Where is the post?

I had written a post yesterday about a writing course I’m taking. I went zipping along the keyboard, coping pieces of the course material in effort to explain the answers I gave to the questions asked. The instructor came across my blog and, of course, read the post. I received an email tactfully alerting me to the fact that I was in breach of copyright laws.

The embarrassment was immense and disquieting, to say the least. I immediately deleted the post, leaving nothing behind to edit. Undoubtedly I could have kept a copy and reworked the article. However, I chose not to as a way of ensuring myself that I will not put myself in this situation again.

Copyright laws are of utmost importance. Remember.


7 thoughts on “Where is the post?

  1. I thought you were only breaching copyright if you publish something without accrediting it to the original author… obviously not. They must have something in small print to say none of the material should be copied in any way. Maybe it’s my ignorance, but I just think it’s a bit picky.


    1. Cat, the instructor really wasn’t being finicky. She has been conducting this course for a couple of years and she’s the one who wrote the entire curriculum for it. The copyright was right there at the bottom of the email containing the lesson just as it is in her newsletters. It was I who assumed wrong, thinking the copyright was there because of the newsletter and not thinking about the course at all.

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