Out of Sync

Image provided by DJ Lein https://www.flickr.com/photos/djlein/
Image provided by DJ Lein

I know. I missed the last coffee clutch. I could tell you I was busy working on my WiP, which wouldn’t be a lie. I could tell you I’ve been painting stain onto a piece of plywood I’m going to be putting on my desk. That wouldn’t be a lie either.

But… the reason I wasn’t there to have coffee with you is because I’m slightly out of sync.

I’m in that mode where I’m waiting for something, yet I can’t figure out what that is.

I, almost literally, pull myself out of the funk to continue the work on the character sketches. I want such deep POV that the reader is going to feel like she [and he even though most readers will be shes] is right there in the story next to the character that has top billing for that scene.

The second I get up to get more coffee or another bottle of water, my mind goes into that foggy mode again. I sit back down, yank myself out of the mist, and work on the settings for my book. The main location is a town I wouldn’t mind living in, close to another place I lived in that I still miss a great deal. Of course, working on this can throw me right back into that stupid funk.

My evenings are spent painting and washing out the brush. I have the plywood on a large piece of plastic in the living room with 4” by 4” four-feet-long railroad wood on either size. I sit Indian style painting the stain onto the plywood while in some daydream I never remember. I, once again, come back to the real world after finishing a coat. I lay press board over it using the railroad wood to keep it off the plywood. I lay the rest of the plastic over that and tuck it in. This way Miya, Marble, and Nutty won’t be putting their paws all over the wet stain. My brain gets foggy again as I run the warm water on and through the paint brush. During my mind’s vacation, I’m rubbing the bristles to help get as much of the stain out as possible. It’s the oily feeling on my fingers that brings me back to reality. I have to wash my hands with dishwashing soap to get the stain off my hand and scour the sink with a Brillo pad too.

Where does my mind go? What is it in my subconscience that has me so fascinated? I’d like to think that the darker side of me is inserting notes that will help me write this book. I do believe that I do have a place in me where the shadows are long, inky, and transcendent. They don’t necessarily produce nightmares or evil thoughts. The shadows are just hiding places where thoughts I, for one reason or another, do not bring out into reality.

To bungle my days even more, the laptop is resisting synchronizing with my PC. I’ll have to get in touch with the cable company about that.

Being a realist in my daily life, should insure these thoughts stay hidden. However, to be what I consider a decent writer, I must force them out. Could this be the reason for all the murkiness going on with me right now? I’d like to think it is and that soon it will dispel.

Do you ever find yourself in a fog or out of sync?

Knowing our personal mission further enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences as we are guided toward our destinies. First we have a question, then dreams, daydreams, and intuitions lead us toward the answers, which usually are synchronistically provided by the wisdom of another human being. ~James Redfield


16 thoughts on “Out of Sync

  1. I was a different kind of out of sync. I was a day off, all week long. I was totally aware of what day it was, and of the fact that I thought it was the next day, but I still kept anticipating the things that would normally happen tomorrow. Being out of sync makes it hard to do our normal routine. I hope the fog lifts for you. Maybe once the desk is done.

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    1. Being a day off can screw up everything. Even if you know where you are in time, it’s probably been taking you a few seconds, maybe minutes, to adjust for every time you make a plan for tomorrow. That could drive a person loony.

      I removed the plastic and the press board last night to find that the last coat of stain still wasn’t dry. I cussed up a storm as I laid the board over it and reapplied the plastic.

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  2. G. R. McNeese

    There have been days where I felt out of sync. Like I should be doing something else. Sometimes, I push through. Sometimes, I partake in the distraction. It’s weird.

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    1. You know, George, if mine were acting more like regular distractions, I could probably make a decision on them. However, I’m not sure where I am mental when these crazy periods of fog happen. I just know that when I arrive in reality again time has slipped by. I wonder where I’d end up if I go behind the wheel.


    1. Tomorrow, after all the hullabaloo of the 4th, I’ll be calling Dell and hopefully will be speaking to my “personal” rep. about the problem with syncing my devices together. The plywood did dry and doesn’t need a third coat. I love the color. I started staining the wood that will be the shelf above my PC screen. The fogginess is still there in my pea-brain but hopefully the hidden secrets in there will emerge soon.

      Enjoy your time with your family.

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  3. Glynis, let me join you in being out of sync! I trust that things will fall back into place quickly and you’ll get back to your regularly scheduled writing. Best wishes with getting your laptop to sync with the PC.
    Have a beautiful day!

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    1. I hope your day is glorious too.

      Late yesterday I figured out [about time too] that my “devices” [don’t like that word] are in sync. It’s just that the one program I wanted to use was having fatal errors. I had to dump it. I would have held a small memorial service for it but what I really wanted to do was mangle it into pieces, which can’t really be done seeing it’s software. Such is life.

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  4. I know what you mean. Though I’ve been retired a long time, a long weekend (holiday) messes the whole week for me like Dan.
    I’ve been out of syn for a couple months now and can’t seem to accomplish anything. Do you feel like you’re going around in circles chasing something you’ll only know when you find it?
    Sigh. Hope you fog lifts soon. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Because we share, you probably understand more about this “out of sync” thing than anyone else. Although, mine isn’t one of running around in circles as much as it’s like misplacing my keys someplace.

      I had them right here on my desk (figuratively that is), but they vanished. I get overwhelmed easily–the General Anxiety Disorder–so I walk away from the desk to do something else so my brain will kick in and remember. I get half done with whatever and begin to remember, so I run (kind of) back to my desk and sit down. Of course, the thought fades away and the keys are gone again.

      I keep on working on the preliminary stuff, digging deeper and deeper into characters and settings. It’s helping. Still lots of fog, but not as thick as it was. 😀


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