#weekendcoffeeshare: Where Do the Stories Come From?

#weekendcoffeeshare: Quirks
Image provided by Dave White

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If we were to have coffee, I’d want it to be at a quaint coffee shop. It would be one of those places off the main drag that probably only has about ten to fifteen tables scattered around within its four walls.

(Your dialogue is in purple. My dialogue is in green.)

I’ve ordered our coffee and have been sitting here for a while. The shop isn’t crowded today, which is surprising seeing it’s a holiday weekend. Of course, I’m not expecting many to sit at the tables. I just had it in my head there’d be more here requesting coffee to go. Chances are the reservoir seven miles outside of town is already filling up with campers, day trippers, fishermen, and the such.

I spot you walking through the door. Your face is flushed and it looks like your Capris are sticking to your legs.

Do you want anything else?

The man is polite but I wouldn’t categorize him friendly. The mugs are full but there isn’t a basket of goodies.

The waitresses must have the day off. Owners like him should never serve customers.

You hunch over the table slightly as if you’ve been working in the coal mines or something. I nod at your comment as I add some Hazelnut creamer to my coffee.

Is it that hot out there already? When I came in here, the breeze was cool.

No, it’s still okay out there. My inner thermostat isn’t working for some strange reason.

Hot flashes! I thought you were done.

So did I. Subject change–how’s your writing coming along?

Something’s bugging you but, obviously, you aren’t going to let it out.

I wish I knew why I get bored with a project so easily. And it isn’t because it gets a little difficult. Sometimes those are my most creative moments. Maybe I don’t reach far enough for the story idea.

You take a  tentative sip of your coffee. The grimace look appears on your face and you grab three sugar packets from the small rack next to the napkin holder.

We need to find another coffee shop for holiday weekends. This sucks. Okay, how do you reach for a story?

I take several sips while I formula how to explain.

I usually find my story ideas in real life. Often the idea is about someone I know well–a relative or a good friend.

Your eyes double in size. Your mug is slightly tipped towards your mouth but you suspend it there in midair.

You’re writing stories about me?

#weekendcoffeeshare - Where Do the Stories Come From?
Image provided by Andrea Carina

Not yet. I always switch out names, a couple of the physical and personality traits, and the situation doesn’t end the way it did or would (possibly) in real life. If I was to use you as a character, the chances of you knowing it are slim to none.

Aren’t you afraid of lawsuits?

There isn’t any proof of using anything of a real person, so no–no fear.

We sit in silence for a few minutes. I can see the giant question mark presence coming into your eyes as your mouth pulls down at the sides while looking into your mug.

What is it?

This coffee is disgusting. Do you even do stories about yourself?

You seize still two more sugar packs, open them, and dump the content into your mug. My coffee is getting cold and the flavor is, as you said, disgusting. I fold my arms on the table.

Sure, I use myself. In fact, I have an unfinished story on a virtual shelf in my online cloud. The main character is basically me but with starts with circumstances I’d much rather be in than what I have in real life. It’s been sitting a while now. Now that I write more like I want, I should probably pull it down and work on it again. The thing is I don’t want to spread myself out too thin taking on too many writing projects. I’m afraid I won’t finish any of them.

Another silent moment separates our thoughts. I’m disappointed in the number of longings I’ve had that haven’t reach to accomplishment in my life. I can’t call many of them failures because they can still be realized. They’re unaccomplished dreams. Got to get off this subject.

What’s going on in your life these days?

My bike is finally fixed. On Monday I’m in that race that starts at the park. It isn’t a sponsored one, just one to begin the season I guess. And get this! I’m painting.

Expectation of reaction spills over your face.

I assume it’s the kind of painting that goes on canvas. I didn’t know you were into art.

I’ve wanted to try it for a while now, but until the kids were more on their own, the time just wasn’t there. I paid twenty dollars for a course at the recreation center. It goes through the basics of color, perception, and creativity. I didn’t know there were so many colors in a cloud before.

I try not to grin. I took some art classes in school. I remember being surprised by brown being in clouds.

How much are your supplies costing you?

They offered those dinky little tubs of color, a set costing twenty-seven dollars. I went for it. Was that a good price?

You probably could have gotten it for cheaper but you’d have to know where to shop. For this first time, you probably did the right thing.

I bought two brushes too. The teacher said I’d need more eventually but I could wait until I sign up for the second course.

