right at the sliding door wanting to be petted before they start munching.

Stubbie and Henry moved on. My guess is that they didn’t was to plat second fiddle to their father, Jake. I can only hope they’re safe and happy.


What got me stirred up to write this piece was a post Laura write for her blog, Riddle in the Middle, not long back. She was questioning the intelligence of her dogs. I don’t know for sure how smart my cats are, but I’m sure I don’t give them enough credit in that department. One thing is for sure. Each pet has his/her own personality, and if you pay attention, you’ll see this come out in them.


Now then, I have three cats inside too, but their charisma and shenanigans will have to wait for another post. Hopefully I’ll feel like taking some updated pictures of them too.

Cats exercise… a magic influence upon highly developed men of intellect. This is why these long-tailed Graces of the animal kingdom, these adorable, scintillating electric batteries have been the favorite animal of a Mohammed, Cardinal Richlieu, Crebillon, Rousseau, Wieland. –Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch


16 thoughts on “The Grimalkins at My House

  1. oh, cats are much smarter than dogs….much quieter too. I have found the cat dynamics change after the old guy we had to put down because he had kidney failure and lived to a ripe old age for a cat. Looking forward to the other shenanigans.

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    1. I don’t agree with you about what pet is more intelligent. Cats are, however, more independent, where dogs are more affectionate. (my opinion, of course) I know of dogs who babysit the children in the family, and do a good job of it. I doubt seriously that a cat would ever do this. As much as I’m a cat person, I know that grimalkins are self-centered. If it isn’t about them, they aren’t going to do it.

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  2. We have two cats and a dog. They all exhibit signs of clever intelligence and bizarre stupid moments. I’m not sure who I’m giving the nod to. They are all inside pets and none would last long on the street. When I walk the dog, and she wants to bother the squirrels, I tell her “they have to gather food, you just have to wander over to your bowl…leave them alone.” You sound like you have a handful. Thanks for the introduction, and good luck.

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    1. The cats outside really aren’t a bother, Dan. We have a couple of carrying cages out on the carport for them to use when it’s cold, and as I mentioned, we feed them twice a day. In exchange for the food, affection, and a little shelter, they keep rodents out of the house.

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  3. I have a cat named Mawkin…his photo is included in the post I did earlier this week. Of Scottish origin, the term Mawkin (Malkin) Grimalkin, was originally used to describe any little grey animal (mice, moles, etc.) It also was applied to old-witch-like women…back in the day. My Mawkin lives outside, having declined the invitation to move inside about two years ago…he is big, yellow/white, and one of the most loveable cats I have ever seen. I have an efficient (but rather tacky) shelter built out on my deck…and between my neighbor and I we have about 14 former-feral cats. It can get very cold here in winter, so they need adequate shelter. 🙂

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    1. I read that about this word too. Because I wanted a new word to use for cat, I ignored the parts about gray little animals and old women/witches. Wilber and Wilma really fit the description, all gray and kind of dinky.


  4. forgot to mention…. Tinkerbell, who is in her 18th year…she is one of my indoor cats.
    I like your site a lot…LOVE pictures and stories about cats. I like dogs, too, but not as much.
    IF I may I would like to reblog this post of yours. 🙂

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