What Do I Want?

Image provided by Mike Carroll https://www.flickr.com/photos/druidlabs/
Image provided by Mike Carroll

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.. Although I could’ve done the usual post for this occasion, telling you what I’m thankful for, I don’t feel comfortable spouting off about such things so dear to me. I know, weird, but that’s just me. Instead, I’m giving you a post telling you about a “want” I have.

I’m kind of in a lull in my writing right now. I’m not moving forward, and, instead, reworking what I have so far. Yes, I know. Numerous writers out there are going to be saying I should get that first draft done before altering anything. However, the tense I was using was holding me back, making it painfully difficult for me to find the right words to use in so many of the sentences. Anyway, I’m reworking my project and am feeling satisfied with what I’m accomplishing.

I’m close to done with this rewriting phase and will be, once again, making the journey into the unknown of the story. While musing over what I’ll soon be doing and what I’ve done thus far, I’ve asked myself what I want from this whole experience of writing a story.

Sure, it would be marvelous to have a book published with my name showing as the author. My family and friends would be so proud. For that matter, I would be too. Still, I honestly can’t say this is first on my list of seen goals.

When I think of publishing, I think of fame, even though it might be scant. I’ve never been one to jump into the limelight. I’ve been on stage a few times playing a flute. I can’t say I get stage fright, but my anxiety level certainly does do some soaring. I feel this same tug at me when I think of my name placed on a book as the author. I can’t say it’s a pleasant feeling.

After this story is considered done, I would like to write another, and maybe another one after that, maybe more. I do enjoy that rush I get when the words are flowing out of me onto the screen. To have this feeling time after time for many years sounds glorious to me. It is one of my goals, but I can’t say it’s foremost because I experience it now periodically. How can it really be a goal if you already have experienced it?

I think what I want is for one person, one reader, to read my book and be able to say he or she [probably she though] thoroughly got enthralled in the story. It’s this that would make me believe that the journey has been a total success. And I could re-experience this if I find someone who feels this each time I finish a book.


I hope your day is all it should be. Those of you going Christmas shopping tomorrow, I wish you complete safety throughout your day.

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“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” ― Albert Einstein


15 thoughts on “What Do I Want?

  1. Sometimes I too like to rework my writing before I officially have a first draft down, and that goes for my blog posts too. Sometimes inspiration just hits us that way. Good luck with your first book and I am sure more than one person will read it. Fame? I think we are all a winner in our right, right here right now in the moments that we try. When my book comes out at some point (whenever that may be), I think I will feel a sense of satisfaction at coming so far as a writing and maybe treat myself to a week of no writing and simply being me.

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    1. Mabel, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has done a flip before the end of the first draft. I know I should be okay with it even if I’m the only one, but insecurity rattles me at times.

      I’ve tried taking time off from writing. The most has be three days so far. I get to the point where I’m drawn to it and just can’t stop myself from sitting in this seat and running my fingers over the keyboard.


  2. It’s all about the accomplishment and a finished project. In the meanwhile, changes in POV fight for your attention. If you feel comfortable with this change, it must be right.
    Someone once suggested I change a 3rd person POV to 1st. I did but it did NOT work for me. You have to go with your gut. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. My daughter [well, step-daughter] suggested writing the first draft in first person. I tried it but found myself too close to the character, making her more like me when she’s suppose to be her own person.


  3. Glynis, I’m glad to know you’ve reached a goal that pleases you, and especially that you want to move on and write more. The satisfaction of writing must be the ultimate motivation for writing. It can’t be fame or money because those are transitory and based on things outside of what you can control.

    But if we wanted to dream, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be asked to speak to an audience of fans who want to know why you write, to be asked to autograph your book? We gotta have dreams.

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