Are you thinking about that already?

You gulp your coffee down making a glowering expression.

Yeh, I am. I like the way my clouds look. It’s just a hobby but you never know.

I need to get. Need to freshen up for the class. I’ll pay on the way out.

I almost take a sip of coffee but catch myself in time and place the mug on the table. I watch you at the cashier stand. My guess is you’re complaining about the yucky coffee. Good, that means I don’t have to say anything.


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“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” ― Roman Payne



20 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare: Where Do the Stories Come From?

  1. Nice conversation today, Glynis. Sorry about the poor coffee and lack of breads. That would bother me. You are so right about owners not being good servers. The only thing I want to hear from the owner of the bar I go to is “buy all of these folks a round on the house” and he doesn’t say it very often. To his credit, he hires good waitstaff and great bartenders.

    I also relate to having projects tucked away and thinking that maybe now is a good time to revisit them. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the ideas and partially written things.


    1. I wasn’t sure how I should memorialize this weekend without drawing attention to the U.S. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing to do, but I have followers in the U.K., Australia, Canada, South America, and heaven knows where else. I try not to talk much about religion days either because I’m pretty diversified that way too. Anyway, having the waitresses off for the holiday weekend said just enough.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. My mom and I are almost identical in personality, yet if you talk to her, she’ll say I’m like my father or one of her sisters, not wanting to own up to the flaws we share. I chuckle at it now that I see so much we have in common. 😛


  2. Hi Glynis, I like your coffee conversation posts. I ought to give it a try too. I enjoy coffee, but I take it very light with no sugar, just cream. This past Tuesday, I had coffee with my friend and as always when we go to this particular Spanish restaurant, I have to ask for a cup of hot water to dilute my coffee:) So, I usually take my own large coffee mug to blend the hot water and coffee. I’m so picky:)


    1. Glad you’re enjoying these posts. I’m learned more about the writing of dialogue as I do them. It all depends on my mood as to whether I was the brew light or strong. I use a coffee mug at home that can hold 4 regular mugs worth.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like your coffee conversation, Glynis. I always add more sugar if my coffee is bitter – but I’ve heard some people add salt to take away the bitterness 😉


  4. I’m really enjoying these coffee chats, Glynis, and this one was really about me! How do you know me so well? I love to meet at the coffee shop with friends, I take 3 sugars in my coffee, I frequently borrow my friends and acquaintances for my stories, and I’m an artist. (No, not famous, just capable.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I noticed almost from the first time we ran into each other here in cyberspace that we jived in a lot of ways. Even out lingo is similar. Are you a westerner? Just curious.


  5. Westerner? Well – born in Philly, spent childhood in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Hawaii (twice!) Alabama (where I got a very fine and funny accent) and finally California where we moved on my 13th birthday. As an adult have lived in Detroit (ugh!) and Denver (wonderful) Now back in California for the past 40 years. So I’ll let you decide if I’m a Westerner! I can’t wear cowboy boots and my granddaughter can’t seem to walk unless she does. Plus, she sits a horse like she was born on one and I sit a horse like I’m about to fall off any minute.
    Friends come from all over and I’ve been all over the place.
    What about you?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Born and raised in Denver. As a kid, I spent most two-week summer vacations working on a cousin’s ranch on the western slope of the state. Still, did get to visit the pacific coast from San Diego to up above Seattle. I went camping on long weekends. I’ve lived overseas on the Greek island of Crete, courtesy of the USAF. Lived on the upper peninsula of Michigan in a dinky little town (loved it). I’m living in the hills (they call them mountains but…) of Tennessee for the second time. I don’t like it any better than I did the first time. I pick up accents like I’d pick up pennies off the street. I like horseback riding although I’m terrible at it. I’ve never owned cowboy boots. I rode horses in tennies.

      I was asking about you being a westerner because I feel I understand you without really knowing you. Maybe it’s the diversity in our lives that make me feel this similar perception of the general world.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Love your comment – I pick up accents like I’d pick up pennies off the street.
        We’ve been in a few of the same parts of the country, maybe that’s what you’re sensing.
        Sorry you’re not thrilled with Tennessee.
        You get to see a lot of the world when you move a lot. Either it makes you sensitive and compassionate for the way others live, or it clams you up and scares you into a dark corner. I hope I’m more the former.
        Hope your day is joyful, Glynis.

        Liked by 1 person

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