What Should My Blog Be Doing?

What Should My Blog Be Doing?
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Back Then

When I began this blog, my aim was to practice my writing and get a feel for what readers wanted. Both of these endeavors gave me more than amply room to explore. I figured I could “discover what my voice was”, dig into what genre I would be most comfortable with, try on different styles of writing, receive feedback from visitors, take advantage of constructive criticism, and get a good following going.


What Now?

That was a couple of years ago. I’ve become more focused, at least more often. My “needs” have changed. And the blogosphere has done some shifting as well. Most of the bloggers I follow aren’t posting every day as they once did. Other aspects of life have their attention.


Aims Forward

I’ve learned that “my voice” will discover itself. I can tell you that I enjoy writing in the more casual frame where verbs are often found hooked to nouns by apostrophes, and word usage filled with slang. Does this mean I’m a lazy or sloppy writer? Some of you may think so and you’re welcomed to include it in your comments. Just so you know though, I don’t think of myself that way.

Finding the genre I think I should write in has been a bewildering ramble. I know what fires me up to write, but finding the name of that genre has left me thwarted. What would you call a story that deals with inner conflict as the main theme? The story may, at some point, have a death in it, or it may not. It may not have a happy ending, or then again… The main character may be worse off than when s/he started, or may have come upon the solution. Would this be called a psychological suspense, maybe? Whatever it’s called, this is the genre I like to write in. I’ve done a few flash fictions, character sketches, and scene sketches in this blog, although it’s been a while. I’ve pondered on doing more, but I think I’d narrow them just to this genre now because then it would be a practice session for my WiP and hopeful others. As a visitor, would this interest you?

The past few months I’ve been mentioning my WiP often in my posts. Most the time, I’ve been questioning how I’m approaching the process of writing it. Although I’ve seriously considered the organized methods of authors with a few books under their belts, I always go back to setting my butt firmly in my swivel chair and letting my muse do most of the guiding through the story. All of it is trials and tribulations. Are readers, in particular, are you interested in that?

The life of a writer can be intriguing. That is, if the writer is doing something other than writing and is willing to share those times with the audience of his or her blog. I’ve been falling way short in this category. Most of it is due to the fact that I don’t have what I’d consider an exciting life anymore. This is an area I need to work on. I doubt that my life will get fascinating anytime soon, but there must be some things I can tell you so you know me at least. I’m hoping you, as my visitors, will give me some critical feedback on whatever I write in this persuasion.

I’m told that as a writer, my blog should be promoting me and my work. The problem is that there isn’t all that much to me or my work right now. I want to write essays for magazines once in a while, but I haven’t a clue as to which magazines I should submit to other than what my essays would be about. Even at that, until I write the essay, I don’t know what the topic is. What magazines are more likely to accept a writer who’s been unpublished for over twenty years? If you know of any, please click on the Contact link at the top of this page. [By writing essays, maybe I’ll find more content for this blog.]


During these last two months of 2016, I’ll be working on a newsletter for this blog that will be published once per month starting in January. This is in the effort of raising the number of followers I have. In December, I’ll tell you more about this project.

“Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others.” ― Charlotte Eriksson


23 thoughts on “What Should My Blog Be Doing?

    1. Good, a vote for yes. Thank you. I came up with this not because it’s a new idea because it isn’t, but I had been thinking about how I wish I could gather some of the blogs I follow and read the posts once a month. Having the option of once a week is nice, but there are some blogs I’d rather just have updates to monthly. Well, if I’m thinking this way, there’s got to be a few others, right?


  1. I’ve always enjoyed your writing insights on your WiP, and a lot of what you say as a writer I can relate to. Our blogs can certainly be a great platform to market our written stories. The challenging part is often figuring out how to stand out from the rest…but I believe if we stay true and honest to what we do, then what will come our way, will come our way. So true that you say as our life goes on, bloggers we know may not post so frequently after all. I’ve been finding it hard to keep up with my blog and comments of late, and commenting on other blogs too. Sometimes life really just calls..

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    1. This mostly came about because of my decision to change the POV style of my WiP a little. Before, I was feeling a little too distant from my story. The change I made did so much for me to the point where I’m feeling I should be thinking of myself more as a writer. That requires certain actions to be taken. The newsletter is one of them. Using my blog more fully to improve my writing on a more frequent basis is another one.

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  2. I always enjoy reading your blog posts. I am fine with a rambling, somewhat random line-up (that’s what I offer), and any changes to your voice/style have occurred over time and really aren’t noticeable. That is: I like your writing style now, but I don’t ever remember not liking it.

    I’ve read lots and lots of articles about how to improve readership, comments, likes, etc. I have ignored most of what I’ve read. I figure the tips people are giving are the things that work for them. In addition, I write because I enjoy writing and I want to get better at writing certain things. Those objectives cause me to put stuff out that may not be what my followers want to see on any given day, but it’s what I want to write. I think that’s important.

