Hankering Tasks

Hankering Tasks
Image provided by Ed Yourdon

Daily chores, projects, and other efforts are going as expected these days. I’m not making progress by leaps and bounds, but nothing is at a standstill either. At some moment each week, usually on Sundays for reasons I can’t fathom, I mentally go through a list of things I’d like to have different. They aren’t the sort of visions that are impossible to obtain though. For instance, in my particular case, none of the desires include me miraculously becoming able-bodied. It just isn’t going to happen so there’s no reason to spend time thinking about such lunacy. These days, the ideas are explicitly small.

  • Change design on Twitter: As you can tell from here at my blog, I’m going more for the subdued colors. I want my favorite media sites to reflect the same for me. I’d do the same at Google+ but I can’t seem to change the background color there.
  • Do something other than post notices on Twitter: I always mean to get over there and do a little conversing with my followers and the ones I follow, but I’ve been letting time get away from me. I want to make more of an effort with this.
  • Change category and tag labels on my blog: I’ve done a little of this already, but I keep on playing with the idea of doing an entire revamping on this: change category names, consolidate some tags and add others, and make both more relative to what people are reading on my blog.
  • Check out other online writing platforms: I’m not thinking about blogging platforms per se, but I’m leaning toward making a site that may be more suitable for when I finally publish. It’s still a long ways off but I think the scouting around will help me with general motivation.
  • Edit past posts: I keep meaning to do this but because it isn’t a task I relish, I keep on putting it off. I know I’ll like both my blog and myself better if I get busy with it though.
  • Consider other designs at WP: I know that I’m completely fickle about this task. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know what I’m talking about. Some of the changes in designs that have been made at WordPress.Com aren’t to my liking at all. Reading material that goes all the way across the screen is difficult for me. Reading more up and down is easier on my eyes. I’m not saying I can read Chinese, and numerous columns aren’t much help either. The fonts have going bonkers. Are there people who really like the size of lettering that large? True, too small isn’t good either, but there should be a “middle of the road” concept in there someplace. I used to be able the change the header color — not anymore. Despite all my complaints about themes, I will try to work with it. I just have to research the individual designs more closely.
  • Sort out my stuff at Pearltrees: In case you didn’t know, Pearltrees is a site where you can take clippings, videos, photos, web pages, etc. and organize them with ease. Anything about writing that I find on the internet that I want to remember goes there within slots I’ve created. However, I’ve been noticing that I have some duplicates and information in the wrong place sometimes. It’s time for a cleanup job over there.

Maybe I should have had this list as New Year’s resolutions, but then, I’ve never been one to do that sort of thing. Besides, nothing on this list is going to make or break any goals I have. They’re just wants I’d like to take care of in the near future.


What’s on your list of hankerings?

Optimism, unaccompanied by personal effort, is merely a state of mind, and not fruitful. – Edward L. Curtis


10 thoughts on “Hankering Tasks

  1. It’s very organised of you to declutter your social media platforms and your blog. Like you, I don’t like reading across the screen. I find that takes me longer to get through a post, or when I’m skimming the article it makes it harder. I’ve always had a bone to pick with templates and designs for WordPress. I like my current blog design a lot, and that came after a lot of work with CSS, googling and asking for help on the forums. Nothing is always perfect 😀


  2. I wish you good luck with this. I have several of the same goals, different technology, different lists but similar goals. Why is it that the things we start out doing to help us be organized often end up requiring reorganization? It’s not a complaint, just a funny observation.


  3. Hi Glynis,
    If you have some questions about WordPress and their themes maybe I can help a bit. I’m no expert myself but I volunteer at support forums where I’ve been learning a lot recently 🙂


  4. Me too on a few of these–clean up blog tags and edit out-of-date blogs. They’re always recommended by Gurus and have been on my To Do list for, well, about two years.

    I swear I’ll get to them!


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