What’s With My Laptop?!

What's With My Laptop?!

Two weeks ago I stated I was going to go beyond this corner in what I call “the computer room” where my ugly orange pressboard desk and my comfortable padded chair sits. I didn’t think it would be this hard to think of other things to write about. It’s clear that I’m obsessed with writing.

Back in July, my husband bought me a laptop saying it was my birthday present, which, at the time, was two months away. We went to Walmart thinking I could get one relatively cheap there.

There it sat, first in the line of many others, an Acer. The first computer I ever bought was an Acer, way back in 1996. At the time, I wasn’t online. I guess I could have been but I was oblivious to the idea. Chances are it would have been quite a hassle back then anyway. Anyway, I thought it was duly appropriate that my first laptop would also be an Acer. Walmart isn’t what it’s cracked up to be though. It didn’t have any in stock and they wouldn’t let me take the one on display. They didn’t even give me a rain check. Walmart sucks.

We went to Staples. All of their laptops were actually tablets with the keyboard you can attach. I wanted a laptop. Besides, their tablets are way out of my price range. Can you imagine paying over $800 for something that wasn’t really what you wanted anyway? I couldn’t.

I ended up calling Dell. I should have done this in the first place because my current PC is a Dell. By buying another device from them, I got a few bonuses in services. I was an idiot for wasting time at Walmart and Staples.

It took me a while to figure out how to get the wireless to work. I still am having problems syncing it with my PC. Again, it’s my own fault. I changed how verification is done before I thought it all the way through. Trying to find a time when I’m extremely calm and alert so I can get this done has been impossible lately. The verification comes by way of a phone call giving me a random four-digit number. This wouldn’t be hard at all if I had two hands to use or I didn’t have short-term memory loss. Even getting rid of one of the assets and I could still handle it, no problem–I think. As it is though, I must be at my very best mentally. However, there’s no such thing these days. Therefore, I can’t sync my two devices. In addition, I think I’m going to have to call Dell anyway on this because I can’t see all files at DropBox when on my laptop. I dread the thought. Me and virtual help get rather confusing, both for me and the technician on the other end.

I’m still stuck in my little corner when I write on my WiP. I keep on wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Would I be more inclined to write more if I could go outside on the carport to write? Out there I know I’d have old Jake, our oldest “outdoor” cat keeping me company. There’s a possibility that I’d probably have Wilma, Ashes, and Ciders there too. In my little corner, I have Miya, our oldest “indoor” cat snoozing away on the floor just in reason for a love pat every once in a while.

Where would I get the most inspired writing done?

To tell the truth, I think I might be better staying where I am. I don’t have to move anything to get set up. My hot coffee and bottled water are just a room away. My books on writing sit in a weaved bin on my ugly desk where I can reach them with ease. I just need to get husband moving on helping me make my corner a more desirable place to be.

This doesn’t mean my laptop was a dumb buy. I do use it. There are times when husband is home and yet I want to be absolutely certain I’m completely alone while I write. This is usually when I’m adding to my private journal. I go to the back bedroom where my laptop sits under the bed. I pull it out and place it on a stadium blanket that’s been folded several times. I stuff pillows behind my back while sitting on the bed half Indian-style, and hammer at the keys.

Maybe my hassles are because I’m not thinking outside the box.

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath


14 thoughts on “What’s With My Laptop?!

  1. Yep, making your desk the perfect spot to write (where one expects inspiration to flow endlessly) is not always possible. I struggled with this. I tried first making the room, where my desk is, the best looking possible. But it wasn’t enough. The room is too cold and illumination is not the best. I headed to my bedroom to write with my laptop on my lap. It didn’t work either as carpal tunnel syndrome started to kick in as I was not writing on a good position and I certainly needed to connect my ergonomic mouse and keyboard to the laptop (if I want to be able to write without pain.) Hence, I need to write on the desk. Fortunately, winter has started to dye here, so the room is not that cold anymore. As for a good position, I urgently need to buy a good chair (targeted for the end of this month) because having tons of cushions behind my back, below me, and etc, is not sustainable at all! 🙂

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    1. My chair is 15 years old now. Considering what it’s been through, it doesn’t too bad. I’ve moved three times during these years, yet the chair has made it through beautifully. The left arm has lost most of its padded shape where I invariably put my arm and hand. Still, it’s served my back well and will continue to do so for a while longer. 😉

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  2. I end up working on so many different devices as part of my job, which slops into my free time, that I have gone to working mainly out of cloud-based storage. I work out of there for everything. Technology is wonderful, but it can be frustrating at times. Good luck getting this figured out.

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    1. I use cloud storage because it’s free [so far]. An external drive would cost some bucks I really don’t have to give out. Today I got on my laptop and was able to get to my WiP. How this is, I don’t know. Was it a glitch that finally decided to leave? Did I get an update on my laptop that I didn’t notice? Anyway, I can write on my WiP wherever I want now. 😀

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  3. Good to hear you are working on getting that laptop sorted. Wireless can be fiddly and sometimes connection signals can be an issue. When I go outside to write, I find it the most distracting. Home and in my room is the best place for me to focus on putting words out.

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  4. Your statement about talking to a technician about your computer reminded me of a time I called our internet company about a problem with our television. I had the technician so confused until I realized my mistake. I had a good laugh over it later. I hope you work out the kinks.

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    1. I’ve gotten one “kink” ironed out. Or should I say it ironed itself out. I can now have full use of one of my “clouds”. I have one more cloud with issues.

      I think I make myself clear to the techs but invariably they misunderstand. The lingo hasn’t changed that much, has it?


      1. Probably not, but if I hear….”unplug your modem…..” one more time I think I will hang up. I don’t call until I’ve tried everything that they will start with.

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  5. You weren’t dumb at all to check around for the laptop. You tried two good places that just didn’t work out. I end up at Best Buy even though I hate that place because I generally get a good selection of what I need there.;

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    1. Here’s a tidbit for you, Jacqui. Way far back [1977] I worked for Best Buy. At the time it was called LaBelle’s [originated in St. Louis]. It was the first store in Denver to have a display setup with small stands set up throughout the store to order the items; and then pay and pick up at the back of the building. I worked in they regional office counting jewelry and loose stones, and sending them to the different stores in the area.

      My dinky little town doesn’t have a Best Buy so I was out of luck with that.


  6. I bought my last Windows-based laptop from Best Buy, a Sony Vaio. It never worked right–something in it wasn’t compatible with Windows 8, so I’d get the blue screen of death every month or two and lose everything. I had it for about two years when my husband talked me into just going for it and getting a Mac. Two years and counting and I haven’t had a single problem (knock on wood!). It just works. That’s all I ask for from a computer!


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    1. I had my daughter’s old Mac laptop, but it lost one of the keys [B,b]. I didn’t have it online anyway. I liked it okay but, at the same time, it felt strange. Nothing was where I expected it to be, which messed me use often. I probably would have gotten use to it eventually.

      Since writing this post, I’ve gain access to one of my clouds, the one where I have my WiP, so I’m using it more now.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing, Stephanie. 😀


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