    That’s my advice: do this for you. I think that if you enjoy writing this blog, that will show and we will enjoy reading it.

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    1. Oh Dan, of course it’s all for me. I love having all these friends around the world, and I do want them to read my blog. What I want most is to enjoy the writing I do, improve that craft, and like myself more for doing it. Yes, I’m selfish–and a little stubborn. 😛

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    2. I appreciate your advice, do this for you. It’s not so easy to follow though when you’re setting out on the blogging path as I am. You kind of want the feedback but you feel (well, I do) that no-one will read something written just for you. So then you’re tempted to change your ‘you’ style to attract readers and if it works you’re not necessarily writing just for you any more. Am I making any sense or is this just an un-solvable paradox?
      Kate Xerri

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      1. Kate, you are making perfect sense to me. Some readers like the sense of being in the masses when they read an article. Others like the personal touch. If you find it easy to write in the style you’ve chosen, I would say keep on going with it as long as it is working for you.


  3. Many new writers write about their process before they have books to promote. The crux is that most potential readers of books to come are not as enamored with process. Fellow writers can connect with the sharing though. It’s a fine line to walk. When I was trying to be an author blog (eons ago, it seemed) I was writing about drafting, etc. All of that led to the editing blog that is my business. When I start an author website (probably mid-2018) it will focus on subjects I am writing about in my creative writing such as mental health, addiction, sexuality, etc. Though I won’t start blog posts until 2019, and then it will only be once a month. Other topics will be my inspirations of travel, photography, and hiking. An author blog should develop expertise and personality, so that is why I am leery of going on too much about process. That’s just my two cents though.


  4. Most of the blogs I follow or read occasionally have changed focus over the years. I consider it growth of the writer.
    Looking forward to your newsletter – great idea with all kinds of possibilities.
    As for genre, I also struggle with identifying my own work. I’d say, complete your story first, then ask your beta readers what they think. I also think, the simpler (broader) the genre identification, the more audience you’re likely to attract.

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    1. “the simpler (broader) the genre identification”
      Excellent point, Shari. Maybe I’ll just go with calling it a suspense. 😉

      The more I think about the newsletter idea and play around with it, the more I like it myself. 😛

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  5. Hi Glynis!
    Yeah, I know that feeling of having a blog to promote your work, but not having that “work to promote” yet. I often feel as a failure regarding this. I see my manuscript (which I haven’t ended reviewing it yet) and I feel that I’m cheating because I’m not an author/writer yet. And sometimes I also question the purpose of my blog. But I guess this is the path all writers must follow and probably the same path they struggle with everyday. So we’re not alone. 😉
    My only advice to find the genre or perhaps the sort of stories you should be writing, it is to just write and don’t try to enclose it in a genre until you finish. Only when you have the work done, you’ll get a hint of the nature of the story 😉

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    1. Carla, you aren’t the only one who has given me the advice of waiting to name my genre. When I feel myself on a good path somewhere, no matter what it’s all about, I have a terrible yearning to jump ahead. In a few of my prior endeavors, I’ve jumped too far ruining the motivation I once had. This time I’m jumping just far enough to see what MAY be around the corner, but keeping in mind that whatever I see may not be there when I’m ready to drag my pack along with me.

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      1. Not sure if jumping ahead is the best path. Maybe you’re trying too much focusing in the quality of the writing. I know that you’re not convinced by NaNoWriMo, but it has one good thing “it lets you pull out all of your ideas for once”, later they’ll be rounds of revisions to polish your writing. You can’t write the perfect plot in the first manuscript, you’ll need 2 or 3 revisions to detect all plot holes or inconsistencies in your story. The same goes with dialog, description, and the quality of your words and sentences. They come after you’ve finished your first manuscript. Perhaps, you’ve already been given this advice 😉 but if not it’s worth a try 🙂

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  6. Every time I question the point of my blogging, I hear the words of my daughter……it’s your blog, do what you want to. As far as writing, let go and be who you are. Don’t compare yourself to to others, let your thought flow to get the story out. You can go back later and clean it up. Do what feels right for you, I believe that is where we obtain most of out happiness.

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    1. Until I finally made the leap to trying to write a novel, I felt my blog was on the high seas and I was trying to navigate it on a raft whether it be during sun filled days or stormy nights with giant waves. Now that I have a direction in mind for myself, my blog does too. Although I’m still struggling on that sea with changes of conditions always coming toward me, I, now, feel my battle is from a boat, giving me a little more confidence.

      I rarely go back and clean up what I’ve already put out there. It’s something I should do, but it’s one of those things I procrastinate about. Believe me, it isn’t because I think I’m terrific as a writer. I’m far from that. O_o

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